Class – [Necromancer] – LVL 1/100

HP – ?

MP – 50/50

SP – ?

STR – 0

END – 0

DEX – 0

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 0

LCK – 10



[Raise Undead] – LVL 1/10, [Force Sight] LVL 3/10, [Force Telekinesis] – LVL 2/10


[Force Sensitive] – LVL 2/10, [Force Meditation] – LVL 1/10


[Mana gifted], [One with THE FORCE]


[Mana gifted]

[One with THE FORCE]

I considered it a pretty productive few months, surely advancing my force abilities at least better than most child padawans at any Jedi academy. To be fair I didn really have anything to do….I would fly around my ever increasing sphere of influence to upgrade Force Sight, each upgrade bringing out the worlds greater details, even adding color once it hit Level 3.

What I would end up seeing left me slightly more bewildered, an entire superstructure dedicated to growing whatever I was, Id come across long tall hallways with long robotic arms hidden within the ceiling, no sign of life whatsoever, the whole growing process seemed purely autonomous, and completely underground from what I could tell…

Putting my discoveries aside I had ended up trying over and over again to push my fellow pod members, they were just clumps of cells I doubted theyd mind. It had taken several days of concentrated effort and blacking out before it seemed the force had once again taken pity on me, and displayed a force push in my mental space.

I imagine this is how padawans would actually learn the technique as well, not just seeing someone push and pull on objects but SEE the force under Jedi control be used to do it.

With a frame of reference I was able to mimic what I saw after several attempts, my success barely causing a pod brother to move less than half an inch. VICTORY! Several weeks of these small victories and I had got the hang of the skill but I was gentle nonetheless. I didn want to accidentally murder one of my own kind right off the bat. I even became fond of the pod directly toward my left, rocking it back and forth in its pod like a baby.

Eventually after thinking of the abilities I could manage to imitate I managed to also gain Force Meditation, helping me recover from the constant exhaustion i was putting myself through

Months had passed despite the minimal progress in my force related abilities, again not much to do since I wasn born yet. Id notice myself along with the others slowly develop limbs and eyes, small nubs slowly growing from where their heads should be and hands only having 3 digits each

This is weird? What the hell am i? Only 3 fingers and 2 antennae to boot. When I managed to see in color I noticed that Id been floating in a green liquid, and most of the walls had a dark purple sheen to them


I felt MY pod jolt clockwise, knocking me out of my meditation, I felt the tugging on my pod, it being pulled away before suddenly being snapped in half, the glass shattering loudly and my limp unused body falling at least 12 feet from the floor with the green liquid and shards of glass

PAIIINNNNN!!! EVERYTHING HURTTT!!! And that was before I even hit the ground. My limp body was indiscernible from a corpse, but it wasn long till robotic arms descended from the ceiling stabbing two holes into my back before connecting some machine to it. Another arm suddenly electrocuting my entire body

My eyes opened for the first time

Welcome to life Irken child. Report for Duty

Irken child!! This was!? Invader zim?! Id been reborn in invader zim!? Among the cruel, ruthless, militaristic irken empire!!!

I slowly raised my head, my arms lifting my small body surprisingly easily for being just born. Standing up I noticed dozens of other pods being broken, with dozens of irkens being revived.

The shock didn end there however, seeing an irken freshly born and my size jump to its feet right beside me before giving a salute to his respective robot arm

”smeet Tab! Reporting for duty. ”

The smeet broke the salute, standing at attention before performing an about face and walking along the long hallway

An identical scene happening in the dozens around me. Using my better judgment I followed the smeet…Tab. Interestingly seeing one tiny smeet hugging a robotic arm in a death grip, 2 other arms working to gently pry him off. Weird…I decided to look at my stats while walking.

Class – [Necromancer] – LVL 1/100

HP – 25/25

MP – 50/50

SP – 25*/25

STR – 5

END – 5

DEX – 5

INT – 10 (+ 50)

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10



[Raise Undead] – LVL 1/10, [Force Sight] LVL 1/10, [Force Telekinesis] – LVL 2/10


[Force Sensitive] – LVL 2/10, [Force Meditation] – LVL 1/10


[Mana gifted], [One with THE FORCE]

[2nd Mind] A revolutionary creation of Irken Engineering the PAK became the equivalent of a 2nd brain for its creators, however now it seems to be the sole brain of its creators….

+50 intelligence

[Robotic Stamina] The PAK monitors and controls all biological functions, greatly increasing bodily efficiency.

+250% Stamina Restoration

Gawking at the sight. Wow! 50 intelligence! Assuming 10 was the average for humans, the average irken was a genius! Not to mention my strength, 5! I was just born! And I was so small!

I noticed the other irkens around me giving me curious looks as I was walking seemingly staring into the floor instead of straight ahead. I noticed some of them show some minor contempt toward me, perhaps thinking I was an idiot….

Thinking about it now, I had been shifting my facial expression while tilting my head toward the floor, that would look pretty weird without context. Following the examples around me, I straightened my back and continued following smeet Tab, trying to keep a serious and confident look on my face.


After a surprisingly long walk, I eventually huddled into a packed rail car at the very end of the hallway. I had to have passed hundreds of thousands of birthing pods along the way, knowing an unseen number of them were behind the ones in the forefront of the walls.

Once the rail car was full, it suddenly jumped into movement, knocking nearly all the young irkens off their feet. After a second of everyone getting their bearings I close my eyes and try to use the force. Noticing only a small trail of whatever constitutes the force being left behind me, the giant sphere of influence completely gone.

Wow…all that work on Force Sight only to be completely useless immediately after birth, thanks….

I sigh internally, shoulders slumping slightly. Weve been going really really fast for a while now. When suddenly we come to an abrupt stop, the young irkens slamming heads either against a wall or eachother. I get up slowly groaning in slight pain


Looking out the doors of the rail car I spot a taller irken appear, body covered in a military uniform if ive seen one. It looked neat, but also very intimidating, having some type of rank on the shoulders.

It suddenly hits me that weve been naked this whole time and more bewilderingly there wasn any type of thing…down there…how did i not notice that before????

The irken smeets pushed and shove each other while rushing out of the rail car, quickly forming ranks and columns in an impressive display of discipline. Following suit, I held my body at attention along with the other smeets. Scared for whats to come

Pacing back and forth the Irken adult keeps yelling profanities at the slower smeets before coming before the completed formation, a small grin forming on his face while glaring right to left at the entire formation, his eyes even falling on me at one point, causing me to panic

”congratulations young ones… ” he says more calmly

”Welcome to…. ”


”….The Educational Center ”


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