Son of the Hero King

Chapter 10 CH 10: THE WITCH

Slowly opening the enclosed bedroom door, Milia entered the room, her steps etched with a grace born from years of training.

”What brings you here? ”

Milia responded, a beautiful smile formed on her lips, her head tilted, a mischievous glint flickering in her calm gaze, ”You mean aside from wanting to meet you? ”

Blushing a little at the blunt words spoken, Sol floundered to find an answer to her teasing. Milia could be incredibly forward sometimes and in those rare moments, he would get flustered by her affectionate remarks, no matter how used to her flirtatious antiques he grew to become over the years.

”Fufufu. It makes me happy to still see you blushing like that. I was worried— ”

”Worried? ”

”—No, it ’s nothing. As for your answer, while I indeed wished to see you. My main purpose in coming here was to remind you that lady Edea expects you at her library for your lesson. ”

Abruptly gasping in surefire panic, Sol ’s back drenched in cold sweat as he was reminded about the appointment with his teacher, he almost missed it. With the revelation from his aunt, he had totally forgotten that he had to meet his magic teacher every two days for his routine magic lessons. A grateful smile hung on his lips, as he looked at Milia, thankful for reminding him, or else he wouldve been in huge trouble.

Befitting her title of the witch of time, Edea Asmodeus, or sometimes referred to as Edea of theOuroboros, was incredibly strict with time, favoring punctuality above all else, and hated when her schedule was disturbed by any means and by anyone.

Sol was about to get up and prepare his book for the upcoming lessons when a dainty hand touched his chest, stopping him completely in his tracks. He looked up to see Milia adorning a rather enchanting smile on her face as she seductively coaxed him, lascivious intent oozing out of her actions.

“You dont have to go before a few hours. Why dont we use this time to make you more relaxed?”

Sol hesitated briefly, wording out a tentative rebuttal, “I-”

“Shhh, listen to me.” A finger placed on his lips stopped him from finishing his refutation. Using the palm of her hand, she pushed him on the bed and cooed with a bewitching smile as she mounted him the next moment, still clad in her custom maid attire.

“You dont have to do anything. Just lay down, relax, and let me do all the work. Just enjoy the service, your highness.”

Saying so, her nimble hand dexterously entered his pants as she fished out his now slowly hardening mast, adjusting her position over him, slowly lowering herself.

Since she was still fully wearing her attire, it was impossible to see what was happening under her skirt, but somehow, that single restriction made the situation far more arousing than it could have ever been. Once she finally reached his dick, he was surprised to feel no obstruction barring his schlong from feeling up her drooling snatch.

“Fufufu~! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to put on my panties.”

The bulbous head of his fully hardened mast slowly parted the drenched lips of her wet pussy, the heat and the slickness making him aware of how wet she already was despite him not even touching her prior to her visit. Then, in one swoop, she completely lowered herself and buried his penis to the hilt, its head reaching the very depths of her snatch, hitting her cervix.


It was impossible to tell who moaned first but looking at the expression of bliss plastered on both of their faces it was clear that both of them did it at nigh the same time.

“Your highness, you are so very big. Even after having it in me yesterday, I am still not totally accustomed to it.”

She did some slight probing movements with her hips as she spoke those depraved words, stroking Sol ’s ego. All this time, Sol could only watch her actions with an entranced expression on his face. Finally, looking at his face with an impish smile, full of mischief, she opened the front part of her maid dress, letting out her bountifully heavy breasts that seemed to defy gravity.


Even though he had played with them all day yesterday, and even this morning, seeing them dangling freely in front of his eyes made his erect dick harden and swell further. He tried to hold them, but Milia lightly slapped his hand away with a kind smile.

“What did I tell your high-no Sol? Fufufu, let this big sister pamper you today. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself.”

Uttering those reprimanding lines, she started to slowly move her waist up and down again. Every time her body moved in rhythm, a pair of big milk buns danced in front of his eyes, hypnotizing him in their lascivious tempo. She looked as if something was about to come over her, and she started leaking out sweet moans of pleasure.

Her vagina tightened around his blazing shaft, violently clenching it within her folds, seemingly never willing to part with it, her movements slowly became faster and faster. The movements of her hips just wouldnt stop.

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

Huge waves of pleasure spread from his love rod to all over his body, rocking his mind, their genitals rubbed against one another with wet and obscene sounds.

The current look on her face, as well as her tightening around his cock, sucked all the spirit away from the boy, leaving him gasping for breath. His eyes were also being stimulated by the sight of the maids lewdness, and his urge to ejaculate rose even further.

“Its so good!”

The maid was the first one to let out a scream. With one big swing of her hips, she sat on his pelvis, completely swallowing his still thrusting meat pole without thinking.

’Ah, Im cumming, too!! ’

Soon, the boy reached his limit. Being eaten by her convulsing vagina he just couldn ’t hold it in anymore, his hot cum shot out from the root of his violently throbbing cock.

As if it was totally natural, he ejaculated without any difficulty. The sperm flowed out of him in thick streams.

“T, theres still so much!!”

The boys back arched abruptly, pushing his penis deeper inside of her, clinging tightly to her body.

Still, the soft smile of the loving maid and the warmth of her body managed to heal his wavering heart, suffering from the sudden pressure and confusion at the realization of the reality of his life finally settling deep in his psyche.

All he could do was nod as her spongy and meltingly soft vagina wrapped around his cock seemed to milk all his sperm out of him without even having to move. It felt so good that he wouldnt mind it even if he stayed like this for a few hours.

As their climax calmed down, Milia, still connected to Sol, lowered her head as she looked at him with a boundless expression of love and affection brimming in her eyes, before wrapping him in her arms.

”Sol, those two days must have seemed quite sudden for you. Its normal to feel a little lost and tired. So, if you are satisfied with me, I am always willing to provide care like this for you. ”

Those words of her brought a peaceful smile to his face as he felt his heart being soothed by her caring words.

“Thank you, Milia. Im always helped by your timely support.”

When he patted her headdress and her soft hair gently, Milia laughed with an “Ehehe” sound and she was acting all shy and happy as she stuck her cheeks against his chest. “If you say it like that, it makes me feel a little embarrassed… But it also makes me immensely happy.”

Her vagina was burying his penis and just like the movement of her heartbeat, it kept throbbing and squeezing his rod at a constant interval. It gently massaged his cock and Sol felt like he was floating above the clouds, filled with a sense of security as if a motherly figure was taking care of him, his now flaccid cock once again rising to attention at her care. It was truly a peculiar sensation he would have never associated with sex.

Without needing to desperately move his waist up and down, he was just enjoying the moment of this calm sex and soft touches; more so than he would have expected, this experience had a mysterious healing effect.

“Nn ah…. I dont mind if you wish to move now, please do as you will whenever you feel like it, okay?”

“I understand, but for the time being, I would like to just remain like this. When Im wrapped around by you like this, I somehow feel happy.”

“Me too. Then, lets just remain like this for a while.”

In this way, they remained connected as one and just dozed off in the supreme bliss of a wonderful nap bathed in their blissful feelings for each other.

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