Satanic creature

The mysterious sorcerer

Mark wasn so sure about what he saw before, ” was that real? ” he said to himself, then he decided to not worry about that and just go to bed since its too late and hes exhausted. He woke up shortly after that to find himself in a strange place, a dark place covered with blood and dirt ”where am i ? ” he screamed, he started running around the place until he arrived to a door, a black door with a silver handle, he opened that door slowly and heard a loud scream that woke him up.

He ran to the window and saw someone with a black hood and cape dragging a womans corpse to an alleyway, Mark knew that what hes about to do is totally out of craziness but curiosity too so he followed the blood trails left by the corpse to the alleyway and thats when he woke up again at home, he didn know exactly whats going on with him but he was sure that it has something to do with that terrible night he had when he was five years old, he really tried to forget about it but he couldn because what happened in that night is what turned his life upside down he thought that he was just losing his mind but he knows that nothing can cause such hallucinations but the creature that was chasing him for almost his whole life, a demon, a bloody monster, he called him Exxodeus.

While taking a cold bath; Mark observed the wound in his back, a legacy from the devil himself, a gift, it was big and deep, festered and rotten. That wound was a reminder to Mark, it reminds him of that night, it reminds him that Exxodeus is still out there looking for him and won stop until he gets him killed, just like he did to his parents. It also reminds him of how the demon looked, ugly, dark body and a bloody red head with six horns; four on the sides of his head and two in the back of his head, sharp, golden teeth and holes instead of eyes and yet he can still see his victims, this memory of the demons shape made him throw up and feel numb and disgusted. He came out of the bathroom worse than he was before taking that bath, soon he realized that its 8:30 am and hes late but he decided to skip work anyway and to investigate about whats happening to him and to figure out where the demon is just to have a chance to run away at the right time.

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