A black skinned male in his early twenties wearing a black suit and a white skinned female in her early twenties wearing a full tech suit are both spotted roaming around in an abandoned building.

Blood stains on the walkways, claw marks, human-like bones, and microorganisms can be seen in every crevice of the building. The mood is still dark..

The female notices something as they travel around the structure and a creature that has been hiding in the shadows suddenly runs in their direction.

”Babs look out!!! ” As the creature approaches them, Jane uttered these words in a terrified tone.

A human-like creature with a twisted neck and a head hanging like a spring doll approached them on all fours. Its body was covered in bloody mouths, and its claws were strong enough to slash down a bear in one motion.

Babs shoves Jane away from where the creature was coming from and adds, ”Im putting my foot down. ”

”Kneel before me. ” Babs spoke with an authoritative voice and appeared at ease.

The beast stops in its tracks against its will and bows down before Babs. Babs then pulls out a dagger and severally dismembers the head, leaving just the body.

”Burn. ” Babs said in a firm voice while retaining his composed demeanor.

The creatures dismembered body suddenly catches fire and burns to ash. Jane was stunned.

”Good job sir! ” Jane compliments Babs with a smile on her face.

”Yeah with no help from you,I told these people I don need a partner or backup, I have gone far without one and I don need one now, ” Babs replied as he started to leave the building, walking away from her in a furious manner.

Following Babs, Jane added, ”I don want to be stuck with you either, but they want you to have the extra help just incase. ” while maintaining a neutral expression. ”

”In the event of precisely what? ” Babs inquired while displaying confusion.

Jane responds, ”In case you need help ” and Jane keeps a neutral face.

”Oh my God, you are the best. I appreciate all of your help today. ” Babs replied as he walked away with a contemptuous expression on his face.

Jane remarked, still keeping a neutral expression, ”Sigh, you don have to be rude, nonetheless, we have to return to the head office and present a report to the head shamans. ”

”Yeah I know rookie,don tell me what to do, ” Babs said as they both left the location from which they had been in.

Later, Babs and Jane arrived at the Inukane Pass Tunnel in Japan, where they walk through the tunnel and suddenly appear somewhere else, one of the many locations where shamans practice their craft, conduct experiments, and house paranormal activity. Babs and Jane are then summoned to the head of office to present a report on the mission.

”Was it human-like? ” says Hiroshi Sato, the district chief. along with the other district staff that can be seen wearing body-hugging white clothing

”Yes it was, it was a dammed spirit sir. ” Jane responded in an incredibly polite manner.

If a person dies with regrets, they will become a damned spirit that roams the earth devouring the souls and flesh of anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with them.

If a person dies peacefully but their soul still lingers in the world of the living, they will be exorcised and be put to rest.

”I took care of it just like I normally do, ” Babs said with a display of confidence and swagger as he puts his feat on the table before him.

”As expected of the current strongest shaman, good work babs, ” Hiroshi said as he complimented Babs.

”Im taking a break from all this foolishness about shamans, shamens, and shamans. ” Babs suddenly stated in a neutral voice and with a serious expression.

”Youve got to be kidding, right? You can be serious. ” H

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