The God Emperor, the one that stood at the top of all and rules the seventh realms frowned and the heavens darken with his annoyance.

He sat on a regal throne of blue light that was neither solid nor not, his throne sits atop a balcony overlooking the throne hall and is adjoined by two equally lavish seats for those aiding the royal highness in all affairs. His clothes were flowing light of white that trailed from the throne past the three immortal statues that sat guarding his throne and stopped just where the platform that held his throne began. A cobalt rug splits part of the room in half from the throne to midway down the hall.

Immense, stained glass windows depicting important royal moments are edged by veils colored the same cobalt as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with jewels and embellished borders.

The God Emperor doesn need a crown, he is one.

The God Emperor turned and the stone– the Souljewel– that was made of pure golden light that was on his forehead flashed like small stars, he turned to the one that just gave him the message, the Sapphire Healer that had just come from the first realm where she had helped with the childbirth of his child… his son.

”What did you say? ” The God Emperors voice held a hint of annoyance and his gold eyes narrowed, his hair snapping around him like thunders tail.

Tian Na, the only Healer with the Sapphire Souljewel bowed before the God Emperor, she looked flawless with a face that was neither old nor young and long black hair that reached her knee, ”The birth itself was a success, ” she paused, finding the right word

”But? ” The God Emperor asked.

She frowned, ”But his Souljewel is…., ” She bowed again and the God Emperors mood darkened further making the air in the room snap with tension, ”His Souljewel is Lightless Your eternal majesty. ”

The God Emperor caressed his long mustache and frowned slightly, ”This is very disturbing news, Tian Na. Who have you told? ”

”I have told no one saves the mother of your son, ” she replied looking at the God Emperor for what his next move would be.

”Ah…Jing…, ” He smiled slightly, ”she was one of my concubines but I had relieved her of that role after we moved out of the first realm after our victory with those demons. I did not know she would take with a child. ”

”What will you do now, your majesty? Shall I have the child taken care of? ” Tian Na asked.

The God Emperor thought about it and then opened his mouth but was interrupted by the throne room door opening and a loud voice calling, ”why have the child killed when we could all just play games? ”

They turned and the immortal status came to life in a blaze of blue light– they are tall status with a bulls head and the body of a man– and came forward with their sword drawn but the God Emperor spoke a single word and the stopped where they stood but they didn return to their place.

The man that had come in unannounced was a very tall man with short hair and a na rrow build, his face was smooth and his eyes were red– the eyes of a demon– he wore a white robe and spread his hands, ”Im not here to do battle. I came here to play a game. ”

”You are not welcomed here, Demon King, ” the God Emperor said, his aura flaring.

The demon smiled, the Souljewel Diamond on his head glowing sliver, he opened his mouth and his long sharp teeth showed, ”Am I not now? I thought we signed the treaty that allowed demons and immortals humans to live happily ever after. ”

”You lost, Kong Chang and you failed to take the Heavenly Jewel, ” Tian Na hissed.

”I failed? That might be the case but I still Im the Diamond Lord and just one step to rule all of the heavens, ” he paused at the dais to the throne, just a few steps from the immortal status.

Hes the Diamond Lord, and just one step from ruling all the seven realms– because hes the only one in the position to challenge the God Emperor. Kong Chang had gathered allies and fought a two thousand years war to kill the God Emperor so that the demon race could rule supreme but he had been stopped by the God Emperor and his allies.

”What do you want, Kong Chang? Im not in the mood for your plays. ” The God Emperor said.

”I have come up with a plan to settle this war between the two of us finally. ” He smiled.

”War? You lost, Demon King and the immortal humans are ruling supreme. ” The God Emperor frowned.

”But you and I both know I have the ambition to take that throne you are sitting on and I won stop even if I have to pull the seven realms into war again. ” He shrugged.

The God Emperor narrowed his eyes, ”what do you have in mind? ”

”This your son, this lightless son of yours, if he could make it to the sixth realm to challenge me of the Diamond Souljewel then I have lost and I will lose all my powers but if he can by the time he dies, ” he showed his teeth, ”then I will take the throne and you will lose all your power. ”

The God Emperor thought about this, ”Without you influencing? ”

”Your Eternal Majesty! You can mean…., ” The God Emperor stopped Tian Na with a raise of his hand.

”Without the influence of the both of us, yes. ”

”And he only had to issue a challenge? ”

”Of course. ”

”He carried within him my will you know, very well. I accept but he must not be told and it starts on his eighteen birthday. Do you Kong Chang, Demon King accept? ”

”I do. ”

The room shivered as a wave of power passed through the room, a golden light appeared in the middle of the room and connect the both of them before fading away.

”It is done, ” the God Emperor said.

”Yes, it is, ” Kong Chang said and in a flash of skiver mixed with dark aura he was gone, his laugh echoing in the now silent throne room.

”My Lord, why? Hes lightless, ” Tian Na said.

The God Emperor smiled lightly, ”Because hes my son. ” He said simply.

Tian Na looked at him worried, a very dangerous game had just begun.

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