SHAMANSRise Of The Supreme One


Ken is shot at his left leg as he runs for his life, his dash is cut short.

He cries out, ”Bro, he just shot me, ” as he starts to crawl away from the danger that is approaching him.

”Go prone and hide, dude, or something! ” John explains to Ken then the attacker shot him with a KR78 sniper rifle, killing him instantaneously as he jumped and dodged across the terrain.

”John, John?, F**k! ” Ken phones John, but when he doesn hear back, Ken assumes that John has passed away.

Before Ken could think of anything else, a person appears and shoots him in the head.

”F**k, well, when is the next battle royale? ” As they were playing the battle royale game ”PUBG Mobile ” throughout the scene, Ken asks John over the microphone.

”Bro I nearly had him; ** that guy ; I have been dying for that KR78 sniper my entire life! ” Kens phone speaker transmits Johns voice.

Ken glances at his wall clock and remarks, ”Better luck, next time, ” when he notices that it is 2:00 PM.

Ken says ”John, Im going to be late for taekwondo class,I have to go ” as he begins to pack his dobok uniform for his class.

Alright bro,meet up at the same spot? ” John askes Ken.

”Yeah okay, will you bring Sung along? ” Ken responds and poses a question of his own, ”Sure Ill pop by and check up on him, I haven heard from him in a while, ” to which John responds, expressing concern for the wellbeing of Sung.

”Well take care bro.. ” he exits the game and heads out for his class.

A group known as ”the Illuminati, ” which is obsessed with establishing a new world order and is also unknown to the outer world, has discovered an ancient and potent artifact that will shortly change the course of our main characters fate.

A man in his mid-thirties with black hair and white skin who appears to be Agent Snow is informed by a white-skinned individual, ”Sir, we have retrieved the book at the extraction zone. ”

”Yes, take me to it ” Agent Snow and the other then proceed to the location of this books storage.

Before them was a book was previously exclusively thought to be a myth

Agent Snow stated with a mischievous grin, ”The Codas Gigas, it looks even more fantastic in person. ”

The person was inquisitive and inquired, ”But sire, if I may, what is this book? ” .

”This book has a long and interesting tale, according to legend,The codas gigas is a book believed to have been written by the devil himself. According to legend, a monk was imprisoned in a wall with no way out. As a form of plea, he told the guard that if he wrote a book containing all the questions and answers in the universe, would he be freed? After futile attempts, the monk prayed to the devil rather than to god, who then appeared and finished the task. ” Agent Snow explains as he touches the books cover.

When agent Snow opens the book, it starts to glow a brilliant scarlet red in his direction. The books pages turn back and forth as it summons a creature by itself.

The area is immediately enveloped in black smoke, giving off the impression that all the joy has been sucked into it.

Then, a creature emerges from the smoke with eyes that are red like blood, skin that is black like the darkness, crooked teeth, and spikey arms with sharp claws.

”Whom am I to obey, master? ” The individuals face was left with a death-like impression by the beast, yet oddly, Agent Snow was unaffected.

”Wow, thats amazing. I want to sign a contract with you! ” Agent Snow shouts in delight.

A contract is an agreement made between two parties, and it is this agreement that originally allowed mankind to borrow the gods authority.

Once both parties agree on the terms of the contract, the content may be changed. The contract may be used for a variety of purposes depending on the user.

”You may do as you please, but we must abide by the equipment exchange rules. If you want a contract, what are you prepared to give up? ” Agent Snow was informed by the creature who had a devilish smirk on its face.

Agent Snow started to bargain with the creature, saying, ”I will be your master, you will grant me your power. ”

The creature replied, ”I will only argee if you offer me your soul as collateral, ” and pointed its claw straight at the agents chest.

”Does my soul have to be involved? ” Agent Snow asked the creature, ”Not exactly, ” to which the creature responded. Agent Snow then says, ”take the soul of this one, ” pointing to the earlier companion.

The demon says, ”I accept, ” and then slowly approaches the person.

”You can be serious, I have a life to live, sir. Please, I beg you. ” The man returns, sweating and shaking, pleading for his life.

Agent Snow replied, frowning, ”You have already served a purpose… For the right cause. ”

”Alright, bye now ”

The individuals skin becomes shriveled up, his veins dry out without any blood, his corpse lose color and nourishment, his hair turns white, and with that, the contract is completed as his soul is being expelled from his mortal body.

”Oh wait until the board sees this, what is your name, my powerful friend? ” As the creature gives Agent Snow a tremendous amount of demonic power. With a sly grin on his face, Snow queried the creature.

”I am one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Sin of Pride. ” Pride answered his masters question.

” That explains how strong you are. With you, I can kill everyone who stands in our way or retaliation, including those annoying shaman. ” Snow yelled out in excitement.

When all this were happening, Babs can be seen having fun with ”Esu, ” the Yoruba God of Mischief, in the sky where the Yoruba gods dwell.

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