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A babys scream, this is what is heard in the room. The nurse carried the baby, bathed him, then dressed him in cute infant clothes

~Your mother has done very well, she looks healthy but your mother is out of consciousness now lets go to your father who is gardening the room back and forth~ spoke to the nurse who was a girl in her mid twenties her short black hair framed her round face her blue eyes sparkled with happiness at being the first time she entered the operating room being an intern

The nurse came out, leaving his unconscious mother, her short blond hair sticking to her forehead because of the sweat. Another nurse, who looked very experienced, started wiping the sweat with tissues

The nurse was carrying the baby very carefully. She saw his father in a terrible condition, as he was worried about Kylie, his mistress, and his child. He had black curly hair, dark blue eyes, looking at the floor with a blank expression.

~ Sir, your wife is fine, and the child also seems to be in excellent health. ~ The nurse reassured him with a gentle smile. She passed his child to him, but what he did shocked her.

He didn open his hand to take his child. On the contrary, he ignored her. He didn even hint at him. He only asked her if he could enter to check on his love. Of course, she allowed him, but his condition is not to linger there

He entered to inspect the face of his mistress, gently patting her head and distributing gentle kisses on her face

~ It seems that there is no place for us here, my little one, she is still innocent to see these things ~ The nurse addressed the child shyly, and she goes outside, leaving privacy for the couple

~ You gave birth to the seed of our love, but you know that we are not married yet, we had to wait a little bit, he will become an illegitimate child, he recovered quickly until we had a wedding worthy of us ~ He addressed her even though she was unconscious to print more kisses

The nurse came to tell him that the time allowed had expired. He refused to go home and left his mistress, so he stayed outside. He wanted to see her healthy in front of him. Then he would let her be the first to see the child as she wanted. Then he would fill his eyes with the beauty of his son.

On the other hand, the nurse was going to put the child in the nursery, like the rest of the infants

Suddenly the lights flickered to think that they had broken down or the electric current was about to go out, and thats bad

I looked around, the corridor was definitely empty, the patients slept early, as the time for visits was over, and the patients escorts were staying in the waiting seats or in the patients rooms.

The birth of that woman was a bump that lasted from sunset until sunrise, and when she finished the necessary medical examinations for the fetus, the time was 5 in the morning.

A sound There is a sound that sounds like a shoe hitting the marble floor

Maybe one of the doctors is examining patients. As usual, she didn put it in her mind too much. Anyway, shes not alone in the hospital

It seems that the movies you see lost her senses, but she flinched when she felt cold fingers touching her bare feet. She turned in panic, so that the focus of her eyes widened with real fear.

Without introductions, planting his sharp, pointed teeth in her arm, it seems that he is searching for a point in her body with his fangs

She screamed in unbearable pain in her arm, trying to get away, but she feels numb as she is afraid for this child in her arms.

Her fingers began to move noticeably slowly until she was freed from the anesthesia to try to carry the child with one hand and push this strange entity with the other. She failed in this without awareness of her. Good smiles to the nurse

~ It seems that you are very lucky. It is good to pass by by chance. I was going to ask you about a patient here, but your strange standing caught my attention. Suddenly, I saw you throwing the baby. Is everything okay?

~ Didn you see this terrifying thing? Look at my arm. If you don believe me, this creature did this to me. Look.

~Did you cut yourself in the door, don you, they have to check the health of the nurses mentally~ The man said looking at her indifferently seeing her losing her mind

~ I swear to you, this long being, whose length exceeds two and a half meters, is small, its body is completely black, as if it was burnt, its eyes are radiant red, there are no whites in them, its mouth is full of pointed teeth, it was here ~ the nurse insisted on her words, indicating the whereabouts of the entity previously

~ It seems that you a lot of scary movies, so you are delusional with lack of sleep about these things. I advise you to watch documentaries. They show on one of the channels, turtles marry. It will be interesting for you and useful for your condition. It looks like a baby face with a sexy body

~ Do not return to this hospital, by the way, the bogeyman when he finds his prey and did not kill her after he feeds on her adrenaline, which is secreted during the moments of fear of the victim. This means that you are from the minority and may infect you with mental illnesses. He caresses the little one in his arms

~MmM Who are you~ stammered said the pale nurse

~ Your name is Lucy. Sounds good. Won you tell me about the patients room you came to visit? ~ Quietly, the man ignores her question.

”Are you a wizard or something? ” Lucy said cautiously, glancing at him fearfully

~ The girls of this generation are corrupt. They do not appreciate horror as before. Where are those who are afraid of dogs and cats and horror movies? Now they are discussing with people they do not know in the same place that almost led their lives. They set a date with him to eliminate them with it ~ The man sneered, ignoring her, carrying the infant, so that Lucy would go after him for seconds before embracing the ground because of her tripping over her rainbow shoelaces

She raised her eyes after she got up to find that he had disappeared like a mirage

On the other hand, the man placed the child in the cradle designated for him

~ You are a child with a high level of purity, so you deserve my gift for my birthday~ The man said quietly, placing a pearl necklace under the pillow resting on the baby boy.



The angels who always gather to bless children when they are born felt the presence of this unclean smell, it seems that he preceded them and blessed the poor infant with badness and madness, moths in the earth with corruption without rest

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