Who doesn know the Neuro cooperation in Greenville?. Run by a man who is whispered to be hostile and ruthless, it has quite the reputation in Greenville. In fact, it is one of the things Greenville boasts about. Being a small town where one of the biggest company is located, it has placed them on a map in their country.

To show how proud they are, people introduce Neuro cooperation before the town itself. When someone asks where they
e from, their answers are always same. ”Im from the place where Neuro cooperations was founded. ” You need not a sooth sayer to let you know they meant Greenville.

As popular as this company was among the folks of Greenville and the nation at large, the owner was unknown to the people. It doesn mean some haven seen him. Some said hes tall, muscular and could easily pass for Adonis reincarnate. Many say hes a bald wilting old man who wants nothing but his peace and quiet in his last days.

The former was what more people leaned into as they were several photos of a young sturdy man on the local papers few months back. He was attending the signing event of a huge contract deal with another company from Germany. The owner of the German company came down to Greenville to honor the collaboration. It was said the CEO of Neuro cooperation showed up as well to show respects. And that was the moment the picture was taken. Though it was his side profile that showed, it was a hot topic for two whole months before it died down. But it was still on the females lips whenever the question of who was the most handsome in Greenville aroused. They definitely picked the CEO of Neuro cooperation. That was how much impact his side profile attained, what more his full face?.

No one has seen another evidence of his existence ever since.

Seated on his swivel chair in his study, Lucas looked intently on the document before him as he scrutinized its contents for any errors. When he finally saw there was none, he imbed his signature on the slot allocated for it.

”Here ” His mellifluous deep bass voice echoed as he pushed the document to his assistant who stood opposite him with his hands joined together in front of him.

”I have one last report sir, ” Ben, Lucass assistant announced. He removed a file from the briefcase he kept on a chair and handed it to Lucas.

”She has been reaching out to each men pleading for their forgiveness, it seems shell look for you soon ” he apprised.

”Thats if she has the guts! ” Lucas smirked lightly as he looked at the details of the folder. He wasn smirking because he was planning something sinister, but because the lady in folder had gotten prettier. He saw her pictures everyday — he made his assistant bring them to him. Even when she was abroad, he kept tabs on her. He started taking her pictures since five years ago, every single day. A box held all those photos. In total he collected approximately 2011 photos of her. 5 years, 6 months, 13 days, worth of pictures.

He wanted to lure her in, but it seems shell come to him without him even doing as much as lifting a finger. How ironic. He wants her, she is his obsession, but he can never have her, because he loathes her!.

”You still haven found him?! ” Mr mask dropped a cup of hot coffee in front of Dionne and took a seat. They were at his café.

”You sure bet. Ive searched everywhere. ” Mr mask gave her a look before she sighed and said, ”okay not everywhere. I don even know where to start. ”

”Or you don want to start ” He said in a calm final tone.

”Im scared, ” She whispered.

”What did you do to him? ” Mr mask asked,

”I can bring my self to say it. Looking back at everything, after meeting all the people Ive hurt, I realized how bitter and hatred-filled I was ”

”And now that your mind and heart are both clear, you should ask for forgiveness wholeheartedly and accept what ever consequences it brings. ”

”Im not sure Im willing to face him. Why the hell did I do all those things?! ” Dionne groaned.

”Im sure you had your reasons, Its not the end of the world ” Mr mask chuckled, ”Grovel if you have to, beg according to weight of your sin or even more, Just make sure he forgives you. Its the best you could do for him and you right now. ”

”I heard you. ” Dionne said poignantly. If she was to turn back in time, would she have done all those things to these men?, she didn ponder more on it because its useless to worry about the past when the present is throwing reality harshly on her face and the future holds high uncertainty of the result of her present. Everything was just messed up.

”Instead of sulking here, why don we go do something fun. Take your mind of the stress ” Mr mask suggested.

”Something like what? ”

”Youll see. ”

”Hey man ” Dionne watched the interaction between Mr mask and the bartender. He just brought her to a club! To be honest the loud music that blasted from the speakers ignited her wild spirit. She wanted to go explore but she was reluctant. She had decided never to go back to that kind of life. She missed it though. Rocking her waist to the sounded of the music, high pitched screams…

”You want to dance? ” Mr mask interrupted her thoughts as he came to stand in front of her, his 1.8m height towering over her petite 1.67 height.

”Ill just settle for juice ” Dionne refused with a smile and headed for the lounge with Mr mask behind her.

”Mr friend owns this place so bills on me, Im sure hell give a large discount ” Mr mask said proudly.

”Were you expecting me to pay before? ” Dionne asked baffled.

”Nope ” Dionne shook her head when she heard the next few words, ”we were supposed to split the payment. ” What was she expecting, this guy is no gentleman at all. She liked it. Infact, she was starting to like him. Not a serious liking, more like a teenage crush.

From juice, to wine, to cocktails and now a bottle of Vodka was on Dionnes table. Quite drunk but she still went on.

”I thought you said you wouldn taste alcohol ” Mr mask chortled when he saw how Dionne skillfully finished all those glasses of alcohol.

”I said Ill only taste it, you kept feeding me asking if I wanted more! ” Dionne slurred as she looked at the dance floor dreamily.

”It won hurt to try ” Mr mask said when he followed her line of sight.

”Then give me 30 minutes ” Dionne dashed to the dance floor with immediate effect. She moved her body dancing and throwing hands in the sky.

”I saw that pretty lady you were with, ” Nick, the owner of the bar said as he took Dionnes previous seat. He waited for Dionne to leave before approaching his buddy.

”Yeah… shes pretty! ” Mr mask confirmed as he downed his shot of whiskey.

”Is she the one? ” Nick asked, the conversation turning serious.

”Yes, ”

”When will you tell her?, You prefer hovering around her? ”

”I don know, maybe its better this way. I can protect her this way, it eases the guilt. ”

”What if she finds out? ”

”When we get to the bridge, well cross it. For now, I just have to make sure shes always smiling like that ” He said looking at Dionne smiling widely as swooned her body from left to right.

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