My wonderful pal, Ill be leaving soon. ” Esu is informed by Babs as he drinks some plamwine from the cup.

”How are you being treated by people? ” Esu queries Babs.

”Sincerity aside, My mind runs wild and black. ” While wigging his cup, Babs responded.

”I understand, power borrowers have suffered over the generations, although it seems that the effort is paying, back in those days, humans didn have cellphones or consoles or whatever you creatures created, times are peaceful ” Esu informs Babs in an effort to make him feel better.

Babs said to Esu in a dejected tone, ”But nevertheless, as we get weaker and weaker, supernatural phenomenon gets stronger, one way or the other, there will no longer be balance, sigh, its all for nothing ”

Esu states as he laughs his sorrows away, ”Cheer up, we shall be right by your side till death…well technically your death, we don die, hahahahahah! ”

”Thats it, Im gone; catch you later, Esu. ”

Babs emerged in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America in 0.2 seconds after coming down from the sky. He then carried on with his everyday activities, which included walking around and listening to Juice WRLD.


Around 3:30 pm, John and Sung are seen leaving to meet Ken in front of his dojo as they talk about a fairly intriguing subject.

”I mean, Ive read conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the Masons cloning our rappers to control us. ” Sung informs John.

John replies back in disbelief, ”Yeah right thats what they want you to believe, its all a scam bro.

Sung asks John, ”Do spirits exist then? Surely you can say its a hoax too. ”

John says with a disgusted look on his face, ”I dunno dude, I never seen a ghost and honestly those creatures should stay away from me. ”

”You recall the student from school who allegedly saw a ghost in the janitors closet? Sung asked John in an effort to trigger his memories

You talking about Crazy Carly? John explains to Sung, ”She ain got no buddies bro, I believe she made things up so she gets noticed by others. ”

Babs goes by them while he was out for a stroll, He had no idea that their paths would eventually meet again.

” ”You see that guy? ” John informs Sung as he points his index finger at Babs.

Sung replies, ”Yeah I do, he looks suspicious as hell, creeping like a creeper, creeping around ”


”I can sense them, children, young and old ”

The soul of a person who had regrets before they died wanders around and devours anyone who is unlucky enough to come into contact with it. This is known as a ”dammed spirit. ”

Since it is a spirit, ordinary people cannot see or engage with it; yet, it can interact with and see humans

There are various levels of dammed spirits, varying in strength and intelligence.

Some of the dammed spirits have distinctive traits that match their abilities and outlook.

This dammed spirit is one illustration of this.

”They wouldn mind if I burn them to a crisp, right? Hahahaha!.

He was a serial killer who slowly burned his victims to death, and he passed away after one of his victims escaped where he kept him and burnt the cabin down.

He and the target was burnt to death along with the cabin.

He pointed at the dojo and vanished, saying, ”I can envision their screams as they beg me to end their misery. ”


Ken can be seen delivering a double head kick on a regular training dummy in the dojo where he practices taekwondo.

Ken says to himself, ”this is easy ”.

”You are good,no wonder you are a black belt, ” Anya complements him.

”Its nothing really, just years of practice, late nights and moms cooking ” Ken said with a smile on his face.

Babs notices negative energy flowing from the direction he came from while out on a stroll and wonders, ”What now? ” He said as he approaches the location from which he is sensing the energy.

The temperature within the dojo increased, making it impossible for those inside to breathe.

Why is the air conditioner not working? Ken, who was having trouble breathing, said:

Everyone fled for their life as one of the practitioners suddenly caught on fire and collapsed to the ground with his body being fried by intense flames.

But as they moved, they all burst into flames one by one, leaving only Ken and Anya surviving while all around them were people who had already burned to death and those who were still being burned alive.

It was indeed a picture to see, as many lives were lost in an instant, with the dojo walls also on fire, the entire structure visible in flames, the chamber smelled of scorched flesh, and little children screaming for aid and calling for their parents.

The dammed spirit remarked, ”Yes yes burn burn, don die too quick on me now, we still have fun to attend to, ” as he took pleasure in watching youngsters suffer by being roasted alive.

due to the lack of oxygen from the intense flames,ken and Anya passes out.

Ken and Anya pass unconscious from the lack of oxygen brought on by the strong flames.

e practically there; its only around the corner. ” John said but was interrupted by a stream of smoke dropping from the sky.

”What is that? ” Please don be where I think it is, please don be there ”As he and John hurried to the location where the smoke was coming from, Sung implored.

The dojo building is on fire as John and Sung arrive.

Since they are unable to enter the building due to the intense flames, they pull out their phones and dial the fireman number while expressing extreme concern for those who are inside.


Babs is nowhere to be seen.

Ken is unconscious in reality, but while he is in his head, he sees nothing but darkness, different nexuses of universes dispersed all around him when he looks down, and different nexuses of universes when he looks up.

When Ken turns around, he sees a huge being with skin like the void of space and universes scattered all over its body.

Ken then realizes that the entire collection of universes he just saw were the supreme entitys palms.

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