Life is fun, despite how shitty and boring the world is. Theres a virus that can make the human body burn like it had caught fire and it can infect anything including technology (Androids, for example). They call it the Scorching Virus. A virus so deadly that the Private Military Company called Minerva, together with the GNC (Galean Nations and Continent) insisted on creating a new technology to combat the Scorching Virus.

To fight against the virus, we created a virus of our own; the Authonoid (Authorised Android). A robo-human cyborg created and authorised strictly for combat use and immunised to maintain its stability against the ”Scorching Virus ”. They made these high efficiency hybrids to prevent another pandemic by combating any form of infection. Hell, even the mighty Dragons and other unearthly beasts on this planet weren immune to this virus.

We believed we could solve the problems by converting ourselves into capable robot forms and spreading the vaccines. However, we found out how dreamful this idea was until the 2nd Scorching Virus pandemic occurred a century later. This time, it was caused by a lab leak in the northernmost part of Gorusia. It spread throughout the entire Usian continent and soon infected all parts of the world. Even the Authonoids couldn escape this virus despite being immune to its previous version.

Because of the lab leak in Gorusia, the FSU (Federation of Southern Usia) president, William Harris, blamed Gorusia as the perpetrator of these atrocities. When the earlier Gorusian President had announced the truth, he was assassinated and a large-scale coup détat happened at Gorusia to cover all the truths of the lab leak.

Gorusia was a dictator regime. When the Supreme Leader Dmitri Montagne took full control of Gorusia in just one week, he did it without using force. But that wouldn stop him from resorting to any form of violence if one of his citizens defied him. Montagne also blamed FSU President Harris, for how Harris wasn responsive to the virus outbreak and just let the people in Southern Usia die because of it.

Not just about the virus, dictator Montagne also pointed out Harriss incompetence when handling poverty, inflations, corruption, and hypocrisy. Yet, the dictator turned out to be no different and did the same towards the people in his regime.

Jonathan Preston, the ex-FSU President who got impeached just one year before his last year in administration was the one who helped most of the South Usian people from the virus by giving them free medical treatment, education, jobs, foods supply, and any help to the one who needed the most.

The reason Preston got impeached is because of his Authoritarian policies, like exposing the lies of mainstream media, uncovering the corrupt practice of the elites, disclosing the scandals in various big companies and providing unrestricted service to the needy.

Another offence he got accused of was being a ”Fascist dictator ” for his policies exposed the true colours of the corrupt high society unquestioningly. He wouldn stop fighting until he eradicated these cases entirely and was thus synonymous to a tyrant in the eyes of the elite.

Unfortunately, all good things end tragically, which is what happened when Harriss men assassinated Preston and let the South Usian people live in a shitty country, that a shitty President ran.

We thought these atrocities would keep going on until our deaths. However, we realized that these would continue only if we kept sitting back and watching it until our last breath. To fight against them, we needed a mighty will for repressing all forms of authoritarianism.

And there was one person with such a thought who came forward. The founder of Minerva, General Rasheed Qassem Jenar (Former Kondaaris Defense Corps General) who exposed all the lies on both sides. He brought to light the incompetence of Harriss administration, his corrupt practice, his assassination of Preston, and even the tyrannical regime of Montagne. He may look like a hero that people needed, but he did it because he wanted to.

Qassem didn have any allegiance. He didn even care about the politics of the different sides because he only cared about peoples. General Qassem was Prestons closest friend. And like him, Qassem combatted various corruption cases and while being a noble servant to the needy. But, when everyone needed him the most, he went out of the limelight and disappeared, leaving no trace. As if Qassem was nothing but a myth and a legend of the Galea planet.

But the idea of making this world a better place isn a myth. It is a dream.

Its not impossible, yet not possible. Because to achieve these dreamful ideas needs lots of blood and sweat to be drained on.


0132 hours, 13 June 0145…

My name is Tsuyuki, a Minerva Authonoid and the leader of the Blue Orca squadron who loves doing crazy and reckless moves when fighting against Infectoids and other infected monsters on the battlefield. This time, 2 of my comrades, Luke and Clarissa, had a mission to hunt down Palkeros, an infected monster thats ravaged 7 villages in Harimal Forest at Monaka Island every stormy night.

3 of us walked down in the dark forest accompanied by the stormy rain that showered through the canopy. As we were walking along, we heard a scream close to the forest area. Luke said,

”Palkeros has ravaged another village. ”

And then he asked.

”Looks like weve got a dinner tonight, right? ”

”Yes, Im starving now, ” I answered.

While I rushed to the village, my healer comrade, Clarissa, called out while trying to stop me.

”Tsuyuki, wait! ”

However, I was already one step ahead to the ravaged village. I would kill that stupid Palkeros this time.


On arriving at the village, I saw villagers evacuating while several guardian villagers were resisting the monsters by fighting back. However, considering the villagers were still using a primitive weapon, they were engulfed by the Palkeros poison from Palkeross beak. When I was standing in the hills watching the villages and the guardian villager engulfed by Palkeros poisons, Clarissa and Luke approached me from behind.

And then, Clarissa said.

”What are you doing, Tsuyuki? Hurry and lets save them! ”

However, I responded in a chill tone.

”There is just something about watching chaos from a distance. ”

Luke slapped my nape and then exclaimed.

”Enough with that Tsuyuki! Lets help them now! ”

Both Clarissa and Luke rushed down the hill to the village and helped the villagers in defeating the ravaging Palkeros. I also followed their lead to helping them, because its my duty as a good Authonoid combatant to help the endangered people from any threat.


The village was halfway ravaged by Palkeros, and the guardian villagers were not in a good position. I ordered Clarissa to evacuate the villagers, and I made Luke help the villagers in setting up traps. Meanwhile, I fought against Palkeros by myself with my sword and my Gun.

”Are you sure you can do it by yourself? ” Luke asked with concern.

”Its up to you if you want to back me up. ” I replied to him.

”Just don get hurt, Tsuyuki, and be careful! ” Clarissa shouted while helping the villagers evacuate.

”Don worry guys, Im used to this job! ” I said in confidence.

I saw Palkeros beat up the native guardian villager. He stomped on 2 crippled guardian villagers with his talon, and that made me damn pissed, considering the mindless monster was just attacking defenseless humans. I drew my pistol and shot down Palkeross left face.

Three shots rang. And the Palkeros turned to me in anger. He spared the villagers and approached me with a threatening sight. I responded by stabbing my sword through the ground.

”Did someone order fried chicken? ” I shouted.

And then I revved my sword throttle 3 times where it makes a loud 2-stroke sound.


The enraged Palkeros ran straight in front of me. As it approached me within 10 cm, I evaded to the left at a light speed and slashed Palkeross left foot until it disintegrated. This made the Palkeros fall and scream in pain.


The Paleros let out unearthly howls.

I ordered the village guards to set the trap while Palkeros was downed. Several of them brought the electric trap and then threw it onto Palkeros. It successfully electrocuted the Palkeros while the people sprawled him into the ground.

I did a final finishing move by firing an explosive bullet toward Palkeros head until the magazine went empty and waited until the bullets whooshed through the trap. And then…



The bullet exploded right at Palkeros head and crushed him to the ground.

I pressed a small button from my blade handle and switched my blade into the Axe mode. Then, I revved my axe until the rev bar reached the max 3 bars, after which I pressed the clutch where it released tons of flames from the exhaust of the Axe; I dashed into Palkeros at top speed, and then slashed Palkeros body until it split into half.

And I killed the Palkeros flawlessly.

”Heh, its easy, like breaking a toothpick, ” I said while looking at Palkeros sorry corpse bust open with streams of his blood flowing out.


After defeating the Palkeros, the rainstorm calmed down, and several native guardian villagers celebrated their victories by lifting their spear and chanting the native chants. Some guardian villagers approached me and congratulated me for killing the monster that was known for ravaging the village during the midnight rainstorm.

”Thank you, Sir Authonoid, youve saved our lives! ” said one guardian villager.

”Without your help, that monster would demolish our village, ” another guardian villager added.

My face got a slight red tint and my chest widened a little with all the praises, considering Ive insulted and mocked to death by my commander during my boot-camp year and my first time becoming Authonoid.

”Uuhhh… Call me Tsuyuki instead, ” I replied to them while scratching my right cheek in a slight embarrassment.

”Its alright Mr. Tsuyuki, youve done a great job saving our village, our lives, and our children and everyone! ” said the leader of the guardian villager.

”Well, don mention it. Im just doing my job as Minervas Authonoid, ” I replied to them.

Luke approached my back, clapped my right shoulder, and asked me.

”Hey, Tsuyuki! It looks like youve enjoyed your dinner, isn it? ”

I looked at the dead Palkeros, his blood flooding through the wet soil because of the rain. And then, I replied.

”Unfortunately, this feast wasn that great. I expect some challenges, but this is what I get, ” I said while kicking Palkeros corpse head with my feet in disappointment, because I felt this mission was too easy for me.

”Well, at least youve saved this village together with the guardians against that monster while both of us evacuated the villagers, ” said Clarissa.

After that, she approached the leader of guardian villager to clarify the whereabouts of the evacuated villagers and how they were taken into safe place under Minerva protection.

My mind was distracted by the dead Palkeros. Even my memories of the death of my earlier comrades flashed before my eyes. As if these memories wanted to remind me that no matter how many victories I take, I will suffer losses too. I didn dwell upon it. Because who cares? All Ive always done is keep moving forward without giving a shit about the future.

My daydreaming snapped back into reality when someone screamed from a distance and said.


A loud slashing voice echoed through the village, as if the person had been slashed with a sword.


”WATCH OUT! SHES HERE! ITS THE NOTORIOUS ONIGASHI! AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! ” said another guardian villager as he was killed by someone they called ”Onigashi. ”

The slashing continued.

”O… O… ONIGASHI! AAAAGGGHHHHH!!! ” shouts one guardian villager when hes about to killed by the Onigashi.

Onigashi? Who was that? Was it a ghost? Monster? Or Infectoid (Infected Authonoid/Android)? I knew nothing about this Onigashi that was wreaking havoc.

”Who or what is the Onigashi? ” I asked a panicking guardian villager.

One guardian villager was confused and nervous hearing my question. He replied.

”Oh… uh… how should I tell you about this? ”

Then, the leader of the guardian villager explained to me.

”Well, Onigashi or known as Demoness from the east is the strongest female Authonoid known with a long, silver-white hair, threatening red eyes, red scarf, long-sleeved red coat, and a red Katana. Everyone calls her demon for how strong and frightful she is. ”

”Oh… ok… ” I replied, while nodding.

I didn show it but my mind remembered what kind of person Onigashi was. Something told me that Onigashi was a person who I had recognized long before joining Minerva and becoming an Authonoid.

It was then, Onigashi was revealing herself in front of us, where the corpse of the guardian villagers sprawled in the wet soil around her.

”Look, Tsuyuki! Its Onigashi! She keeps killing the guardians! ” said Luke, surprised, while pointing at Onigashi.

And then, the leader of the guardian villager raised his spear and said to his comrades.


”HOO HAAH OORAH! LETS GO!!! ” the rest of his comrades replied, raising their spear, pointing their spear toward Onigashi, and charging toward her at full speed.

”Lets help them, Tsuyuki! ” Clarissa said to me while patting my left shoulder.

”Alright, here goes another one! ”

After that, the three of us, including the remaining guardian villagers, charged right into Onigashi and fought against her before she could any more damage to the village.

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