”Whats wrong young miss? ” A female voice asked and Dionnes head shot right up.

”Get me out of here ” Dionne pleaded.

”I don understand you miss ”

”The height is really frightening, can you take me down? ” Dionne calmed down a little when she noticed someone apart from her was here. She thought she was hallucinating for a moment.

”Oh, so you
e afraid of heights?. ”

”Quit the questions and get me out of here! ” Dionne said with her eyes tightly closed while breathing loudly.

”Stall a little more, ” An order came from the Bluetooth the woman was wearing.

”What made you afraid of heights, was it a trauma? ”

”Why are you doing this to me? ” Dionne asked frustratedly. She wanted to open her eyes to see who this woman was but she feared the consequences of that action.

”Im just trying to help you, do you think Im a bad person? ” Dionne could hear the hurt in her voice but she knew it was feigned. She has observed too many girls to be able to know their facial expressions just from the tone of their voice.

”Pl…e..a..se. ” Dionne pleaded. She opened her eyes to take a little peek but just as she feared, that was a very wrong move. The first thing she saw was the distance between her and the ground, and that was enough to make her heart palpitate a million times in a second.

”Help her. ” The order came again and the woman finally held Dionnes hand and led her down stairs.

Dionne opened her eyes and laid lax on the chair as she tried to stable her breathing.

”Here. ” A cup was shoved in front of her face. Without thinking, she took it and downed all its contents.

”More ” she asked and she could hear the woman mumbling before going to get more. The water arrived and Dionne drank it in the same way she did the first.

”More? ” Came the caustic words of the woman and Dionne finally looked at her. oh, shes a pretty one, but certainly not prettier than me she squinted her eyes at her. The woman was dressed in an all black trouser suit with black heels. Her hair was slicked tightly in a professional low bun. She looked like a body guard.

”No thank you ” Dionne replied her question.

e here already ” The woman whose name Dionne didn know spoke when a man walked in. She recognized him immediately. He was the one that hit her before causing her to black out.

”Good day miss. ” He bowed to Dionne.

”Ahem ” Dionne cleared her throat. The moment he greeted her, she felt her significance rise.

”Why Im I here? ” She didn want to beat around the bush. These people might not have hurt her now, but who knows, they might hurt her later.

”Im sure I stated it in the letter miss. ”

”Were you the one that sent me the letter? ” Dionne asked dubiously. If then, why did they drag her to this unknown place?

”Yes miss. Allow me to introduce my self. Im Ben. Sir Lucass assistant ”

”Wheres Lucas? ” Dionne asked solemnly. Nervousness filled her system.

”Hes at work, hell head here as soon as he finishes. ” Ben said.

”Did Lucas know I was looking for him? ”

”Yes. For now you can go to your room upstairs and rest, if boss comes back, well inform you. ”

”Ill like to stay here ” Diana chuckled remembering the episode she had earlier.

”Go fix her something to eat Brenda. ” Ben ordered.

”Me? ” Brenda, the woman from earlier, asked.

”You don want to to? ”

”Ill be right on it ” Brenda gave Diana one last scornful look before going to the kitchen.

Lucas felt satisfied when he saw all these. Everything was moving accordingly and the only thing that remained was to face her. After 5 years of longing, shell finally stand in front of him again.

”Its 7pm already, wheres Lucas. ” Dionne asked Ben suspiciously. She was already entertaining the fact that she might have been tricked.

”There. ” Ben pointed behind her and Dionne turned back only to see Lucas towering against her.

”L-lucas? ”

”You wanted to meet. Im here now, say what you want. ” Dionne didn know what to say. She could not find the right words to say at the moment. She had practiced different scenarios of how they will meet but she never practiced this one.

”Why don we go somewhere private huh? ”

”Fine. Ask Brenda to bring two cups of coffee to my room. ”

”Yes sir. ” Ben answered and Lucas started walking towards the stairs with Dionne following behind.

”C-can we talk downstairs? ” Diana stammered when they where nearing the top of the stairs.

”No. ” Lucas flat out refused and Dionne gulped. This was not the Lucas she knew from the past, he was so different.

Surprisingly, Dionne made it to the top of the stairs. It didn seem as high as it was before. How was that possible?

They walked into Lucass room and Dionne closed the door quietly.

Almost immediately a knock was heard and Brenda walked in with a tray carrying two cups of coffee. She dropped it on the table in the middle of the room before she left, leaving Dionne and Lucas alone.

”I want to believe you didn come here to enjoy the silence with me, miss McCurry. ” Lucas was already seated with his legs crossed while sipping his coffee.

”You already know why Im here ”

”So? ”

Dionne walked to where he was sitting and stood in front of him. She inhaled deeply before she went on her knees.

”Im sorry. I know sorry doesn cut what I put you and your family through but… ”

”But what? ”

”Im sorry. ” Diana whispered and every where went placid.

”Do you expect me to clap for you and accept your apology? ” Lucas scoffed before he uncrossed his legs and lifted Dionnes face by her jaw.

”No amount of sorry will bring my sister back. You can take your sorry and shove it down your throat. ” He gritted out and released her jaw.

Dionne didn know what else to do or say. The amount of guilt she felt when he brought up his sister made her chest to constrict.

”What can I do to gain the forgiveness of you and your family? ” Dionnes heart lit up when she saw him considering something thoughtfully. Shed do anything to gain his forgiveness.

”Be my slave. ”

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