Scorching Black Vulture

Blackened Forest Part 1

It was pitch black in there. Until he turned on the light switch and the room started enlightened with the white light inside it. There were tons of weapons hanging on each wall rack on the left and right; even the rarest weapons inside this secret chamber were hanging in the highest part of the wall racks.

”Wow! Is that Mighty Sugomi? ” Christine asked when she was pointing at the Green Chainsaw hanging in the highest part of the left wall above the Guns.

I approached Christine from behind and answered.

”Indeed. Equipped with 4 cylinders, a whistling supercharger, 2 Exhaust System hand-crafted by XS Venturia, high quality saw made from pure Kuranite ore, and bodyworks designed by Kazaki Corps, ”

When both of us were ogling at the rarest weapons collection, Dr. Hubert called me.

”Hey, Tsuyuki! Check these new weapons of yours. ”

I looked at Dr. Hubert and asked back.

”Where? ”

And then Olivia put a large suitcase on the floor and answered.

”Right here. ”

Olivia opened the large suitcase, and it revealed 2 brand new weapons that Id never seen before. A new Switch Axe and a new pistol that I had never heard of or even touched before.

”Introducing Nakajima and Kiryu, your brand-new weapons, ” said Dr. Hubert.

I dropped my jaw in amazement, looking at Nakajima and Kiryu.

”Nakajima is a Switch Axe equipped with a water-cooled 249cc, 2 Stroke 1 Cylinder engine, bodyworks designed by Tanabe corps. Weighed around 21kg, which is slightly heavier than the 19l of water gallon, has a 165cm height, and its created with pure Martinium ore, Sterilized Lundaghir Blood, Speedster Zarograv Great Claws, Brute Taken-Ki Shards, and Vicious Kalba Namora Great Wings, ” Dr. Hubert explained the Nakajima when I touched the handlebar throttle.

”So, itll be better if you never skip your arm workout to lift this beast with just one of your hands. Or else this weapon will bite you if you didn tame it properly, ” He added.

And then, I asked.

”I wonder who created such a weapon that they
e willing to sacrifice their lives for it? ”

”I don know. Whats yours, its yours, ” Olivia answered, smiling.

”And what about the Kiryu? ” I asked Dr. Hubert again.

And then, Dr. Hubert explained.

”Kiryu is a custom variant of Desert Eagle pistol thats equipped with a custom-made muzzle compensator, purple-colored handgrip, dragon decal on each side of the slides, 50 AE Major, and itll probably break your arms because it packs lots of punch, ”

When I touched the Kiryu, it felt heavier than my old M9, considering it was a heavy calibre pistol.

And then I asked again.

”Is it crafted by Thalassa Munition Factory? ”

”Yes. Because Thalassa Munition Factory is known for crafting a specific weapon for New-Type like you guys, ” Olivia answered directly.

”Wow, I should thank them for creating these weapons for me after that, ” I replied while putting the weapons back into the suitcase.

And then I asked again.

”If I may ask, whats your main purpose for giving me these weapons? ”

Dr. Hubert smiled hearing my question and answered.

”The reason is simple. You
e the type of Authonoid thats reckless, aggressive, and you
e often pushing your limits when fighting against Infectoids and monsters. ” Dr. Hubert answered, smiling.

I blushed a little at hearing Dr. Huberts compliment and replied.

”Yes, of course, ”

And then I asked again, ”If I may ask again, can I test these weapons? ”

”Sure. The test chamber is right here, ” Olivia answered while opening the test chamber door behind her.

”Oh, I would love to see how Tsuyukis new weapons perform, ” Axel said in excitement.

”Not gonna lie, it looks cool, ” Christine complimented my weapon while smiling.

”I can wait to test these babies! ” While closing down the suitcase and carrying it, I exclaimed in joy.

I can wait to test out these new weapons for me to kick those Infectoids and Monsters asss next day. After that, all of us enter the test chamber where I was about to test the Nakajima and Kiryu, to find out how they perform.


This test chamber was much nicer than the normal training chamber that I was used to. There were high-quality androids dummy and monsters dummy in here, which was significantly better than in the conventional training chamber in this Minerva HQ.

Dr. Hubert told me to put the suitcase on the table and I did that. Then, Dr. Hubert approached the suitcase, opened it, picked up the Kiryu, and then said to Olivia.

”Olivia, bring me the cartridges., ”

”Yes, Doctor, ” she answered while walking to the warehouse to find the cartridges for Kiryu.

And then, he explained how the Kiryu works.

”Alright, before Im going to let you test these weapons, I have to explain to you how to use them properly. Although you
e a professional in using this kind of weapon, you still have to be supervised whenever you
e testing these weapons. ”

”Kiryu is chambered with 50 AE Major, which is a higher damage variant compared to a normal 50 AE. Although the normal 50 AE pack lots of punch, can one-shot one kill anything, and an armor-piercing type bullet. Still, everything always growing and itll make normal 50 AE looks like sticks and stones to them., ”

”So, the reason this caliber exists is to pierce through the thicker armor that weve always encountered when fighting against Infectoids that have bulletproof armor, or even monsters that have had a thicker skin, whereas normal bullets to them felt like throwing rocks, ”

And then, I asked Dr. Hubert, ”Because the tools that are used to protect us turned against us because of that stupid virus, is that right? ”

What I refer to as ”Tool ” is the combat-use Android that is used to protect us from any threat. Until the virus infected them and turned them into mindless monsters.

”Absolutely! ” He answered confidently.

After that, Olivia arrived picking up 2 packs of 50 AEs bullets, where in her left hand was a normal 50 AE pack, and on her right hand was a 50 AE Major pack.

”Thank you, ” Dr. Hubert said while picking up both the 50 AEs packs, and then putting them on the table.

After that, he opened both 50 AE packs and showed us the difference between a normal 50 AE and a 50 AE Major.

”Right. You can see the difference between both 50 AE. One looks normal, while the other one edge is sharper. Thats because the sharper the edges, the better itll pierce through a thicker armor, and it has a higher velocity than the normal one. Because the 50 AE Major is sharp and its fast, it packs more recoil than the normal 50 AE. Like I mentioned before, this gun will break your arms, considering the recoil that the bullet provided is more torturing than the normal 50 AE, ” I nodded in understanding looking at the difference between normal 50 AE and the 50 AE Major from both Dr. Huberts hands.

And then he continued.

”However, you must maintain it every time you shoot down around 700 bullets. ”

”So, I reckon you to build up your muscle more whenever you
e using this weapon, ”

Olivia pressed a button that revealed a 2 Android heads dummy in this test chamber where I could test out the Kiryus bullets.

”You can find out the proof by shooting those 2 Android heads. The right one is for the normal 50 AE, and the left one is for the 50 AE Major, ” he said while filling up the magazine with both 50 AE bullets.

He put the magazine inside the Kiryu and put the safety on. And then, he lent me the Kiryu to test out how it performs.

I picked up the Kiryu from Dr. Huberts right hand, and then he said to me.

”Whoops, be careful not to shoot down your friends. Shoot down those 2 Android heads instead, ”

After that, I walked into the target shooting area, pointing my Kiryu right at the 2 Android heads, and then, Dr. Hubert said to me.

”Safety off first, cock the gun, grip the gun, aim, pull the trigger slowly, and then shoot ”

When I was holding the Kiryu, it felt heavier than my previous pistol, considering Desert Eagle is the heaviest pistol and has a torturing recoil. So, I could only hope that it doesn leave my arm broken.

I did what Dr. Hubert said to me. Put the safety off, cock the gun, held the Kiryu tightly with both of my hands, aimed at one android head on the right through the sight, put my right index into the trigger, and prepared to shoot when Dr. Hubert told me to shoot.

”Normal 50 AE on the right, ” he said.

After that, I was ready to shoot.


It was making a decent amount of wound to the steely android head where it makes an enormous hole from the right side of the head, but it wasn destroyed entirely.

”And 50 AE Major on the left, ” He continued.

I held the Kiryu with both of my hands tightly, pulled the trigger slowly, and then…


This one, the Android head on the left, has destroyed into oblivion with this 50 AE Major. It was destroyed into tiny pieces that could never be restored.

”WOW! ” Christine said amazed, looking at the power of 50 AE Major from Kiryu.

”Oh, my goodness! ” Axel added in amazement.

”Ive only ever shot a Deagle once, but this one is different, ” I said while inspecting my Kiryu.

And then, Dr. Hubert explained again, ”As I mentioned before, even though its based on Desert Eagle, its an entirely new pistol with a new concept in it. The reason for this is to counter the stronger Infectoids and monsters in the future. Because they keep evolving in each time. ”

”And by the way, hand me the Kiryu first, ” He added.

I lent him my Kiryu. Then, he removed the magazine, put one normal 50 AE bullet inside the magazine, and put the magazine back. After that, he lent me back my Kiryu and said, ”Theres an interesting feature in this pistol. If you pull the trigger long enough, itll make a charge shot. However, the consequence is, itll break your arm after you release it. So, itll be better if you keep doing your arm workout daily. ”

I picked up my Kiryu from his hand, cocking it, and aiming it into the Android head in front of me.

”If you put an explosive bullet in it. Itll make a surprise to those Infectoid asses, ” said Olivia.

And then I replied.

”Im going to shoot., ”

I pulled the trigger, holding the trigger for a second. Suddenly it made an effect where the Kiryu had an aura in it and the pistol got fully charged.


”Now, release it! ” Dr. Hubert ordered me to shoot the android head after the pistol was fully charged, and then…


The Kiryu charge shots give me more kicks than the previous shot. Even my arms felt almost dismembered because of how much of a kick Kiryu provided after the charge shot.

”WOAW! Its shot like a laser cannon! ” I said in surprise.

And then I looked at Dr. Hubert in excitement.

”I **ing love it, Dr. Hubert! This is way better than Ive expected! ”

Dr. Hubert replied with a smile.

”If you
e happy with it, its yours, ” Olivia replied happily.

After that, I put the Kiryu on the table and asked about the Nakajima.

”By the way, can I try the Nakajima one? ” I asked, while grabbing the Nakajima throttle handle.

”Sure, but be careful with it ”

After that, I tried to pick up the Nakajima from the table, holding it with my right hand and giving my first impression about the Nakajima.


”Wow, its heavier than my old Wood Cutter, even though its slimmer, ” I said while swinging the Nakajima in my right hand slowly.

”Yes, it is. Because its using a rare and high-quality material as Ive mentioned before. And its carefully designed to fit your fighting style, ” He replied.

And then, he offered me to beat up some Android dummies to test out my Nakajima.

”How about you try to slash those Android dummies for your first impression? If you find any problem with this weapon, you can ask Olivia to set up the weapon for you., ”

”As you wish, ” I answered.

And then Olivia pressed the button, and it revealed several android dummies in front of me. I was getting pumped about testing my brand-new Nakajima by slashing several Android dummies.

I stabbed my Nakajima into the steely ground and said.

”Whos brought the dinner tonight? Because Im **ing starving right now! ” After that, I revved the throttle 3 times where it makes a loud 2-Stroke sound.


The 2-Stroke engine in my Nakajima sounded crisp and thicker than my previous Switch Axe. After I revved the throttle, the exhaust from my Nakajima pops a flame.


”Wow! Chill out, leader! ” Axel said after I startled him with my Nakajima exhaust pop.

”Typical Tsuyuki. Although hes aggressive, hes always keeps cool as ice during the fight, ” said Dr. Hubert as hes reminiscing about my past when I first time became Authonoid.

”BLAAAAAAST! ” I shouted while slashing some android dummies.

And then, I continued slashing some dummies in front of me while shouted my techniques.






”Hehe, hes happy with it, ” Christine said while looking at me happily slashing Android dummies with my Nakajima.

”Fighting is his stress reliever. He loves beating up random Infectoids and Monsters whenever hes in a bad mood. Although hes getting too far, and ended up committing a mindless massacre, ” Dr. Hubert replied to Christine.

”Its good to see hes happy with the new weapon that Doctor gave to him, ” Axel said, smilingly looking at me, slashing some android dummies with my Nakajima happily and pumped up.

”If you don know. I made these weapons to fit his fighting style and make a deep resonance with the user. So, whenever hes about to activate his berserk mode, hell do it like breaking a toothpick, ” said Dr. Hubert.

”Berserk mode? ” Both Axel and Christine asked, concerned.

”Nevermind… The point is, if hes happy, Im happy with it, ” Dr. Hubert replied.

Axel, Christine, Dr. Hubert, and Olivia watched me beat up a ton of android dummies in this test chamber. I was both happy and grateful that I got a new weapon that was fitting my fighting style. And I couldn wait to use these weapons in the upcoming mission that Commander would give to me, as the Black Vulture leader.

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