ugh he hated Chun, Shun knew he had talent.

”I say we do as I said, Chun gets half and the rest get the other half. ” Rong insisted but Jing shook her head.

Shun beat her to speak, ”you have to give me half, I can disgrace this family and the bigger family in the tournament. The family elders are already looking at us like a hulk when mother lost last year. ”

Their mother had lost her tournament the last time it took place which was one year ago. The Family, Shun family is just another family in the pool of little families that made up the Luo Family and the elders had their eyes on them since last year.

”Very well. Let Shun have the half and Chun and Mei share the rest. ”

Chun looked shocked, ”but father! ”

”We can have the boy disgracing us, give him the half, for all the good itll do him, ” he stood up and walked out of the room.

His mother handed the Souljewel to him and he took it noticing that it was still cool to the touch It filled his hand.

He cleared his mind, trying to get the qi in his body to move with his heartbeat which circled the qi in his Souljewel then he put the Souljewel in his mouth and…suck it. That was what it looks like anyway but it was more of him just inhaling and the energy flowed from the jewel-like green smoke in his mouth. It tasted like old leaves and earth, like vines and herbs.

His Souljewel tingles, reacting to the flow of energy in his body, he tried regulating the energy flow, circling it in his body and through his Souljewel.

”Well? Do you feel any different? ” Mei asked as he handed the tree Souljewel over, the Souljewel had dimmed in the glow.

Shun thought it over, ”no, not unusual. ”

”Well, I better get to mine. ” She put the Souljewel close to her mouth and inhaler and when she stopped the Souljewel had lost almost all its glow as she also handed it over to Chun who did the same.

”I don feel anything unusual either, ” Mei said, ”maybe itll take time. ”

Before anyone could reply a knock came at their door, Mei went to open it and In came a man from their Family.

”Good evening, Luo Jing, ” he greeted, ”the senior Elder needed Luo Chun and Luo Shun. ”

Jing frowned, ”can it wait? He is wounded. ”

The man shook his head, ”The senior Elder said he wanted to talk about what happened today. ”

Shun looked at Chun who had frozen as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn but Shuns heart had started pounding, what did the elder want? Is it about taking a Souljewel? Or had they found out about… what he was keeping secrets about? His secret training?

”I would be glad to appear before the senior Elder, ” Shun said.

The man nodded and turned to go with Shun and Chun following him.

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