The white colours of the clouds shone brightly in the sky and the air was fresh like paradise , everything seemed to stop but nothing did, we were all moving sitting on the most expensive Aeroplane in the country, the Berries .

Today was one of the most of important days in my whole life , i lived six years to watch this day happen and finally i will be back to where i really belong to, how i missed the place.

” Congratulations well soon land in San Fransisco ” a sweet voice beemed inside the plane and a smile found its way on my face as i turned and watched the girl beside my seat , she was sleeping so deadly.

” Charlotte ” i called squeezing her shoulders and she gave me a naughty pout , ooh she really hates when someone disturbs her sleep but what can i do , the plane is landing.

Well i forgot to introduce myself , My name is Olivia Robinson , lot call me Liv and i just like it simple like that. Charlotte is my one in a million friend and so gladly we have been together for almost ten years now and nothing can separate us .

” Welcome in San Fransisco ” the marvelous voice beemed again and Charlotte stretched her arms brushing my face with her hand, i closed my eyes and pouted . ” So sorry Liv ” she said , i opened my eyes to see her hilarious face and i chuckled.

” How long have taken ? ” she asked and i rolled my eyes , shes more than a journalist sometimes and its not like its her first time being in this kind of a journey . ” Hundred years ” i said standing up and she crossed her hands over her big boobs and i knew i was done for .

” What did you say , Liv ? ” she asked and i smiled raising my eyebrows telling her its time to go and she stood up looking so annoyed . I looked ahead of me and saw people moving out of the plane and my heartbeat faster than always .

Here in this city there a lot that i once built and a lot that am afraid to face but since am back i will have a good time to practise what i have learnt so far. I walked closer to the planes door as Charlotte curse infront of me and i knew it might be his brother because hes her number one problem.

My legs took a step on the stair , my head raised from the planes door and my nose inhaled the air that my lungs missed so much , my eyes caught the sight of this beautiful place , San Fransisco.

I clearly remember this place , it was here when i last saw my dad when he was sending me away but here i am again , i hope i will be alright.

” You waiting for a prince charming , come on he isn born yet ” i heard Charlotte shouting and i realized i took more time in my fantasy than i was supposed to , anyway this brat just talked about Prince charming . I feel awkward because she teases me the way she pleases since i broke with my ex- boyfriend.

I saw her smiling then walked to the car supposed to take us home , i walked and hooped in bumping my shoulders with Charlottes and she groans .

” Ouch , easy girl ” she laments and i scoff , sometimes she acts so delicate than how she is and i admire how people takes her to be weak , shes a good actress.

” Coopers mansion first , sir ” i said and Charlotte frowned but i ignored her and her naggings , am so tired . My eyes gazed outside and I lowered the window for the better view . This beautiful city has changed over the last six years but the feelings i hold for it are the same.

Tall buildings were more builted , lot of people have become famous , i saw various pictures of young billioners , fashionists , models and business peoples on promotions Screens beside the roads and i knew am still steps far from where i have been to.

The fresh air hit my nostrils and i inhaled it to my satisfaction, i closed my eyes to feel its caress on my face and i looked every blown of it. My eyes opened slowly as i saw a huge screen showing a man on his black suit , his hand paved its way on his abdomen and hanged there .

His other hand on the pocket and his lips gave a sexy smile , he was handsome and my eyes drolled onto his as our car by passed the screen . His image half caught on my mind and it replayed itself once again when Charlotte screamed starling me from my own lazy thoughts.

” I have been calling you Liv ” wi

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