n Jingxing, “……”

Jun Jingxing felt helpless, and he could only coax, “Okay, after you finish drinking this, Ill get you some candy.”

Only then did Sui Yan nod his head, hold onto the spoon weakly, and finish the medicine, taking small bites. 

Jun Jingxing took a small box out of a nearby cabinet, rummaged through, and pulled out some candied fruit that he had previously bought.

As soon as Sui Yan saw the sweets, his eyes lit up. He handed his bowl back to Jun Jingxing, “I finished the medicine.”

Jun Jingxing absent-mindedly counted the candied fruit and replied, “Dont act like a baby. Finish all of the medicine inside.”

Sui Yan could only stare at those fruits. He furrowed his brows as he drank the remaining medicine. 

As soon as he put his spoon down, Jun Jingxing stood up and shoved a piece of sugarcoated candied fruit into Sui Yans mouth. He smiled, “Is it sweet?”

Sui Yan kept the candied fruit in his mouth while he licked off the sugar on his lips. He blankly nodded, “En!”

Jun Jingxing said, “You can only have five of these every day.”

As he spoke, he put four pieces of candy into a palm-sized box, which he placed on the bedside table, within Sui Yans reach. 

Sui Yan stopped licking the candied fruit in his mouth and looked at Jun Jingxing incredulously, “Why?”

Jun Jingxing answered, “Eating too many sweets is not good for your body. If you are well-behaved, Ill let you drink half a bowl of sweet soup after it gets warmer.”

In other words, Sui Yan could not even drink sweet soup anymore.

Sui Yan was so shocked that he turned even paler. He clung onto his last hope, “Wh……why?” 

Jun Jingxing replied, “I took a look at the sweet soup that your kitchen makes. The base of the soup is ginseng. Your body is in such a bad condition, and you still have the guts to drink ginseng soup? Are you scared that you wont die fast enough?”

Sui Yan didnt understand, “What?”

Sui Yan was so sick that he felt confused, and he didnt have the energy to think about these things.

Jun Jingxing reached out to touch Sui Yans forehead as he explained, “Besides how sick people should avoid ginseng soup, there is still some poison in your lungs, even though we resolved most of it. Ginseng soup is a great tonic, but if you drink too much, you can trigger the latent poison in your bones.” 

Sui Yan couldnt think straight, so he could only nod, “Oh.”

Jun Jinxing continued, “Fortunately, you didnt drink much ginseng soup at the banquet, or you might have passed away within a few hours of consuming that poison.”

Sui Yan continued to nod. He seemed to have thought of something, but because his body was still too weak, he could not figure out what it was. The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt.

Jun Jingxing pressed Sui Yans shoulder so that he would lie down and said, “You can sleep for a bit. Ill wake you up later to take your medicine.” 

Sui Yan had already been exhausted, so he readily closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the front hall of the side courtyard, Duan Zhisu had already drunk two cups of tea but still had not seen Sui Yan.

Haitang was repeatedly apologizing, his face full of cold sweat, “Young Master is unwell. He just fell asleep.”

Song Xian nearly smashed the cup in his hands. He raged, “What does he mean by this? We have already been waiting here for an hour, and all he does is pretend to be sick and send a servant to deal with us!” 

Duan Zhisu thought about it and felt that something was wrong. Although Sui Yan was stubborn, he had never acted this presumptuously. Moreover, the two of them had always had a good relationship, so it wouldnt make sense for Sui Yan to make up such nonsense just to avoid him.

Duan Zhisu put on his cloak and stood up, “Ill go take a look.”

As he spoke, he began to walk towards the inner room in the rear courtyard.

Haitang rushed to stop him, “Your Highness, please stop! Young Master is really sick, and he cant see any guests……” 

Song Xian grabbed the frantic youth. His face darkened as he threatened, “If you say any more nonsense, Ill have people beat you up!”

Haitang was so scared that his eyes were full of tears, but he still whimpered, “Young Master really…..cannot see……”

Song Xian shouted, “Shut up!”

Duan Zhisu ignored the two tussling behind him. He walked up to Sui Yans room and entered, completely not regarding himself as an outsider. 

To hide that Sui Yan had been poisoned, Jun Jingxing had driven away all of the servants these past few days. He had only allowed Haitang to enter the room to deliver food and medicine. Thus, when Duan Zhisu walked in, nobody stopped him.

As soon as Duan Zhisu stepped inside, he smelt a medicinal fragrance and frowned.

Was Sui Yan really this sick? He hadnt gotten better after this long?


The bead curtains at the entrance of the inner room swayed, tinkling as the jade beads collided. Just as Duan Zhisu was about to walk through, a hand lifted the curtain from the inside.

Jun Jingxing had been cleaning up the mess on the ground. He stepped out to take a look when the door opened, only to see Duan Zhisu.

Duan Zhisu frowned, “You are……”

Jun Jingxing bowed and lightly said, “This subject greets His Highness the Third Prince. Little Young Master has already fallen asleep.” 

Over the past few days, Jun Jingxing had already figured out where Sui Yan had gotten poisoned, so he felt unhappy when he saw the Third Prince. Although he didnt know why Sui Yan had gotten poisoned, he knew it had something to do with the person in front of him.

Duan Zhisu replied, “I just want to take a look at him.”

Jun Jingxing sneered in his heart and stepped aside to let Duan Zhisu through.

Duan Zhisu directly lifted the bead curtain and walked through. 

Sure enough, he found that Sui Yan had already fallen asleep, just like what Haitang and Jun Jingxing had said. His hair was scattered over the pillow, and the only color on his face was on his lips, making him seem terrifying.

Duan Zhisu froze and stared at Sui Yan, scared to step any closer.

Sui Yan quietly lay there, and he seemed to be dead.

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