Satanic creature


California, 2nd June 1985, the Mathews house at 1:28 am

Alicia Mathews put her son Connor Mathews in his cozy bed, she went after that to watch TV with her husband downstairs in the living room but she couldn find her husband, ” Aaron, Aaron where are you? ” she called her husband loudly but he didn respond, she looked for her husband, Aaron Mathews everywhere, all around their house and yet she still can find him. ” where could he be? ” she asked herself, she heard some creepy noises down, the basement, its the only spot she didn check, she opened the basements door slowly and what she saw made her scream so loud that it woke up Connor, he went downstairs to see whats happening, he heard the same creepy noises his mother heard, he picked up a baseball bat and headed to the basement. He nearly blacked out because of what he saw, a man wearing a black hood and a cape saying some incomprehensible words and Alicia was dead in his arms, talismans were all over the basement floor and a huge red pentagram painted with blood on the floor, thats where Alicia was bleeding, her blood was a sacrifice to that dirty demon. ” dad? ” Connor asked with a frightened voice, the man took his hood off and turned, ”Connor, what are you doing here? ” said the father, Connor dropped the baseball bat on the floor out of shock and started screaming so loud, Aaron put Alicias corpse on the floor, picked a knife and walked towards Connor, ”don worry son it won hurt so much ” said Aaron with a crazy voice, and while he was attempting to stab his only son, something shopped his head off right in front of Connor, it was a scary monster with a red head, dark body, six horns, golden sharp teeth and huge hands with only three fingers in each hand and extremely sharp nails, Connor ran as fast as he could with his fathers blood in his face and headed to the door to get out of the house, but the door was tightly locked, the demon approached to him while he was attempting to open the door, put the nail of his index finger on Connors back and scratched it deeply which made Connor scream and black out, the demon was about to end his life but he wanted to leave him till the end, like a dessert, so he went to feed on his parents and when he came back to where Connor was laying, he was gone, the demon screamed so loud out of his failure, his scream was so loud that it woke up every single person in that neighborhood.

The neighbors went out of their houses to figure out the source of that sound, and they were surprised seeing Connor laying on the road with blood covering his face and his back, they broke into Connors house and saw his parents dead in the basement and no sign of the murderer.

Connor woke up in the hospital, two days after the incident, he was hoping that it was just a dream, a nightmare, but a police man stepped into his room, greeted him and started asking him questions;

The police man : ” hey kid, im detective Mason from Californias police department, just checking out on you and…. i need to ask you some questions if thats okay with you of course ”

Connor : ” i just…..i think i need more time ”

Mason : ” whenever you
e ready kid ”

Connor needed more time to process what happened and to gather strength to speak about that terrible incident, he was only five years old and just couldn speak directly about that night.

Connor (sitting on the medical bed) : ” officer, would you believe what im about to tell you? ”

Mason : ” of course, its my job to take your testimony that will help us catch your parents murderer ”

Connor : ” my parents murderer isn what you think it is ”

Mason : ” what do you mean, kid? ”

Connor : ” its not human ”

Mason : ” what else could it be? is it an animal? ”

Connor : ” its much worse ”

Mason : ” what is it, Connor? ”

Connor : ” you won believe me ”

Mason : ” try me ”

Connor : ” its a…..its a….. ”

Mason : ” take your time i wo….. ”

Connor (interrupting officer Mason) : ” its a demon!!! ”

Mason : ” a demon? ”

Connor : ” i knew you wouldn believe me…. ”

Mason : ” can you describe it? ”

Connor (while having a flashback about the demons shape) : ” i didn get a clear vision back then ”

Mason : ” then maybe its just a man disguised as a demon, i mean theres a store downtown which sells that kind of stuff you know, masks, suits and all….. ”

Connor : ” officer i know what i saw ”

Mason (sighs) : ” don worry Connor well do our best to catch this disguised murderer, meanwhile those men behind me (pointing to two officers) will take you to a safe place, youll be safe, kid ”

Connor (being pulled by the two officers) : ”you don understand…..officer!!!….Mason!!!!!! ”

Mason (looking at Connor being pulled by the officers) : ” he won get away with this, kid, trust me ” (on his walkie) : all units i require massive search downtown, east and south, target a man with halloween clothes, a demons suit, do you copy? ”

Police backup (masons walkie) : ”copy that detective ”

Mason reloaded his gun and headed towards the danger not knowing whats waiting for him, he was a young brilliant detective, a handsome guy with blue hair and green eyes, likes to wear expensive Italian suits, it made him look, fascinating.

Connor was taken after that by two officers to an orphanage, and his suffering was just getting started, kids were being mean to Connor they were making fun of his scar, the gift from the demon, it was a deep mark so they discarded his real name Connor and named him Mark instead, not only that, while the cops were searching the city uselessly, the demon followed Connor into the orphanage and started playing with his mind, he made him see things he didn want to see and whispered in his ears all the time, he wanted to see him broken and desperate, only then he will feel accomplishment and fulfillment, and only then he will enjoy Marks blood.

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