Strength of Heart

The start of something new

Its been a month since anyone last heard from or saw Asuna. He didn even show up To Takeos burial. Toko feels the worse about this because not only is it his fault for just allowing Takeo to go, but he should have helped and he should have kept better watch on Asuna. Again In Tokos mind he thinks of himself as a coward and burdens the guilt of everything himself. Toko by himself just stares at the sun. He slowly pulls out a sword and thinks to himself; how hes the reason he lost his family and keeps losing more.

Toko: ”Im still too weak, I should live no longer ”.

Just before he stabs himself Hitomi yells his name. When he turns to look he just starts to cry and falls to his knees dropping the sword. He continues to cry as Hitomi goes over to him kicks the sword and gives him a hug. This shocks Toko as he looks in the mirror and can see Hitomis face and seeing her cry.

Hitomi ” its not your fault , don blame yourself, don do this to us please. Please , don leave us too! ”

Toko hugs her tighter, apologies and they just sit there in silence. The day goes by and nothing seems normal. Everyone is distant and introverted towards each other the death of Takeo and Asuna going missing is really taking its toll on them.

Asuna just sits in front of a fire staring at it. As he thinks about Takeo it just seems to fill his mind with vengeance and his heart with hate. Asuna was filled with hatred and it was overwhelming him, changing him. Asuna sitting there at the fire then all of a sudden hears a voice in his head. The voice just keeps telling him that it could help him get all of his revenge.

Asuna ” you don know me, how could you help me?!

Sinitro ” I understand you suffer, you mourn, you are anxious to get your vengeance on the person who caused you this suffering. I could help you.

Asuna ” Ahhhhh leave me alone get out of my head!

Sinitro walks from the darkness to show himself as he gets close to Asuna grabs his head and says ” I could end all of your suffering ”. After saying this he shows how Takeo died and who killed him. Seeing this enraged Asuna to the point where he just saw red and agreed with Sinitro. Asuna didn care about anything at this point just about his revenge that he didn think of what could go wrong, and what else he could lose. Sinitro uses his manipulation Sorcery able to control ones mind giving them dark entertainment making them far more powerful than they were before. Sinitro ends up taking control of Asuna and basically uses him like a puppet. On Asunas arm a mark forms, which signifies Sinitro has taken control. Asuna looks at his hands and his body then looks at Sinitro. He asks what has he done to him, to which Sinitro smiled saying, ” I put you on a level you wouldn have reached on your own. ” Asuna just keeps staring at his hands as he just thinks at how awesome the power is and how much stronger he feels. Asuna clinches his fist and tries to rush to where Shinto is. Before he can Sinitro tells him that he granted him this power but he expects something in return, he wants Asuna to kill certain people. At first Asuna was hesitant, but he agrees because vengeance overwhelms him to the point where all he wants to do is kill Shinto and doesn care for anything. He is willing to kill him no matter what it takes, not thinking of what it might cost him. Sinitro takes Asuna to Shinto, but before Asuna confronts him Sinitro tells him not to forget their deal. Asuna goes to Shinto challenging him as they start to fight. At this point Shinto is no match for Asuna. As Asuna holds Shinto by the throat choking him; Shinto tells him how hes way stronger then Takeo was, as he asks him what did it cost for him to achieve this strength. It makes Asuna think about the deal and thinks about what hes doing. He snaps out of it then pierces Shintos chest the same way he did to Takeo. Shinto looks at Asuna and says, ” it is far from over. ” Asuna just throws his body without care or giving second thought to his warning. After Asuna killed Shinto he walks back to Sinitro bows his head, looks at the blood on his hands and says, ” what is it you want me to do? ” Sinitro smiles and takes him to a village. Asuna looks at him perplexed, but then realizes as he says, ” no, I know what you want me to do,Im not going to! ”

Sinitro ” Im afraid you have no choice. ”

As he makes a symbol with his hands, binding Asuna to him making him do whatever he tells him. It doesn take long until he makes Asuna invade a huge village and just annihilate everything. Nothing but screams of anguish and tears of erosion. All the pain and suffering coming from the village, Hitomi can hear, as it makes her cry and feel pain. It lasts for a long time since Asuna isn there to help her and calm her down. Until finally she calms down and curls up into a fetal position telling Toko and the others to help her because she doesn want to hear the trauma anymore. All they could do is cry with her because they don know what to do or how to help.

Asuna kills and destroys everything. At this point he can think for himself as Sinitro has complete control of his mind and body. Sinitro looks into Asunas memories to see his family and where they live which interests Sinitro. Toko helps Hitomi up. Hitomi notices Asunas energy and rushes outside to see if its really him. When she gets outside she smiles to see that it really is Asuna. Toko, Azuma and Akuma follow as they all get excited to see him. Hitomi runs all the way towards him and gives him a hug. Toko looks at Asuna and can see theres something wrong. Hitomi can too, she just doesn want to believe it. She looks up to see his eyes completely dark, she asks is he ok. Asuna puts his hand up, as Toko yells for Hitomi to get out of the way because theres something wrong with Asuna. Hitomi looks at him smiles and says, ” no theres nothing wrong with him, hes the same Asuna weve always known. ” Toko yells, ” Hitomi! ” Asuna slaps Hitomi through the air as Azuma catches her leaving her unconscious.

Azuma ” Asuna what the hell is your problem?! ”

Akuma ” that isn Asuna, just take Hitomi somewhere safe and watch over her ”.

Azuma nods and leaves. Toko goes to the side of Akuma and says, ” thats not Asuna, but its still his body be careful I can tell hes changed. ”

Akuma ” Ill deal with Asuna for as long as I can, in the mean time you have to find whoever is controlling him and…. ” before he could finish his sentence Asuna tackles him.

Toko ” Akuma! ”

Toko ends up going to find Sinitro, but hes not alone. Toko is shocked to see Shinto and Sinitro. Sinitro gives Toko a smile before throwing a punch but its blocked by Toko. As Shinto and Toko fight, it leaves Sinitro free to control Asuna and do whatever he wants with him. Akuma and Asuna fight, but its completely one sided because Asuna surpassed Akuma already then adding the power boost he got from Sinitro. Toko fighting with Shinto and it seems they are evenly matched as they just go back and forth, trading blows.

Hitomi wakes up and wonders where she is and what happened. Azuma comes out to tell her what happened, but it just makes Hitomi cry to think about Asuna ever doing something like that to her. She starts to worry that theres no way to help him, but Azuma assures her that Toko and Akuma will bring him back and theyll be together again. Hitomi looks out the window and keeps crying just hoping what he says is true.

Just as it seems like they were evenly matched, Shintos endurance played a huge role in the fight. Tokos energy slowly draining and getting weaker. Shinto starts to win the fight making Toko fall to his knees.

Shinto ” you
e not half bad, but you are no where near as strong as Asuna. ”

When Toko hears this it angers him because he thinks about how hes always been weak and how his master saw potential in him, but he has yet to find it.

Shinto ” In the end darkness will prevail. ”

Toko ” no, because where there is hope there is light and light will always be superior! ”

When he says this his eyes glow yellow and he gets a glow to his body a light aura. Which makes Shinto nervous so he jumps up into the air and unleashes his strongest attack.

Shinto ” Absolute Darkness! ”

Toko ” thats it? Hmph; Absolute Light! ”

After Toko unleashes his attack it completely bypasses all the darkness and disintegrates Shintos body destroying any trace of him what so ever. The light was so huge and bright that Hitomi and Azuma saw it.

Asuna and Akuma still fighting but Akuma is obviously losing as he falls and Asuna jumps on top about to pierce a sword through his chest. Asuna trying to impale it through Akumas chest as Akuma struggles to hold it and prevent Asuna from stabbing him. Sinitro is smiling as he starts yelling, ” Do it! ” Everything goes black and Toko has Sinitro by the neck, at the same time as Asuna stabbed the ground because hes back in his own mind and starts to cry getting up asking what has he done, he looks at his hands and they just keep shaking because he almost just killed his brother and he puts his hands on his head and keeps crying.

Toko palms Sinitros chest which makes him lose control of all his abilities and everyone he ever put his seal on. When Sinitro gets up he looks at Toko and gets angry rushing towards him yelling, ” what have you done to me? ” Toko closes his eyes and as Sinitro gets closer he opens them puts his hand out and a light beam from his hand pierces Sinitros chest making him cough up blood and fall to the ground seemingly dead.

Akuma grabs Asuna hugging him. Akuma tells him, ”I don care what you did, Im just glad you
e back please don ever leave again ”. Toko walks up looks at Asuna, but Asuna can face him. Toko just picks him up and hugs him without saying a word. They go back to the house; they walk in to see Hitomi and Azuma waiting for them. Asuna walks in and just stares at Hitomi and starts to cry. Hitomi runs to him and gives him a hug. Asuna hugs her tight saying, ” Im sorry ”. Hitomi doesn say anything because shes just happy that hes back so shes crying tears of joy. Azuma starts to tear up, Asuna looks at him and he tries to wipe his tears but Asuna smiles and says, ” come on ”. Azuma hugs them, right after is Akuma then Toko as they all just have one big family hug rejoicing the moment of happiness they all feel.

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