”Two mochas please ” A couple said

”Coming right up ” Percy said making them

Percy looked out the window to see Kiana talking to the construction guy

”Here you are, two mochas ” He said smiling

Kiana walked back in with a worried look on her face

”Morning, Kiana hows your morning ” Percy asked

”Good Morning Percy, my morning is well ” she said

”Yeah, I just saw a worried look on your face ” He said

”Oh that, thats nothing but I may have to leave again ” She said

”Really, where do you go ” he asked

”No where important, don worry Im not some type of white collared criminal ” she said laughing

”Look three happy customers waiting for coffee ” Kiana said

Percy took their orders, but he couldn shake away a feeling he had about Kiana

”You, might want to read this instead, then get started on the rest of the series ” Lev said to a little girl

”Thank you mister Lev ” She said running off

”Hey ” Percy said

”Are you sure you don know where, Kiana goes, like surely youd have to know ” Percy said

”I already said I do my share here ” Lev said

”No! I wanna know, she walked in looking really sad, surely something is going on here ” Percy said

”Well, maybe you should ask the person affected ” Lev said walking off

”Hey, Kiana when can I ever upgrade to books ” Percy asked

”When youve been here for awhile ” She said putting books up

”Well I think Id be more help, since you
e always leaving ” He said

”Percy, Im not always leaving, okay I love my store ” She said nearly dropping a book

”Oh, that was close ” Percy said handing her the book

”Im sorry, Percy really I am, I almost hurt my baby ” She said gripping the book

”I can tell you what I leave for please try to understand, I promise Im not a criminal ” She said

”I never said you were ” Percy said

”I just want to know why you have to go, and that construction guy who is he ” he asked

”Hes my friend ” she said

”Oh, really do you help him with his work ” Percy said laughing a bit

”Percy ” Kiana said a little mad

”Im sorry Im sorry, I just wanna know where you go, do you guys run some type of secret organization ” he asked

”Percy I know you really wanna know but I can tell you, okay ” She said

”Alright alright, Ill just keep on wondering ” he said walking off

”Hey ” Lev said

”What do you want ” Percy asked

”Are you giving Kiana trouble, and don talk to me like that ” Lev said

”No, you literally said to go ask her, and thats exactly what I did ” Percy said

”Percy, Im going to ask you, if you can close shop today ” Kiana said

”I know you want to be of more help, so heres the key ” She said

”Thanks ” he said

”Well it is only five minutes until closing so I guess closing early wouldn be an issue ” Percy said

Percy closed the shop only to come face to face with a girl who wants to return a book

”Uh, I just closed ” Percy said

”Oh, Im sorry ” She said

”Here let me have the book ” Percy said

”Ill return it alright, you shouldn be out here at night alone anyway ” He said

”My friends are right over there, and thank you ” She said

”Alright, Kiana Im going to find out what you
e really up to ” Percy said putting the book in his jacket pocket

Percy followed close by where, Kiana went

”There she is ” he said honing in on her

”Shes with that guy again, what the heck are they up to ” He said

”Ryu, I really don like this ” Kiana said

”Kiana I know but they
e distracted ” Ryu said

”Your penis, how big is it ” A man said

”Please leave me alone ” The boy screamed

The man slapped the boy

”Raising your voice at elders is wrong, young man ” The man said

”Ryu ” Kiana said

”Kiana, listen we
e not going to let that guy touch the boy ” He said

”I want you to use your band on that man, right there ” Ryu said

”How the hell did they scale this damn building ” Percy said climbing a building

”What the hell are they wearing, are they some type of superheroes ” Percy said

”And who is in the building ” He wondered looking in

”Alright, Kiana be very careful these guys they
e heavily armed ” Ryu said

”Alright Ryu Im going this is j- GAHHHHHHHHH

”Uh oh ” Percy said almost slipping

”WHO THE HELL IS THERE ” the guy said shooting

”Kiana get the boy Ill cover you ” Ryu said

The men jumped out of the window and got away

”Someone else is on this roof ” Ryu said

”Go check it out, Ryu, are you okay little boy ” Kiana said hugging the boy

”Shit ” Percy said running ah

Percy was hanging off the roof

”They didn hurt you , did they ” She asked

”No, thank you for saving me, miss ” the boy said

”Ill call some authorities theyll get you to your home ” She said

Kiana watched as the boy was back in good hands

”Now what was that noise ” She said wondering

”HEY!! Kiana, you might want to see this ” Ryu said

”Its a kid ” He said

”A kid,? Hey, Percy? ” Kiana said

”You know this boy ” Ryu asked

”Yes, he works with me at the shop, Percy what are you doing here ” Kiana said

”Are you alright ” She asked

”Yes I am ” He said

”You realize you just let one of the biggest child trafficking workers get away right ” She said

”I know who that man is, hes the one who murdered my little brother ” He was about the same age as that kid in there

”You know that guy, your brother? ” Ryu asked

”Ryu, lets get him home ” Kiana said

”Wait, Kiana are you a spy? ” Percy asked

”Well, yes I am ” She said

”Oh, now I see why you couldn tell me that ” Percy said

”I wanted to kill that guy just as much as you did ” Percy said pissed

”Percy we couldn kill him, he must come back alive and be tried for his crimes ” she said

”He killed my little brother ” He said

”Hes killed many young boys ” Ryu said

”Are you trying to say that to make me feel better, or something ” Percy said pushing Ryu

”Kiana you better get your friend, or his neck is going in half ” Ryu said

”HEY!! HEY ” Kiana said

”Put your dicks away, a prolific trafficker just got away ” She said

”Yeah, because of him ” Ryu said

”Yes, I know and Percy you should not even be here ” She said

”If stopping men like him is what you guys do, then I wanna join ” He said

”Oh ” Ryu and Kiana said in unison

”Well, we do need a sixth member ” Kiana said

”I don like this guy ” Ryu said

”Yeah and you don like ”wolf ” either, but you still work with, him ” Kiana said

”Percy, we have taken your wish into account, but first you have to go somewhere for it to really be taken into account ” She said

”First lets get sleep its going to be busy at the shop tomorrow ” Kiana said

”Little bro, I may actually get to stop the man who got you ” Percy said

”Don worry, I will Im glad you don have to worry anymore ” He said

”That man won ever hurt you again ”

”Im going to go get sleep now, Kiana the girl I work with said its going to be a busy day ” He said

”Good night, Atlas ” Percy said kissing his brothers picture

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