Son of the Hero King

Chapter 19 CH 19: DAILY LIFE

Where there was light, there, inevitably, lay the presence of shadow, of darkness. A kingdom, no matter how strong, how lawful can never be without its own form of darkness and malice. Born out of the malevolence of the privileged few, who think that they are entitled to everything as if it was their birthright, the rotten — dark smudges of a kingdom formed into creation.

The slavery system — a thing of the past. A thing of such horror that… it was hard just to even look back and reminisce about the state it had imposed on society. Thankfully, the horrible system had been reformed in the hands of the hero king.

Mars, during the full length of his life, gave his all in slowly but surely improving the conditions of the slaves, the cursed reality they found themselves in.

Nowadays, all slaves were the shared property of the kingdom and as such, hurting them was equal to damaging the kingdom ’s property and their honor. An offense that was punishable by death.

Alongside some other such laws, Mars had truly managed to change the horrifying title of slave into something more akin to a public servant. For the slaves who were concerned, this was heaven compared to the fate they were subjected to before the laws were put in place.

In theory, they received pay, they were cared for, each year they received checkups and other privileges of the same length. The true icing on the cake, however, was the fact that…the children of the slaves were freed from the fate of a slave. They were free citizens by birth, and didn ’t have to take on the cursed mantles of their parents.

This was without a doubt a fantasy outcome. This was without a doubt incredible, but…Was it really enough? Everything was perfect, in theory only. If only everything were to run according to theories, the world wouldn ’t have been as bleak of a place as one found it to be.

As always, reality was often disappointing.


The imperial city of Lustburg was divided into five great districts.

The Central district belonged jointly to the church and the tower of babel.

The district in the North was under the supervision of the Highland family.

The South, under the Milaris.

The West, under the Travers.

And finally, the East, belonging to the supervision of the Gorfard.

Four Duke families, one Holy Church, and one Royal family. Powers, organizations that… stood at the very apex of the Lustburg kingdom.

Despite having their own territories, each heir of the Duke families had the obligation to live in the imperial city until they took their obligatory position as the head of their household and officially replaced their predecessor.

Officially, it was a way to help them have close contact with the different nobles comprising the kingdom ’s nobility, but everyone knew that in fact, it was a way to keep them as hostages.

In the East district, the highest castle in all of its surroundings, naturally belonged to the Gorfard family. Of course, it paled in both aesthetics and structure if compared to the Tower of Babel, but still, it was without a doubt a Castle worthy to house a future Duke.

This castle was inhabited by Leonard Gorfard. Eldest son of the Duke Gorfard and heir to his title and territories.

If one were to be asked to describe him, they would give you a list of all of his good points and merits. A list so long and exaggerated that you would wonder how such a perfect human being could even exist. And you would be absolutely right in your doubts. Perfection along with other things that were absolute, never truly existed in the realms of reality.

Leonard was many things, most related to the benign and wretched, but his friends and closed ones would describe him with only two words. Arrogant and lustful.

Currently, in the shades of his room, he was pressing a woman down onto a chiffon-veiled bed.

He grabbed her fair white neck from behind and pulled it up, enjoying the grimace of pain flashing on her beautiful face. His grunts and her moans intertwined together in a harsh melody as he lost himself in the bliss her lithful body enacted on his senses.

“My… my lord, please, please forgive me…”

“Hmph~! Is this all the famed blue wolf can do? Im sure you can make better sounds than that. Moan for me, bitch.”

However, as he looked down on the wolf girl whose body was already twitching as she passed out, Leonard slapped her buttocks with a “Hmph!” and dumped her onto the bed like a used toy.

The white-skinned woman rolled off the bed like a broken doll. The impact returned her to consciousness, and her body shuddered in disgust and pain from the previous torture enacted on her fair body by Leonard.

Her hair was as blue as the oceanic sea, and two fur-trimmed ears stuck out from either sides of her head. However, her flawless white body was now marred with bruises, bite marks, and many other signs of wanton violence.

“If you pass out from just that much, you wont be able to satisfy me…”

“Please forgive me…” the woman moaned and groaned in a trembling and small voice. Her eyes looked over to him as she climbed off the cold stone floor and back onto the bed.

“Try harder, then. Your fate depends on it.”

“Please show mercy!!”

“Enough! Go back and be ready for the next time!”

Leonard did not even bother to answer her as he turned his muscular body away and ordered his attendants to dress him.

The wolf woman sobbed as she rose naked from the bed and wrapped herself in its sheets. Then she slowly limped away, supporting herself against the wall as she left the accursed mans room.

Leonard clicked his tongue in disappointment, seeing her haggard display. “Im getting sick of this toy. I wonder if I should find a new one.”

A voice responded to his muttering with a warning note.

“Your Highness, even if its for fun, you shouldn ’t entertain such an idea. It would be bad if the royal family were to get proof of your misdeeds.”

”Tch! Don ’t talk to me about those holier than thou bastards. Slaves and commoners are nothing more than lowly playthings that should bow in front of us. Why make it so troublesome? ”

The one who was speaking to him was an elderly man wearing butler clothes, despite the scene that had previously happened, no expression could be seen on his stoic face.

”Indeed this is so. But the reality is in front of us. ”

”*Sigh* I get it, I get it. Enough of your yapping, they are ruining my mood. Speaking of which, Why did you come here today? Peeping? Or do you want her despite your age? Thats fine too. She might be a bit dirty now, but shes pretty when shes cleaned up.”

After Leonard was dressed, his attendants left the room. Now only he and his butler were left in the silent confines of the room.

”I am afraid I will have to decline. My old body isn ’t what it was anymore, ” while speaking so, he bowed and presented a letter sealed with the insignia of the royal family. ”We received this letter just now, it ’s an invitation to participate at the ceremony in the colosseum. ”

”Kekeke~! That sissy bitch living in a golden prison is finally showing himself? Who would have thought. ”

Leonard smiled derisively and took the letter from the old butler ’s hands. Malevolence shone with an eerie display in his eyes filled with malice.

”So he finally reached that age, huh. I guess it was about time. Are the preparations ready? ”

”Indeed. ”

”Oh? Good, good. It ’s necessary to act fast now. It would be a shame if we missed the perfect timing. ”

The event in the Colosseum was a sacred ceremony and was the coming of age ceremony that all Crown princes and princesses had to go through. Messing around with it would be quite interesting.


Elsewhere, in an unknown place, an elderly man was kneeling in front of a bed while facing a beautiful young girl who seemed to be in a state of deep sleep.

At least she would have been beautiful if all of her body wasn ’t marred by purple vein-like marks that throbbed rhythmically.

Despite those marks, the old man ’s gaze held no disgust nor fear, only deep affectionate love and unending sorrow.

”My child, I am so sorry for everything you have to endure. Your grandfather is truly a useless man. But you know. I have found it. I have found a way to cure you of your pain and suffering. Soon you will be able to laugh and run like in the past. ”

He lovingly caressed her face and closed his eyes in order to hold in the tears that were threatening to fall.

’I am sorry, I am so sorry for what I am about to do. But, this is the only way to save her. For that, I am willing to become a devil if necessary. ’


Time waits for no one. As the gears turn and machinations fall in place, time inexorably advances to an unknown future.

Would that future be good or bad for the ones that are concerned… That too, only time could tell…

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