After realizing none of the legacies had any extra storage capabilities, Aalam went with plan B, being as efficient with storage as possible and wearing everything he wanted to keep. As each bag of holding, while only the size of a coin purse, held a cube of space with roughly 48 cm to a side, none of the swords or larger could fit, which was about half the artifacts, but he was able to put all the skill orbs and talismans in just two bags, which was nice.

Jewelry, clothing, and small weapon artifacts filled up the rest of the bags of holding and, thankfully, there was an Uncommon backpack artifact called Thiefs Knapsack which was big enough to hold all 29 bags.

The backpack could also disguise the material it was made from, allowing it to look like an inferior product, but Aalam decided to keep it in its main form of black leather. Hed put on the Rare red robes the Chinese man had been wearing, already cleaned by their self-clean effect, so the backpack would look more out of place if it was plain.

On his waist, he wore an Uncommon black belt which required a wind element Law Egg and could help slow falling speed. Attached to the belt was a Rare black dagger artifact in a black sheath which required a dark element Law Egg to drain the mana out of artifacts or mana shields. And on his left hand was a Rare artifact that looked like a red leather fingerless glove, which required a fire Law Egg and could be used to emulate the Fireball skill.

The Shield of Twelve Elements was on a hook on his belt on the other side from his dagger and on his left hand he also wore a Rare ring which could enhance a spell once per hour, including one from another artifact. The rarest artifact on his person, however, was his new pair of boxers, the Shorts of Life, a Rare artifact requiring a Law Egg of the earth element which would help dissipate all force targeting his pelvic area.

At his direction, Mila had postponed choosing her artifact and she was now wearing a set of artifacts as well, though of lesser quality as none of them required Law Eggs. Her undergarments were Rare and had the same minor shield spell as the robes he was wearing, though he didn know what they looked like as she told him about them after finding them in one of the bags of holding and he hadn cared enough to look.

She was wearing a tasteful long-sleeved blue dress which was an Uncommon artifact enchanted with high defense, along with a common belt enchanted to slightly decrease the weight of anything attached to it, and around her neck was what looked to be a large topaz pendant in the shape of a shield, another Rare defensive artifact.

Like Aalam, she hadn been able to find shoes, but the dress was long enough she no longer had to wear the sweatpants. On her right wrist she wore an Uncommon bracelet which could emit a blindingly bright light once every two hours. And, on her left ear, she wore a Rare golden stud earring with the rune for focus on it in a language different than the rune on the ceiling, which provided extra mental clarity.

On her belt she wore four different swords, all Rare but only one of whichs effects she could use, and, like Aalam, she was carrying some of the Rare artifacts too big to keep in the bags of holding. She had two shields, while he, who now had superhuman strength, held a bundle of staffs, greatswords, axes and halberds all tied together by three belts.

There had been a lot more Rare artifacts on the list when the first round of the Nightmare Royale started, but most winners of the first round hadn been stupid enough to continue onto the second and, of those who did, most had teams of three or larger, meaning there were no rare artifacts in the second list they could choose from. So, other than the bags of holding, there were only forty-eight Rare artifacts in Aalam and Milas possession.

Even holding so much, though, there were still over a thousand artifacts they wouldn be able to keep and that irritated Aalam, so, while Mila made her choice of Epic artifact, a silver metallic orb appearing over her head and transforming into a bandolier, allowing her to grab an extra three swords, he tried to lift all the artifacts he could with telekinesis and managed to raise almost a third of them off the ground.

Challenge over. Calculating rewards.

Base Trial Points: 144

Nightmare Royal Bonus Round cleared

Base Trial Points X 4

Nightmare Royale cleared with the fastest clear time.

Trial Points + 300%

Nightmare Royale cleared in less than 4 seconds.

Trial Points + 500%

Nightmare Royale cleared with no damage

Trial Points + 200%

Nightmare Royale Bonus Round cleared with no damage

Trial Points + 500%

Nightmare Royale cleared with two members.

Total Trial Points X 11/24 for each party member

Nightmare Royale cleared with total Luck higher than 216

Total Trial Points X 6

Trial Points for team leader Aalam Alvaro: 42,768

Trial Points for team member Li Mila: 42,768

Both members of your party also gain the following rewards:

All stats +6

1 Legendary free building coupon

Both Aalam and Mila saw those rewards, but only Aalam could see the next part.

Luck is already at maximum.

Nascent Energy Converter ability activated.

Free stats +6

Then a different notification appeared in front of both of their eyes.

You will now be transported to the City of Dreams.

Which section of the city would you like to be teleported to?



Residential: High

Residential: Low

”Do you have a specific plan, Aalam? ” Mila looked to him and asked.

Aalam nodded. ”Yes. Well head to the marketplace and then into the auction house.

”But first, give me a minute. ”

Aalam put down the items he was holding up with telekinesis and took a deep breath, waiting a bit for what little psyforce he used to recover. While he waited, he assigned 6 of his free stats to Aura, which would help him carry even more artifacts without delaying his plans, and then the remaining 6 to Attunement, before taking a quick glance at his status.

Name: Aalam Alvaro

Level: 0

Race: Human Soulform (G-Common)

Bloodline: NA


Nascent Energy Converter (Legendary)

Amber Soul (Epic)

Class: Citizen (G-Common)


Concentration (G-Uncommon) 26% mastered

Rapid Thoughts (G-Rare) 14% mastered

Meditative Focus (G-Rare) 6% mastered


Law Eggs:

Soulform Temporal Acceleration – Early

Bacteria – Early

Asphyxiation – Early

Molecular Deceleration – Early

Molecular Acceleration – Early

Inertia – Early

Ionic Conductivity – Early

Ionization – Early

Ultraviolet – Early

Ultraviolet Absorption – Early

Vacuum – Early

Gust – Early


Strength: 21

Agility: 22

Endurance: 21

Toughness: 25

Vitality: 31

Perception: 25

Magic: 58

Spirit: 33

Soul: 43

Aura: 21

Attunement: 21

Luck: 144

Free Stats: 0


Lower Dantian: 1 Large Core Container

Middle Dantian: 12 Small + 1 Medium Mana Wells

Upper Dantian: 1 Huge Mental Forge



A couple minutes later he was ready, telekinetically picking up the top 40% most valuable of the artifacts they couldn carry normally. ”Alright. Lets head out. ”

With that, they both accepted the teleportation and found themselves, along with all the artifacts hovering around him, in the central square of what looked like a medieval city, all the buildings large and gothic and the streets paved with stone.

There were three buildings that stood out the most, however. One was a huge circular structure of columns and arches which looked like an amphitheater for both sports and plays, the second was a large structure of spires and angelic gargoyles which looked like a church, and the third looked like a palace, with large grassy lawns and multiple beautiful buildings, but was actually the citys auction house, as shown by the large stone sign in front of it which was magically flowing to show the words auction house in every Earth language.

They walked into the main building of the auction house to find a large open space with multiple alcoves around the walls, each with a wooden puppet behind a desk, and Aalam walked up to one.

Hello, Sir and Madam, the puppet spoke to them via telepathy. What might I do for you today? I see you have a lot of items with you. Would you like to put them up for sale?

”No. ” Aalam shook his head and let down all the items hed been telekinetically holding in front of the desk, along with the bundle in his arms. ”I have a legendary free building coupon and Id like to use it to take control of this auction house. ”

Certainly, Sir. The table in front of the puppet faded out of existence along with the chair the puppet had been sitting on and the puppet knelt in front of them. Then the same happened in every alcove in the room and soon all the puppets were kneeling, the next telepathic message as if from hundreds of voices. Welcome, Master.

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