Silk And Lace

Pure coincidence

The next morning, Lara woke up and got ready early before her parents woke up and left the house heading towards her destination. Today she set her mind on her goal. Either she goes back home with a job or she won go back until she gets one.

Stopping a taxi, Lara got into the car. ”To this address sir. ”

Lara knew that her plan was a crazy one but she was left with no choice. But she saved the man and took him to hospital. So he should return the favor. Right?



Reading the editors reviews on his iPad, Simon smiled. The reviews came out positive just like he predicted. Simon considered these good reviews as a reward for his hard work for the last weeks.

Taking a sip from his coffee, Simon put the iPad on the table. Picking up his phone, he called the nanny who was taking care of his girl, Lilly. Yes, the famous designer had a daughter. It was a secret that a few people know about.

”Papa. ” A cute little girls voice was heard from the other line.

”Good morning my angel. ” Simon replied with the utmost gentle voice.

”Morning Papa. Are you coming today? ” The little girl asked in her cute childish voice.

Simon sighed not knowing what to answer. His schedule is busy today but as a father, his duty to his daughter comes first. So he needed to come up with a solution that would make him both see his daughter and not skip his work.

”Why don you come to my office today? I will show you the new coloring pens I bought you. ” Simone said knowing that once she hears about the coloring pens she will come running to his office.

”Yes. ” Lilly replied as she ran to her nanny. Nanny, Take me to Papa. NOW. ”

Hearing the thud of the phone being thrown on the ground, Simon laughed. Ending the call, he stood up and grabbed his jacket and car keys before he left the heading to the Hart fashion house.




Meanwhile, in front of the Hart fashion house, Lara stood there looking at the huge building in front of her. Realizing what she was about to do, Lara hesitated her plan but then again she thought that she had nothing to lose. If her plan didn work then at least she tried.

Taking a deep breath, Lara started to make her way toward the building but stopped midway when she heard a woman screaming. Turning to take a look at what was happening, Lara saw a young girl running towards the street cross.

”Lilly. No. ” The woman cried out as she tried to chase after the little girl.

If no one acted fast, This little girl would be hit by a car.

”Oh god. ” Lara muttered as she ran towards the little girl hoping that she would reach her in time.

Running as fast as she could, Lara caught the little girl in her arms and threw herself to the other side of the road while holding onto the little girl tightly protecting her with her body.

Lilly who was clutching into the strange womans shirt who just saved her, Looked up staring at her savior and so did Lara.

”Are you alright? ” Lara asked the little girl as she checked her body for possible injuries.

Nodding her head no, Lilly pointed at Laras knee that was bleeding. ”You
e hurt. ” The little girl said as her eyes suddenly started to tear up.

Lara looked at her knee which was bleeding and thought that it was a deep cut that would take a long time to heal.

”Lilly, Are you alright? ” It was Lillys nanny said as she took Lilly from Laras arms.

”Yes. Nanny. But shes hurt. ” Lilly said and wiggled out from the nanny sitting down beside Lara.

Taking out a new unused tissue, she placed it on Laras bleeding knee.

”Thank you. ” Lara thanked the cute little girl as she pressed on the wound and hissed in pain.

”Thank you so much for saving Lilly, Miss. Please…. ”

”No. Just help me to stand up. ” Lara cuts the nanny knowing what shes going to say.

Shes not going to leave here at all costs even if her knee bleeds to death. But thats an exaggeration. Shes not going to bleed to death.

”Oh, Okay. ” The nanny said as she helped her to stand up.

Lara gritted her teeth trying to endure the pain. She seems to have twisted my ankle too. Now what shes going to do? Her plan might not work out when shes in condition.

”Nanny, we should call Papa and tell him about the good miss. ” Lilly said.

Hearing this, Lara immediately refused. ”No need sweety. I can take care of myself. ”

”Impossible. Mr. Simon has to know the person who saved his daughter. ” The nanny insisted.

Did she hear that right? Is this little girl Simon Harts daughter? Lara thought as she stared at Lilly who was already calling her father telling him exactly what happened in detail.

Lara: (^..^)

I saved Simon Harts daughter. Its my lucky day. Lara thought to herself.



Lara was sitting in what seemed to be a meeting room waiting for the nanny to bring the first aid kit. Lilly, who was sitting across from Lara, refused to leave her savior.

”Do you want me to blow the wound for you? ” Lilly offered. ” Papa always does that every time I hurt myself and makes the pain go away. ” The little girl added using her tiny hands to explain.

The little girls actions brought a smile to Lara s lips despite the pain she was in. ”I would love that but we need to clean the wound first so it doesn get infected. ” Lara said as she patted the little girls head.

Hearing noises outside the room. Lilly got off the chair running towards the door. ”Papa is here. ” The little girl announced as she opened the door for her father.

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