Son of the Hero King


In this world of fantasy and magic, Seven Kingdoms stood tall. Each of them, named after one of the seven sins, each of them representing one of the seven races inhabiting this world.

Among them, there was the race of humans, and their kingdom was called Lustburg, named after the most hedonistic of all the sins, the sin of lust — representing the relentless passion and prolific desire the race representing it, humans, instinctually held.

Presently, in a luxurious room situated at the very top of the royal palace of Lustburg known as the tower of Babel — a tall tower clad in the colors of white and gold, and stylized with archaic artistry — a young blonde-haired man could be seen sleeping soundly in a grandiose circular shaped bed, large enough to hold four or five people and still have enough room for them to sleep comfortably.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

“May I enter, your highness?”

Whatever dreams the young man mightve been experiencing were broken like shattered glass as his eyelashes faintly quivered, the abrupt sound of knocking putting an end to his peaceful sleep.

Slowly opening his eyes, revealing a set of deep blue irises still blurry with sleep, the young man yawned and stretched his arms in the air, before adjusting himself and then his creased attire, making himself presentable enough — to prevent putting himself in a shameful light — for whoever may walk in through those doors.

“You can enter.”

Once the young man permitted entry, a mature woman wearing, from the looks of it, a custom-made maid uniform entered the luxurious room with elegant steps.

“Good morning, your highness. I hope youve slept well.”

The brown-haired maid pinched the sides of her pleated skirt and curtsied in an elegant fashion. Her movements and gestures displayed grace and a sort of artistic perfection in every minute detail, indicating her expertise and devotion to her job as a palace maid.

She appeared to be in her mid-twenties and looking at her face it was clear that she didnt wear any form of makeup, yet her slightly tanned face held no blemishes and displayed a somewhat graceful appearance along with sharp features that perfectly showcased the mature charm emanating from her winsome existence.

At first glance, one would surmise that she was no different from any other woman, sensationally beautiful yes, but no different than any other human being. At least, their opinion would remain the same until they tore their lustful gazes away from her magnificent bountiful breasts, that seemed as heavy as a mountain, and focused on her otherextraordinary facial features and characteristics instead.

Two horns prodded up, from among her healthy brown hair, in curved arcs from either side of her head and paired with the distinctive droopy ears twitching restlessly framing her mature face showcased her racial distinction — she was a cow woman.

That was not all, the faint arching movements of a tail could be seen in her each step. Its movement was rhythmical and almost hypnotic. The dark brown, almost black, tail gently swayed, and the long tail — with a black-colored switch — originated from the circular cutout embedded in her maid outfit.

Dressed in a peculiar custom-made maid outfit with black patches plastering, aesthetically, all over the goth black and white dress and a layered pleated mini skirt that did nothing to hide her meaty thighs adding to it the white garter belts hugging said thighs tightly emphasizing them further — all of her attire just gave her a unique seductive charm akin to a seductress.

Her chic maid uniform was not exactly decorative or revealing, but her entire body gave off a mature sex appeal thanks to the weighty breasts being partially visible because of the wide-open chest area of the dress hugging said breasts, of humongous proportions, tightly and the plump fleshy thighs revealed between her skirt and white-colored knee-length socks.

Yawning once again, the young man answered the greeting in a slightly sleepy tone, eyes still droopy with remnant sleep, ”Hello, Milia. Good morning. It ’s rare for you to come and wake me up. You are the head maid after all. Did something happen? Orders from my aunt perhaps? ”

Despite him being the sole heir to the human kingdom, he never even tried to put on an air of superiority when present in a private setting and always treated the staff of the palace in the most ideal way possible, giving them the respect they deserved. This was even more so for this woman standing in front of him. It was a given really, since she had been his wet nurse from when he was just a newborn.

She nursed him and took care of him, in a way she was like a mother to him, and indeed… he thought of her as a mother figure, with some mild controversial feelings added to the mix that is.

”Fufufu. Your highness sleepy look is so cute. Perhaps I just wanted to take a look? ”

He simply put on a smile, an extremely charming one, hearing her teasing words.

It might have worked at first when he was a toddler or when he was going through puberty and less used to her charms and teasing behavior, but it didn ’t take him long to adapt to it. Well, if told honestly, he kinda had to force himself to adapt to it so as to not be ashamed at every turn of their interactions, owing to the teasing nature Milia instinctively held when it can to him.

Though, he had to admit that it was, by no means, an easy task. After all, despite her clothes being completely respectable albeit a little short, and mildly skimpy, her voluptuous body made it very alluring nonetheless. The allure practically doubled when combined with her motherly aura that appealed to him, and his certain immoral fetishes, immensely.

The head maid, seeing that her antics were utterly useless, pouted a little in defeat before whining like a spoiled child, putting up an act that drew a contrast with her mature appearance yet was cute nonetheless.

”*Boo-hoo* Youve become so less cute since a few years ago. I miss your blushing and flustered look. *Sigh* Anyway, your guess was right, her majesty indeed wishes to see you. ”

”Aunt Lilith wishes to meet with me, at this hour? Its a bit early but…hum…alright, I will prepare myself in a jiffy. ”

Normally, this was supposed to be the time allotted for his sword training, however, he was sure that his dear aunt wouldnt disturb his schedule without a reason behind it as the one who even made his schedule so busy and packed was his aunt in the first place.

“Understood, I will go prepare the tea. The meeting will be held on the lowest floor.”

Hearing the place of the meeting, the young man ’s sleepy look instantly vanished, a solemn look taking its place instead as he ruminated over what the contents of their upcoming discussion might be about. The mention of the floor level made the situation more serious than he previously thought it to be.

The lowest floor, or the floor of secrets, as some of the maids loved to call it, was a place in the tower that was only accessible to the members of the royal family of Lustburg and their closest confidants.

It was a secretive place that was often used to hold meetings that were highly confidential and the acting Queen used said place as her personal office.

‘I wonder what brought the sudden call.

With that thought in mind, the young man dressed himself in his regular princely attire — consisting of a blue form-fitting shirt, tight white-colored pants, and black shoes — and somewhat heavily made his way towards the place of the meeting, contemplating and theorizing some more about the upcoming talk that would take place during his visit to his aunt, the acting queen, Lilith.


[Lowest Floor]

“The summon is for you to search for a fiancée.”

His question was answered with utmost abruptness and slight absurdity, at least thats what he thought his aunts reply to be — utterly absurd.

”Fiancée? ”

He couldnt help but frown deeply while making that single questioning note with all the incredulity in the world, unconsciously at that, as he looked at the purple-haired woman who sat in front, now facing him after pushing away the mountain after mountains of paperwork that never seemed to decrease no matter which time he had come to converse with her in this confidential room.

She was his aunt as well as the acting Queen of the Lustburg kingdom, Lilith Luxuria, a woman so utterly attractive and incredibly alluring, downright bewitching even, that he could only admit that she was worthy of her enchanting name.

If Milia was a woman that emanated a motherly aura, then Lilith was the kind of woman with a body and an aura so very sinful that

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