Jiang Rongrong asked in a low voice.

“Old Lady, the shop workers said they are not working today.”

“Thats nonsense! The person after you obviously got the queue number, why did they refuse to give it to you?”

Seeing the darkened face of Jiang Rongrong, Yang Liwei scolded.

Chagrined, the servant was clueless as well.

“Ill go down to find out what happened.”

Feeling disdainful, Yang Liwei could not get over it and decided to alight to find out what happened.

When the waiter saw someone alighting from the car, a sound came from the earpiece he was wearing. The expression in his eyes changed and he switched the numbering machine off right before Yang Liweis eyes.

Yang Liwei halted in her footsteps, immense agitation overwhelming her.

This was obviously intentional!

Suppressing that immense anger, she walked up to the waiter and asked coldly,

“What does your shop want? Why is it picking on us? You opened up a business to be selective about your customers?”

The waiter gave a smile that told of the official professional mannerism that he should have and said politely,

“Yes, Madam. However, youre the only selected customer in our shop thus far!”

Yang Liweis legs turned jelly-like and nearly sat on the ground with the immense anger she felt.

“You… you all… I… I want to sue all of you!”

“Please go ahead.”

The waiter gave an impeccable smile, as if he could not be bothered with being reported.

Yet, it was precisely so that got Yang Liwei hesitant. She decided not to take any steps rashly.

Ru Yixuan was not such a simple place. There was a reason why it did not collapse after years of operation.

Given that someone as insignificant as the waiter was given the right to be this arrogant, the owner must be someone powerful.


“We did not steal or create trouble here before. Why are we given this differentiated treatment?”

Though Yang Liwei no longer felt incensed, she still felt angry.

“Thats because you offended our future Lady Boss.”

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