I dashed towards Onigashi super-fast, unsheathed my Sword, and swung it from above doing an overhead slashing technique to slashing Onigashis head from above. But she drew her Katana sheathe and parried it with no struggle.




I focused on fighting against Onigashi in front of me while the guardian village archers used their fiery arrows to shoot the Onigashi from the roof behind her. She parried the flaming arrows, then she teleported into the roof at lightning speed, and killed the archers with her Katana.



Clarissa tried to shoot down the Onigashi with her funnels, but she kept parrying the projectile with her Katana with an ultra-instinct, even though she was just using 5% of her power.

”We must surround and finish her when shes crippled! ” said Luke to the rest of the guardian villagers.

”Copy that! ” One guardian villager replied.

When all of us focused on fighting against Onigashi, I suddenly got a call from the operator through my comms channel. I answered the call, and it was Vladimir, my operator, who was calling me on this mission.

”Operator Vladimir reporting to Tsuyuki, the leader of the Blue Orca squadron! ” Said, Vladimir.

Then, I asked Vladimir while chasing Onigashi, ”This is Tsuyuki, whats wrong? ”

Vladimir replied, ”Weve detected a hefty amount of Scorching Virus from that female Authonoid you
e fighting against. ”

I smirked as I didn give a damn about this Scorching Virus bullshit. Despite that, I still had to be cautious of this virus that she was carrying.

”So what? ” I asked back.

”Be careful with it, and try not to get stabbed by her Katana! ” Vladimir answered.

”As you wish. Tsuyuki out, ”

After that, I closed the comms channel and asked Luke and Clarissa.

”Luke, Clarissa, can you lend me help? ”

And then Clarissa asked while reloading her funnels magazine.

”Whats wrong, leader? ”

”Ill distract her while you strike her in the back, ” I answered.

”Copy that, leader! ”

Both Luke and Clarissa replied while running into a place to strike Onigashi from back.

”Guess Ill have to teach this bitch a lesson! ” I said while I dashed and continued chasing Onigashi to prevent her continuous useless massacre of the guardian villagers.


0145 hours, 13 June 0145…

This fight had gone on for around 13 minutes. Even though 13 minutes had passed, it felt like 1 hour had passed. Her teleportation power infuriated me because whenever I tried to slash her, she kept disappearing and teleported to somewhere else that was too far for me to chase her.

”Dammit! Can she just stop teleporting and attack like a real fighter instead? ” I said in frustration chasing Onigashi.

”Tsuyuki! Watch your back! ” Said Luke.

I glanced my back and saw Onigashi jumping while swinging her Katana from above doing an overhead slash. Luckily, with my ultra-instinct, I parried her Katana with my blade.


Both of our blades gritted each other, and with a hiss, I revved my blade throttle to push her further.

When I tried to push her with full power, her red eyes glowed threateningly, as if she was trying to haunt me through my soul. It caused me to lose my grip on my blade. She drop-kicked my chest with her boots that pushed back further.


I stabbed the ground with my blade to stop my feet from dragging back on the wet soil. But shes dashed at me and tried to slash my head. She was so quick that for a second; I thought to myself, this would be the end of my life. Until…


Luke saved me and gritted his sword against Onigashis Katana with brute force. He looked back at me and said.

”Don worry, I got this! ”

I stood up from the ground and replied.

”Don be stupid! Ill help you! ”

After that, I continued the fight against the Onigashi. Several guardian villagers surrounded the Onigashi by encircling her and fighting against her with their remaining power.

”Well help you too! ” said the leader of the guardian villager.

I, Luke, Clarissa. and the rest of the guardian villagers attacked the Onigashi full force.

The sound of the blade cutting the air and the people just did not stop.

Onigashi slaughtered several guardian villagers with her Katana. Some of them were beheaded. Their bodies slashed into tiny pieces with her Katana. Her brutality infuriated me, made me want to do the same thing to her.

I ran at her, doing an overhead slash to let her parry my blade instead. However, I had a plan. I wanted her to fight against me and distract her from slaughtering the poor guardian villagers, so my comrades and the remaining guardian villagers could strike her from behind while shes distracted against me. While parrying her blade, I said to her.

”I am your primary target, dumbass! ”

I pressed a tiny button from my blade handle and it switched my blade form into Axes form. And I continued slashing her blade until I slashed her body with my axe-mode blade. With a of sheer amount of luck, I succeeded, slashed her belly with my blade.

”Its down, now its our chance! ” I said while seeing her down on the ground, crouching and stabbing her Katana into the wet soil.

When all of us charged towards Onigashi to finish her with our final blow. I saw her smirking, sheathing back her Katana to her sheathe, as she said in an icy voice.

”Don get too cocky. ”

Shes unsheathing back her Katana and…


My body froze as life flashed before me. I thought to myself that she was slashing all of us at lightning speed, and we couldn even see her slashing technique. After that, she sheathed back her Katana, slowly. And that caused confusion between us.

”Whats wrong with my body? ” Luke asked when his body froze in his combat stance.

”Why am I freezing? ” Clarissa asked when her body froze, as Lukes did.

”Am I gonna die? ” asked one guardian villager.

Everyone was spouting their worry as their bodies were freezing. I tried to move my body, but my body couldn even move unless she sheathed back her Katana to her sheathe. But what worried me the most was, if she sheathed her Katana in her sheathe, something bad would happen to us.

”SOMEBODY ANSWER US! ” shouts one guardian villager, in worries of dying.


When Onigashis Katana was closed into her sheathe with her hand.

She tilted her Katana and…


She unsheathed her Katana and slashed all of us by spinning 360 degrees to the right. After that, shes spun her Katana with her right hand and sheathed back her Katana until it made a heavy clanking metal noise between her Katana and she sheathes.




”GYAAAAAAAAKKK!!! No… Not this time! ” said Luke as he was downed on the ground.

We were experiencing a greater pain from her Katana when she sheathed back her Katana after slashing us all. As we sprawled to the ground in pain and blood, she looked at me with a threatening sight.

However, I stood up to fighting against her again while my chest was dropping a ton of blood and oil. I picked up my half-broken switch axe, dashed at lightning speed, and parried her blade harshly.




”HAAAAAAAAAAA! ” I shouted as I was about to slash her body with my remaining power, even though I was wounded badly.

However, she smirked and said with that shrill voice of hers.

”Weak, ”


”GYAK! ” I said while wincing in pain.

And then I sprawled onto the ground like the rest.

Shes broke my blade and stabbed my chest with her Katana, and it was painful as hell. I spat and coughed blood and oil from my mouth. When my mind focused on the pain I had borne from her stab, I smelled a familiar scent that Id ever smelled before, a Sakura perfume scent from the Onigashis body and her Katana.

It seemed like her Katana was perfumed; even though her Katana stained with tons of blood, the fragrant Sakura scent never dissipated, no matter on any occasion.

After she stabbed my chest with her Katana, she took off her Katana from my chest and it caused my wounded chest to rip.

I wanted to fight against her again. But because of the pain was too much for me to bear, all I could do was lay down on this wet soil and watch the rest of the guardian villager and my comrades dying in pain.

Onigashi walked away from my sprawled body and approached Lukes body behind me. I tried to get up. I looked back and saw Onigashi unsheathing her Katana, pointing her Katana toward Lukes chest, and about to stab Luke with it.

”No… please no! ” Luke said frightenedly while reaching his hand toward Onigashis face.




Onigashi stabbed Luke right at the heart of the chest, which caused him to die from the stab. As when Luke died right in my eyes, she approached Clarissa on the ground with her broken funnels. And I saw Clarissa crawling through the wet soul to get away from Onigashi.

But Onigashi approached Clarissa, pointing her Katana right at Clarissas spine, and about to stab her.

”Mommy… daddy… please… ” she said when holding her tears of fear.



She stabbed Clarissa right at her heart through her spine and causing her to die.

”AAGGHHHH! Mommy… Daddy… Nooooo… ”

Those were her last word before she closed her eyes and met her maker.

I tried to get up to avenge the death of my comrades. The pain was too much for me to bear. Unfortunately, she broke both of my blade and my gun into pieces.

When she was leaving the place to let the rest of us dye, I croaked, ”Who… are you? ”

She stopped for a second, hearing my dying question. When she looked back, her red eyes stared deep into my soul. After that, shes responded in a cold voice.

”If you wish to defeat me, grow stronger. ”

Hearing her bitter voices, triggering my lost memories to flash before my eyes. As if Onigashi was the person who Id recognized way before both of us joined Minerva.

After that, she left the war-torn village and disappeared through the shadow. The reinforcement helicopter arrived and the light beam enlightened the village to find any remaining survivors.

I thought these reinforcement squads came to save my life. Until I realize I was about to be reprimanded and punished by my commander for the death of my comrades. After that, I closed my eyes as the blurry voice rang in my ears.

How the hunter became hunted. But theres still an unanswered question that I always ask myself.

”Am I going to die? Is this the end? ”

”Whos Onigashi? What kind of person the Onigashi is? How is Onigashi becoming this? And Why is Onigashi becoming this? ”

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