”That little girl has completely taken over your mind, hasn she? ” Claire teased.

”No, not at all. ” Leyon could feel his cheeks heating up at his grandmothers words. ”Shes just weird. Thats all. And she has a name that is even weirder. ”

Claire could not help but laugh at her grandson. ”Thats because she has a Japanese name, ” she clarified.

”But shes not Japanese, is she? ” Leyon asked.

”I believe she has spiked some curiosity in you, my dear. ” Claire laughed again.

”No. Im not curious. ” Leyon blushed. ”Im hungry. Lets eat. ” He quickly changed the subject.

”Okay, honey. ” Claire smiled, giving him a knowing look. ”Lets eat. Granny cooked chicken stew for you. Its your favourite, ” she exclaimed joyfully, lifting the lid of the pan. ”I made vegetable broth too. This is good for your health. Eat up lots. ”

”Mm, ” Leyon mumbled, stuffing food into his mouth.

e quite happy, aren you? ” Claire said to Leyon after a while.

”About what? ”

”Hikari. Shes the first friend you made here, is she not? No matter how much you try to hide from granny, granny can still see whats on your mind. You
e thrilled to have a new friend, aren you? ” Claire flashed her eyebrows at Leyon.

”No… its not like that. ” Leyon tried to feign ignorance but failed horribly. His face turned scarlet red in embarrassment.

”Whatever you say, my love. ”

Wearing a wide smile that reached her eyes, Claire watched her grandson hungrily dig up the food she had prepared for him. She was overjoyed. Ever since his parents death, Leyon hardly ever spoke, oftentimes brooding on his private thoughts and hiding his feelings. Claire could never do anything to bring back the boy from the past.

Leyon had completely changed since the accident. He became more responsible and independent, even though he was just a tiny little kid. He never cried, and he never mentioned or talked about the events of the car accident.

Claire had been worried about him. The disturbing thought that he might be experiencing some kind of psychological trauma had even crossed her mind countless times, worrying her endlessly. But something seemed to have changed within him after he encountered Hikari that same day. Claire could see it in his eyes, the way his spirits lightened up when he talked about Hikari.

He was starting to open up; Hikari had somehow triggered his feelings. Perhaps all he needed was a friend like Hikari, a social companion to make him feel like a kid again, to help him cope with all the pain and suffering he went through, and to allow him to heal.

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