SHAMANSRise Of The Supreme One


Ken is struck by a sense of serenity and coolness as he stares at the entity. This feeling seems to emanate from the being itself, which also exudes a tranquilizing aura.

”Do you swear? ” The being asks Ken in a voice that is paramount to all others—deep and composed.

”Who are you? ” Ken asks the being before me.

”I am the First and the Last. ”

”I am the Alpha and the Omega. ”

”I am the Beginning and the End. ”

”I am known by many names, you can call me The Truth. ”

”Do you swear? ”

” Swear to what?. ” Ken questions the object because the query baffled him.

”Do you pledge to defend those in need and to bring the world back into balance? ”

”Do you swear to defend the good and the helpless against evil? Will you fight to the last end even when the going gets rough and the task seems impossible? ”

”But at what cost? ” Ken asks the entity.

”You put everyone youve ever loved in danger, and no matter how quickly you move, you can save everyone. Many people, both young and old, will perish as a result. Are you prepared to live with the guilt of not being able to save everyone?


In reality, Ken is still unconscious along with Anya due to the dojo attack of the dammed spirit.

” Save the best for last, time to have some fun, hahahaha ”

A kick to the head was given as the dammed spirit approached their bodies, happening faster than a flicker before the spirit could react.

He was kicked against the wall, shattering the surface and leaving a body print inside.

It was none other than Babs who kicked the odd figure.

When Babs turns to face the spirit, he looks around and notices the bodies of people who have been burned to death. ”If I had been here sooner, these people wouldn be dead, sigh, ” Babs said.

”What do you gain in killing people? ” Babs asked the spirit.

”It feels fun, don you just love it when they scream, the voices of child begging for mercy, it is so exhilarating!! ” The spirit replied with excited in his voice.

”Sigh ” Babs replied with a disappointed tone.

”You shall burn with the rest of them. ”

The target will simply explode into flames thanks to the dammed spirits ability to ignite a target without a distance.

Babs suddenly bursts into flames and falls to the floor.

” All shall fall to my flames, it was that easy?, I was afraid due to the vibe he gave off ” the spirit said as it was excited.

” You think you have won?, Oh no you haven , now go on your knees ” Babs whisper to the spirits head.

Babs employs the Seven Curses, and one of the curses being Return To Sender reflects the attack on the employing party, one of the other curses is…

”Not as It Seems ”

The power to disregard a circumstance or situation that does not go in his favor.

Against its will, the dammed spirit goes on its knees.

”Impossible, h-how did you survive? ” Spirit asks as he is afraid for his life.

”Sigh, no need to speak to a dead thing any way ”

”May the flames be as hot as the sun itself by my command, as the sun burns and shines brilliant enough to light the earth. ”

The ability to utilize words to translate ideas into reality is another of the seven curses, which is known as

”Incantation: Burn my target. ”

The dammed spirit erupts into flames while wailing in pain and misery, and then, in a second, the spirit returns to normal as if it had never been attacked.

”Lets try that again,shall we? ” Babs brings out a devilish smirk on his face.

”Please no, I beg of y- ” the dammed spirits bursts into flames again and as the flames gets even hotter.

Babs repeatedly burns the cursed spirit with the curses ”Not As It Seems ” and ”Incantation ” , He burns him with incantation and rejects the occurrence with ”Not As It Seems, ” preventing the punishment from occurring so the cursed spirit may repeatedly feel the agony of a blazing sun.

”From the frying pan to fire has a new meaning now ” Babs said as he enjoys torturing the spirit.

”Please I can take this anymore, kill me, kill me. ” The spirit begs for the death at the hands of Babs.

”Let me think about it….no. ” Babs snaps his fingers then cursed spirit then bursts into flames again.


In kens dream, he still has difficulty answering the question asked by the entity before him.

”Why me? ” Ken asks.

”It is your destiny, I could have taken your body but all humans have free will, its your decision to embark on this journey. ”

Ken gives the situation a deep thought.

”Fine, I swear. ” Ken finally argees to the deal.

”You shall be bestowed with the powers that suit your current level of fitness.

Ken connects to the Exaggerated Force after signing the contract.

The Exaggerated Force, also known as the E-Force, enables individuals who are connected to it to gather energy with ease. The user can produce the same amount of energy without exerting any effort, but if utilized improperly, the body will be destroyed.

”Im getting bored of this ” Babs said with a bored expression.

”Please just kill me…. please ” the cursed spirit continues to beg for death.

”That is too kind, how does it feel to be like your victims, did you listen to their pleads??,Did you?? ” Babs snaps his fingers again which sets the spirit on fire again and the spirit reverts back to normal.

”P-Please!! ”

”Incantation:Go To Hell ” Due to Babs curse, the ghost is then teleported to hell.

Where he will spend all of eternity bathing in the eternal flames and everlasting suffering.


Babs coughs up blood as a result of overworking his body, which was put under a great deal of strain by harnessing the abilities of seven deities.

”Sigh. ” The body of two unburnt people caught his attention.

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