Luo Shun was frozen for only a moment before he dived, grabbed the snapped arrow, and narrowly missed a punch from the qi sprite, he hurriedly moved backyard keeping his eyes on the sprite.

He want to make a run for it but his eyes caught the Souljewel on the sprites head, that jewel might just be the thing he needed to power the jewel on his forehead and have the Amber jewel but it would be a dangerous no.. stupid thing to try and face this lumbering Sprite.

But he had to try, he looked at the broken arrow that had cost his life savings to get and looked at the jewel at the head of the sprite again, he just might have a chance, a very slim one.

He concentrated hard on the jewel on his forehead, steadying his breathing and cycling qi throughout his body to get it to his forehead, he might not be a powerful or competent sacred practitioner but he could still use qi, his problem was that his Souljewel could not absorb enough qi to become an Amber Souljewel– the first rank of all sacred practitioner– and that means he could not use any affinity effectively.

He put the head of the broken arrow in his mouth then he focused hard and brought up his right hand, he directed the little qi energy he had in his left palm to make a small almost pathetic ball of pure qi. Almost as if the qi sprite could sense his qi energy, it limbered blindly his way and just as it was about to get to him, Shun released the qi ball into the nearest tree to the left, the qi sprite followed the qi ball and just as it bent over it, Shun jumped to action.

He might be the lowest in their small province and his family but he still trained physically as everyone else. He jumped and grabbed one of the branches of the qi sprite and swing his body over, landing at the back of the qi sprite.

He drove the head of the arrow into the back of the qi sprite, the arrow glowed with a green light, freezing the qi sprite for a while as Shun crawled over its head to grab the Souljewel, it released easily enough because once you touch the Souljewel of animals or trees It automatically releases and that was why they fought tooth and nail for it not to be touched.

He was still admiring the cool green jewel when he felt something punch him hard, he landed on the forest floor his eyes watering from the pain in his right shoulder but gripped the jewel tight. The qi sprite had used its last power to make the punch before it collapsed In a shower of green light and green leaves.

But he grinned stupidly to himself, he had done it.

He didn know how much he could achieve from this Souljewel but he was willing to find out anyway, he was holding a jewel full of qi energy. He stood up, groaning with pain but he was happy even though he would be walking through the forest with his pack and a painful shoulder.


The yellow vines Provence was just one of many in the first realm, thousands of people live and make their living here. Their house was made of simple wood, fitted tightly together, and covered with a tiled roof.

He lay on his bed in his room, his body still full of adrenaline from the days event. His mother had looked at him when he came home and had clearly told him to take a bath before eating and now he lay on his bed thinking about what he had done and he couldn even believe he had done it!

”Shun! ” The voice of his stepfather echoed loudly.

Shun stood from his bed and make his way to the room where his family sat waiting for him.

On the table lay the qi sprite Souljewel, gleaming with a cool green light. His mother had taken it from him when he returned and now his family looked at the jewel with gleaming eyes.

”Luo Chun should have the jewel since he would be the one representing our family in this years tournament, ” Shens stepfather, Luo Rong said. Luo Shun knew that his stepfather didn have any affection for him and he was sure the broadly built man didn hate him either, he was rather… indifferent like Shen was so beneath his notice he didn even need to bother himself.

”I have studied the Souljewel and it carries no particular power, it only purifies the qi energy you have already, ” her mother said, she was a very tall woman with black long hair. She worked as a wood crafter now that she had stopped her warrior life.

”Well anything to help him In the tournament would do, wouldn it? He needs to advance ” Rong counter while Chun smirked from where he sat.

”Im joining the tournament too, ” the last member of the family and Shuns baby sister, Luo Mei– she was more than a stepsister to him because she was the only one that care about him.

Rong snorted, ”you just awakened your affinity, why should you be bothered with advancing? All other Sixteen would just awaken. Chun is an initial Amber already, he should be able to get to exceptional if he used the Souljewel. ”

Mei shook her head, ”I want to advance to initial Amber before the tournament, how would I beat all those from the high-class family? Im sure they are all initial Amber. ”

”Mei should use part of it too, I think all three of us should use the jewel. ” Their mother agreed and Mei grinned while Chun scowled.

Shun moved from where he had sat silently as they debated how to use what he had suffered to acquire without putting him on their plan.

”What about me? Will I get to use it? ”

They all started as if they couldn believe he was still there in the room with them. Why call him in the first place then?

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