WELCOME USER! You have just received the amazing opportunity to become the next host of THE SYSTEM!

Huh? Whats going on? My first reaction is to shake my head to get some clarity, but I quickly realize I can . WHAT THE HELL?! I CANT SEEEEEE!!?!?

Due to the brutal end youve experienced, the SYSTEM has taken the liberty of deleting your memories to avoid trauma…..as well as deleting some decidedly insignificant memories.

Brutal end?! I DIED?! That doesn make sense. I swear I was….wait….what was i doing??? I can remember. Panic begins flooding my mind as I suddenly realize I can remember tons of things, I can barely remember my first name! David!

Strangely enough, other memories flood in. Memories of stories…games…movies. It seems all my fictional memories remained intact. Easily recalling my favorite movies like Lord of The Rings, or Harry Potter. Hell I suddenly realized that Id been acknowledging the voice of a SYSTEM, something Id read in stories before.

And as if noticing my shift in the thoughts the system suddenly perked up

Please select a class user.


Suddenly a list with dozens of classes appeared before my eyes? Eyes??? That isn quite right….more like the eternal blackness my consciousness was currently enveloped in….I took in the sight of the list reading the pros and cons of some classes, for example a ranger typically was a great marksman with several useful survival skills to boot. But I was a lazy, sit back and relaxed type of guy at heart, a big enjoyer of strategy games like civilization or halo wars. I didn want to die after all.

Scrolling through the list. Summoning, Necromancy, Golem building…. I even saw a route for raising offspring and having them fight and forge for food like a queen ant. I shuddered at the thought, rather not be forced to be too idle and give birth all day…..

I picked what I thought best

Class selected, Congratulations Necromancer!

Class – [Necromancer] – LVL 1/100

HP – ?

MP – 50/50

SP – ?

STR – 0

END – 0

DEX – 0

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 0

LCK – 10


[Raise Undead] (active) – LVL 1/10

Use your magic energy to take over a corpse and raise it as your follower.


[Mana gifted]

As a Necromancer you are naturally blessed with the mana necessary to begin your journey.

Huh? This is strange, no name or race??? Then again Im in a black void, maybe I haven gone to a new world yet…would I have to go through birth again!?!

Congratulations USER! As a farewell gift for successfully being reborn in a new world, a random reward will be selected from a known universe of your wish

Farewell gift!!! You haven even explained what the hells going on or why you picked me!!!!

DING! Random Draw complete, please select 1 of the 3 options!

[The Force][X-Gene][Godzilla Egg]

….really??? The force? From Star wars? Let me consider the other 2 options first. X-Gene has the potential to be extremely broken or I could end up deformed and ugly with a measly power…. Godzilla Egg….what could i even do with that, i doubt i could feed it before it decided to eat me

The force…. With enough skill I could potentially gain a myriad of abilities, from keen battle instincts to healing, something a necromancer would sorely lack…. The choice is easy


[One with THE FORCE]

THE FORCE usually shares a symbiotic relationship with all its hosts, YOU are its first parasite! The force is unable to separate from you, and you from it! Everywhere you go it goes!!!

Huh!?! I wasn expecting to suddenly be labeled a parasite and at the same time a new feeling suddenly hit me. Clear as day with all my other senses being seemingly inoperable, a new 6th sense, a strange tingling in my consciousness with my mind struggling to reach it.

Good Luck USER, become strong and use your 2nd chance well!!!


There was no response, The SYSTEM was gone, leaving my consciousness in a black void. It took a few moments of pause before I finally got my bearing. Mostly taking in everything that just happened. A part of me is welling in excitement at the thought of whats to come…The smarter part panicking over the fact I couldn do anything.

Time passes and after several moments of being hit HARD by denial, I decide to see what I can do. Looking over my stats once more I notice that my health and stamina seemed to be unknown, probably from the fact that I haven been born yet, at least thats what Im going to assume for now…

Not noticing anything else of interest in my stats I try to sink into my mind, looking for 2 things…mana or better yet the force. I didn actually have a good concept of the force, from what I can remember it was some incomprehensible advanced consciousness spread throughout the galaxy influencing the entire galaxy as well…

As I thought of this it almost felt like an idea hit me from the back of my conscious, vaguely feeling like what i imagined a mental mocking eye roll would feel like coming from something that looked down on me

What the hell? Had the force just rolled its eyes???? It doesn even have eyes!! Despite the somewhat rude gesture I tried reaching out for the source of the feeling in my mind

I spent the next minutes or what mightve even been hours reaching for the source of the feeling, whenever I would feel myself getting close it would suddenly back away as if moving to avoid my touch. I didn give up though, it was incredibly frustrating, even at one point yelling at the top of my lungs?mind?

I found myself experiencing some kind of physical pain from the strain of my continuous efforts but finally, I managed what felt like scraping something


[Force Sensitive] – LVL 1/10

Increases the strength and efficiency of force related abilities.

And suddenly that scraping feeling turned into a solid touch. The joy hit me almost as hard as the exhaustion that just rammed its way into my mind, I felt myself blacking out almost immediately but i kept trying to fight it off

Ughhh…..i feel…so drained….

Class – [N

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