”Oh my God! I still can believe our dear Dionne is getting married ”

”To prince charming at that ”

”Next tomorrow will be huge! ”

Dionne was in the Bridal shops dressing room. She was trying out her third dress and she couldn help but smile when she heard what her friends were saying outside. She couldn believe it either. Her, Dionne, Greenville most feared heart breaker, is getting married. If you told her this 3 years ago, she would have laughed her lungs out. But its really happening!.

”By the way, where is Christopher? ” One of the girls asked.

”I don know? ”

”Maybe hes preparing another surprise ” another girl said and they all burst into giggles.

”How do I look? ” Dionne stroke a pose for her girlfriends when the curtains were opened.

”Ive never seen a bride so beautiful ”

”Thats why she could play all those boys ”

”Christopher will melt at the alter when he sees you ”

All three of her friends gushed over her.

Dionne giggled, ”I know Ive always been pretty, its not that much of a surprise you guys think that way too ” She said proudly as she changed her pose to see different angles of the dress. ”Well take this one ” she said to the attendant next to her.

Meanwhile, her friends were flashing her looks of jealousy and anger. They were not in any way happy for her. But they had to put up with it, their reputation was at stake.

Who doesn know Dionne in Greenville. She was the most popular girl on campus, the most envied among girls. Every one wanted to be Dionne. They wanted the boys eyes to be on them as well.

They couldn be Dionne, but they could be her friends. Back then, having Dionne talk to you was an achievement, what more being her friend. Being her friends came with perks, but it also has its own downsides.

Youd have to put up with her narcissistic remarks, her bragging, the amounts of gifts she gets on daily basis from boys which would only make you more jealous. There is no end to the amount of lowered self esteem youd feel when you stand together with her.

”She thinks shes all that ”

”Shes not even that pretty ”

”I hope she gets dumped at the alter ”

The girls resulted to whispering to get some of those heavy negative emotions away from their chests. But Dionne heard it. It was not the first time neither would it be the last, she didn let it bother her.

”Well deliver the dress to your home address ” The attendant told Dionne to which she nodded to.

”Lets go girls ” Dionne said as she walked out while expecting them to follow behind. They could talk all they want, but theyll forever be behind her, like a shadow, waiting for her to cast little light on them so they could be visible. Pathetic ingrates.

”Where are we going now? ” Ginny, one of the girls from earlier, held Dionnes arm as she asked. Out of the trio, she hated Dionne the most, yet, here she was being all chummy. Girls!.

”You don need to come with me. Your job here is done, Ill just drop you off at the intersection ” Dionne said without even glancing at her. She had no time for fake bitches. She had a wedding to plan.

”Hey Chris, ” Dionne smiled widely as she walked on the lonely side walk to the

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