”Im sorry Raymond. I know it must have hurt to break up with you after telling everyone that you had a small dick ”

”You didn even see it yet you ruined my chances to be with another woman. I was teased non stop by the varsity for not getting a girlfriend because of my small dick! ”

”Im really sorry. I was really bitchy back then. ”

”Its alright, Ive forgiven you long ago. Its your loss anyway, you didn actually get to confirm if the dick was big or small. ”

”Thank you… ” Dionne watched as the man that was once seated in front of her exited the cafè. She brought out her notepad and stroke the first name she saw there. One gone 66 left. Today was the day she was going to apologize to all her exes, she wouldn do it in one day of course. To the next ex.


”Im sorry Paul. I didn mean to break up with you in front of your parents. ”

”After all these years huh?!. You know what Dionne, the worst thing is not is not you breaking up with me, its showing my parents the sex video with Natalie. My parents are pastors, they own a friggin church! ” Dionne leaned back a little in her sit as she received Pauls rant with her head bent.

”I know I was a bitch, Im sorry. ”

”Ive forgiven you but sorry won mend the estranged relationship I have with my parents ” and he left.

”Phew… ” Dionne sighed as she removed her note pad from her bag and stroke another name. That was the tenth. Everyone she has met today forgave her and she felt a little burden lifted off her chest. It was already 6pm, she decided to call it a day.

e back early today! ” Mrs McCurry exclaimed as she gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

”Yeah mum. Can I please get a glass of water ” Dionne asked as she sank into the chair tiredly.

”Here you go ”

”Thank you mum. ” Dionne finished all the content inside the glass to its last drop.

”Wheres dad? ” Dionne asked.

”He went to the city to take care of something at the company. Heard stocks dropped ” Mrs McCurry stated with a sigh.

”Im sorry mum. We had to leave because of me. ”

”Don stress it honey, anything for you. Now go freshen up and come have dinner ” Mrs McCurry said as she held Dionnes hands and pulled her off the chair.

”Ill be going to the park for some fresh air. ” Dionne told her mum, before dabbing her mouth with the table cloth.

e frequenting the park a lot these days ” Mrs McCurry said with a knowing look.

”Im taking a break from love mum, stop getting ideas. See ya! ” Dionne gave her mum a kiss on the cheek before she left.

”Did it go well? ” Mr mask asked.

”Yeah sure. I mean who would refuse to forgive a cutie like me! ” Dionne said as she placed both under her chin and stroke a cute pose.

”Im sure they forgave you because you begged so pitifully, definitely not because you
e pretty! ” He taunted.

”Its no use trying to convince you, you
e literally blind to beautiful things. ”

”But I see my self in the mirror every day, I still wonder why Im not blind yet. ” Said Mr mask to which Dionne scoffed jokingly at. She really can win against him.

”Saying Mr mask, whats your name? ” Dionne asked out of the blue. An awkward silence dwelled and Dionne wondered if she asked something she was not supposed too. What could possibly be wrong in asking the name of a friend. It doesn even make sense that she doesn know a single thing about this man after knowing him for over a year, yet he knows almost everything about her.

”You don have a name? ” Dionne clicked her fingers in his face to get him to look at her.

”Why don we just leave it at Mr mask. ”

”Im really sorry Jude, Im sorry for breaking up with you after telling every one you had bad breath through the schools audio room. ”

”Its okay. I had a hard time getting girls after that episode and everyone covered their noses whenever they were around me. Became the schools most ridiculed but we all good ”

”I can see that! ” Dionne smiled warmly at the girls sitting on each of his lap, they seemed to be twins but kinda not identical. ”Your girls? ” She asked.

”Yeah, got married during last year in college ”

”Thank you! ” Diana muttered as she saw him through the doors of the cafè. She removed her note pad and stroke another name out. Thirty gone, 37 more to go.

*Day 5*

”Im sorry Ken, I didn mean to hurt you the way I did. You pushed my buttons by asking why I broke up with you and I just spurted out that your mum was a prostitute. ”

”Its okay its all in the past now. We just came back from the city, hopefully the scornful looks they gave my family will no longer be on their faces. ”

”Thank you! ”

That was the 65th. She had one more person to visit before she visits the 67th. She hurt the 66th the most, she dreaded meeting the 67th.

”Hello, Helen, do you remember me? ” Dionne asked nervously on the phone.

”And who are you? ”

”Its Dionne, Brysons ex girlfriend. ” Dionne waited for a reply but all she was left with was silence.

”Hello, hello. ” She breathed out. The call had been cut. But she wasn going to give up.

”Hel- ”

”Don you ever call this number again you monster! ”

”Im really sorry, can we meet please ” Dionne was almost shedding tears and the last part came out as a whisper.

”After everything you did to my son, you still want to meet?! Okay, lets meet, Ill use this opportunity to pull out your whole hair! ”

In a café,

”So thats what happened. ” Helen sighed she was already in tears when Dionne explained.

”I honestly thought he was the one, I really didn mean to ” Dionne sniffed. She didn want to cry. Crying was for the weak and she was not weak!.

”To be sincere I hated you a lot, I mean after what you made my precious son go through, why won I?. But now I understand what they said when they meant there is a reason behind everything. Im really sorry for what youve been through. ”

”I want to ask Bryson for forgiveness, personally. Hes supposed to be out of jail by now right? ”

”Yes hes out of jail already, but hes receiving therapy abroad. ” Dionne looked at Helen in confusion.

”You know Bryson has always been weak. He got bullied a lot in a jail, he has been beaten a lot to the point that hes ribcage was broken. After everything he has been through, he just went numb. Doesn talk to anyone, keeps to himself. He suddenly developed nightmares of him getting beaten Everytime and he has attempted suicide countless times. ”

Dionne placed her hands to her mouth in shock. How could this be?

”I should have known someone as meek as Bryson wouldn do that, why did I accuse him! Im really sorry Helen, Id do anything for you to forgive me. ”

”Its alright. Im a woman too, Ive not experienced what youve been through, but I sympathize with you. Just sincerely apologize to Bryson when he comes back. Hopefully hell see reason with you. ”

”Thank you so much! ”

She never imagined all these things happened to the 66th. Shell bear the guilt for ever. Hopefully, the 67th didn go through worse.

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