Satanic creature

The father\'s ritual

Mark went down the stairs in a rush, he bumped into his neighbor Steve who greeted him then asked him where hes going, Mark responded ” im going to see an old friend ” and left him in a shock because he knew that Mark is that kind of introvert people who has no friends and thats due to him being traumatized by the incident that happened when he was five. Mark ran so fast that he even forgot that he has a car and he doesn have to run all way to that old friend and his home was too far, mark didn care, he just ran as fast as he could that he made people wondering what kind of trouble hes in. He looked pale and exhausted, didn eat anything for 22 hours and didn get much rest, not more than 10 minutes but he doesn have time neither to eat nor to sleep.

He finally arrived to his destination; the worst part of the city it was full with drug dealers and a home to serial killers but Mark wasn even scared of killers because he once was tortured by something worse, the main reason behind him coming to this place is that in this neighborhood lives the dirtiest person in the city, a sorcerer named Kazu
he was the one who told Mark how to escape Exxodeus and it worked for him at least for a short time, 3 years, however he can run away forever but mark didn realize that and he was still seeking a way to run away for the second time because he knows that theres no chance of fighting that demon.

Mark went straight to the sorcerers dilapidated house he knocked the door but it seems that nobodys there, ”welcome back, Mark ” the sorcerer said, mark turned to see the sorcerer sitting on a bench he looked familiar to Mark he was wearing a black hood and a cape just like the man from his dream but he didn care about that he just sat down next to the sorcerer and told him everything about what he saw last night. ” those aren hallucinations ” the sorcerer said, Mark looked very frightened and said ” what are they? ” the sorcerer laughed and stared at Mark in a scary way ”did you check the alleyway? ” he said, Mark said that he didn and he looked so confused. ”It seems that you don understand, follow me ” said the sorcerer, Mark had no choice but to follow the old sorcerer to the alleyway near to Marks apartment, they walked for two hours and when they arrived to the alleyway they were shocked, blood stains covered the floor but no sign of a corpse;

: ” where did it go, im sure i left it here ”

Mark : ” what do you mean? what happened here? ”

: ” the body… ”

Mark : ” you mean the womans body that i saw when i was hallucinating? you did that?!!! ”

: ” well im a sorcerer what did you expect? it was a sacrifice it was supposed to stay here at least for 72 hours ”

Mark : ” how is that possible? i woke up right after coming to this place ”

: ” what else did you see? ”

Mark : ” im not sure, i think i saw some sort of a shadow moving….you think it was the demon eating the corpse? ”

: ” no, demons have no shadows ”

Mark : ” i just don understand how is that going to help me run away from Exxodeus ”

: ” you don understand anything, do you?, the corpse should not disappear so soon, demons feed on blood, the blood we -sorcerers- provide for them to serve us, that thing you
e dealing with is more like a prime demon which means its way stronger, way faster, way deadly….Exxodeus got stronger this time which means you can run away this time, youll die and theres nothing i can do to help you, even if i wanted to i can ; he will come for me and he will kill me, you
e a dead man Mark, farewell ”

The old sorcerers words shattered Marks soul because he knew that he won make it this time he didn expect that his life would end like that, watching the sorcerer leaving, Mark said to himself ” what if hes wrong? what if i can fight Exxodeus ? no im just a fool if i thought i can, however, i have to try, if im gonna die anyway i shouldn go without a fight… ” those were Marks words, he didn know that reality is much cruel than he expected.

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