”I present to you all…The bride ”

The doors opened at the host words and revealed Dionne.

She walked gracefully and elegantly to the alter, her father by her side, holding her by the arm. His other hand was holding a handkerchief as he dabbed off the tears that escaped once in a while.

No one could see Dionnes face as it was covered with a veil, but they could tell that she was very beautiful. Even the veil couldn hide it.

She didn show it, but she was nervous. Dionne stood at the alter as she faced Christopher. He wasn smiling, neither was he frowning. His expression was just taciturn.

”Weve come to the point of the ceremony where you
e going to say your vows to one another. But before you do that, I ask you to remember that love — which is rooted in faith, trust, and acceptance – will be the foundation of an abiding and deepening relationship. ” The priest said after he had done the homily.

”You can now say your vows ”

Dionne went first;

”I Dionne McCurry take you, Christopher Hillard, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life. ”

Everyone present cheered them and Dionne couldn help but shed tears while saying her vows. If Christopher gives her the chance, shell love and cherish him forever.

It was time for Christopher to say his vows,

”Groom… ” The priest called when Christopher delayed.

”Dionne…I thought about all night. I love you but… ”

Dionnes heart broke to pieces, she was agonizingly appalled, she couldn bear to hear the rest.

”What are you trying to say? ” She breathed out in a low shaky voice.

”I can do this… ” Dionnes mum ran to where she was. It didn take long before she fell on her mother. She found it hard to breathe. The flower she held fell from her hand.

Christopher walked out of the church when everyone gathered Dionne, he didn even look back.

Dionne eyes wavered as she scanned the church. Her mind was befuddled but she could make out the ecstasy on the face of the people she called friends. Many people present seemed happy with her state.

”Dionne! Dionne! ” Her mum shouted when her head laid lax on her breast. She had fainted.

”Where Im I mum? ” Dionne sat up sluggishly. She had a very weird dream. She was getting married to Christopher, when he left her on the alter. Her friends were sending mocking smiles and looks her way and suddenly, every sound seemed distant.

”We are in the hospital baby, you fainted ” Her mother tried to prevent the tears in her eyes from falling. If she cries what will Dionne do?

”I had a very weird dream mum ” Dionne said before she narrated her dream to her mum. ”Christopher and I are supposed to get married, do you think this is a bad omen? ”

”You don deserve this, you did nothing wrong, my poor baby! ” She couldn help it. Dionnes mum bawled her eyes out when she saw how far away from reality Dionne was.

”Tell me Dad! Whats mum saying?! ” Dionne asked her father who stood by the side and watch his family with blood shot eyes. Surprisingly, Dionnes voice was calm. She didn even show the slightest bit of hysterical behavior any one in her position would.

”Don think about anything dear. Just rest. ” Her father answered.

”Ok. Please take care of mum, when she calms down Ill find out whats wrong. ” Anyone that saw her will never think she just got dumped at the alter. ”Does Christopher know Im sick? Please tell him to come visit me ” Dionnes mum held her chest in heart wrenching pain as she sobbed silently. Her poor baby girl.

”Don mention Christophers name again!. That bastard doesn deserve you! ” She spatted out.

”What are you talking about mum?. ”Dionne asked, confusion etched on her face.

”He…that bastard… ”

”He said hes busy at work. Your mum is just angry that he couldn drop all his work and come down to the hospital ” Dionnes father interrupted immediately. Her mother just closed her eyes as she let her husband take the lead.

”Is that true mum? ”

”Yes, hes just busy. ”

”Don be mad at him too much, he has to work hard for our future, so I won starve, or do you want your only daughter to starve once she gets married? ” Dionnes mum couldn bear it again, she stood up and left the room.

”Your mum is fine, she just hates seeing you sick, have some rest and get better so your mum can get better too, okay? ” Dionnes father said softly as he removed the clumps of hair that plastered her forehead.

”What is wrong with my daughter? ” Dionnes father asked the doctor who stood before him and his wife.

”She seems to be showing symptoms of escapism, but shes not living in a fantasy world in her head. The most plausible answer to this, is that, she is having a defense mechanism called denialism. This is when one is aware of his reality but tries to deny the authenticity of it. No matter the proof you show her now, she still won believe it unless she loses all her defenses ” He paused before he continued,

”Mr McCurry, Mrs McCurry, your daughter needs all the support she can get. At this point suicide will be the best option for her. I know shes a strong girl, but when it starts dwelling on her that her reality isn changing anytime soon, she will surely get depressed. The only results of untreated severe depression, is suicide ” Dionnes mum fell to the floor when she heard this can be the cause of her daughters death. Mr McCurry immediately bent down and wrapped his hands around her.

”You heard what the doctor said, we need to stay strong for Dionne. You crying isn helping her in anyway ” He comforted.

”Your husband is right Mrs McCurry. Allow her to slowly come out from the fortress she built in her mind to escape from all the hurt. You crying will only make her question. After today, you may take her home. You just need to bring her for check up once in a while. If she asks for Christopher, just make up an excuse. If there is anything else, Ill let you know. Good bye ” and he left.

Dionne stood at the door as she listened to everything her doctor and parents were discussing. She weakly walked to her bed and got under the mattress, staring at the ceiling, unfocused about her surrounding. Even though she was aware of everything that happened, she still preferred to go numb to reality. It hurts less that way.

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