I blinked rapidly

”Are you okay, Kim? ” Nana came rushing to me. I tried to tell her I was okay but I ended up hissing in pain.

”I warned you against those stools, didn I? Now you probably have a twisted ankle or a broken leg ” She sighed as she examined my leg.

”Can you try to stand? ” She asked and I nodded. I held on to her for support and pushed myself up. I let out a cry. It felt worse than just a twisted ankle.

She didn let go of me, thankfully. She got to me to sit and went over to get the first aid.

”This might not be the time to say this but I told you so

You put in so much for a bonus only to spend it on pain relievers ” She said and I stared at my leg pathetically. I would be needing a lot of those.

”Do I get up to a hundred? ” I asked hopefully.

”That is not enough to treat a broken leg. I will give a massage and if it doesn get better, youll have to see a doctor ” She said.

”Oh! Fifty then ” I muttered and shut my eyes as she took care of my leg. It was a lot more painful than the breaking. I screamed and thrashes and pleased for her to stop but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

By the time she was done, I almost resented her. I got some relief in a few minutes but Id not go through that pain again.

”Feeling better? ” She asked.

”No, Im still in pain ” I said grudgingly.

”Really? And whos fault is that? ” She huffed. I looked away with a pout. Why is she so mean after submitting me to the brutality of her hands?.

”Ill get a cab to take you home. You need to rest that leg ” She said, walking away from me. There goes my bonus! I mourned inwardly.

”Thank you, maam ” I yelled after her but she was already out of the library. I looked at the books on the floor

She is going to arrange everything by herself now.

What is the point of a bonus if I only added to her stress?. Adjusting my seat a bit, I reached for the books. I hissed as pain shot through my leg.

I really can do this. I gave up and shifted back into the chair. That was when I felt something hard against my foot. I lifted my leg and looked down.

What is that shining object?. I bent over, swallowing the pain I felt. I picked it and gasped. A diamond ring?!

”Kim, the cab is outside. You…what is that? ” She asked as soon as she saw it.

”Uhm….a diamond ring ” I replied uneasily.

”And where did you get it? Did you steal it? I don know you to be a thief, Kim and Im sure you can afford this. Do you even know how much it costs? ” She began talking on and on.

”I did not steal it. I found it under my foot. I think someone left it… ” I tried to think of the possibility that someone this rich could come to a local library.

”Give me that! ” Nana almost snatched it from me.

”I wasn going to take it, maam. Youll put in the Lost and found box right?. Incase the owner comes looking ” I said and for the first time, she gave me a fake smile.

Does she really think I was going to take it?.

She helped me up and took me to the cab. She counted a thousand won and my eyes widened.

”Take this for your treatment, okay? ”.

I could only stare in disbelief. My pay was roughly a three hundred. Did she really have to spare so much money because of my leg?.

”But this is….. ”

”Take it, Kim. The driver is getting impatient and we don want him driving away ” She gave a genuine smile this time. I bowed and practically kissed all over her hand.

”Thank you, thank you. I am really grateful. Thank you. I wish I could show how… ”

”Kim stop rambling and get in ” She laughed. I nodded and got in. I waved at her before the car took off.

Mrs Rose was asleep on my bed by the time I got home. I smiled and sat beside her after much struggle. The room had many buckets in it, filled up with water.

I rested my head against the wall with a small sigh. This is the only spot without leakage and I had to move my bed ther so it doesn get drenched. Atleast, it won unless the room floods.

Honeys bark made me sit up. Where is she anyway?. Almost immediately, she came in with Min Ah.

Min ah is my best friend. My only friend too. Ive known her for five years. She works in one of those big boutiques in town and I got to meet her when I delivered pizza there.

She has been very sweet and helpful. She visits with groceries and sometimes, she gives me pocket money. She offered me to move in with her but I couldn burden her that much.

”Ariel!!!! ” She squealed and jumped on me. I cried out in pain and she got me in panic. I held my broken leg in tears. Mrs Rose woke up too.

”Why are you crying? What happened to your leg ” Min ah asked worriedly. I couldn reply. The pain seemed to be getting worse.

”Kim, what happened to your leg? ” Mrs Rose asked. I tried to suppress the tears so I could answer.

”I fell…o-off a s-stool i-in the l-library… ” I managed to say.

”You fell? What were you you doing on a stool? Nevermind, Ill get you some pain relief ” Min ah said rushing out.

”Stop crying like a child. Its just your leg ” Mrs Rose tried to tease me.

”But I am a child ” I sniffled and she chuckled. Honey curled beside me and I pulled into a hug, sniffling into her fur.

”You are twenty-one. That makes you a adult to most people ” She stated. I pouted but remained silent as the pain subsided. Min ah returned with drugs and I took them without complaint. I wanted the pain gone.

”What are you doing here? Its not yet your break time ” I asked Min ah.

”I know but Mrs Rose needed help to apply for a job ” She shrugged. I looked at Mrs Rose.

”A job? ”.

”Yes, as a cook for some reach people. Take a look at this poster ” Mrs Rose said enthusiastically. I took it and scanned through it. My eyes nearly fell out.

”Seven hundred thousand monthly for a cook? Are you cooking for the president? ” I gasped and they laughed.

”I honestly don know who they are but they must be very rich and influential to pay this insane amount for a cook. I made sure to write the best application I could come up with and with your cooking skills, Mrs Rose, I bet you will get it ” Min ah cheered on.

I was still in absolute shock. Maybe they get groceries from heaven or maybe they expect the food to give long life.

”Don die of shock, Kim. I need your support ” Mrs Rose smacked my head and I smiled.

”I wish you all the luck in this world ” I said hugging her.

”I wish you all the salaries so you can take us shopping ” Min ah added, joining the hug and we giggled.

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