Strength of Heart

What war does!

6 months go by, as the village Shinto destroyed is still just piles of rubble that just goes on for miles. After all the killing there was no trace of anyone, not a single body was found. This was till one man walked through all the rubble as he saw the land a perfect place to live. He left and then came back, but he wasn alone. When he came back he was with his clan. The clan was known as the Nakamura clan. They ended up settling and creating a village they could call their home. In just 6 short months the village was made into the most beautiful place on earth. The village was huge, it seemed to huge for just one clan. 1 year would go by, as everything went well; the Nakamura clan was at peace in their village. It didn take long for people outside of the clan to start coming in and wanting to live their lives in the village. In just 2 months more than 2,000 people not in the Nakamura clan reside in the village. The clan had a leader whose name was Kasai and he was only 19, but he was hailed as the strongest member of the clan at the time.

The Nakamura clan was the most well known clan across the lands, but it was also the smallest. Knowing this other rival clans tried to exploit this weakness, but all who tried had failed. Kasai liked to take care of things himself, any problem they had he faced head on. His power was great, so his name alone brought fear to other clans. Kasai didn like it though; he felt as if that was all life had to offer. Him being feared, he wanted to be recognized, but not in this manner. He wanted people to look up to him not fear him. This couldn be helped, it was only inevitable to happen when all life is about, is war. People fight, hatred grows stronger, people kill, people become afraid of what they don understand and what they don understand is why Kasai is so strong and what will he do with that power. In over a course of 3 months the village grew in size and population. Not only was it home to one clan; it was home to many. To keep the village organized they established a government and hierarchy. Automatically everyone appointed Kasai as the emperor, but he immediately turned it down because he felt it was too much of a responsibility and that he wasn capable. So they decided to settle for who they felt was necessary to fit the role. They chose Mikoto. None of the Nakamura approved of this they hated the idea of someone other than their clan leading. Kasai decided he would just protect the village, but even he felt uneasy about Mikoto leading. Kasai kept to himself because he felt like if he were to reject Mikoto then it would stir up problems in the village and a civil war could break out. With him not being trusted Kasai decided to become an advisor, but if Mikoto wanted to change anything he would have to get approval from Kasai. With this, Kasai kept his suspension undercover while also regulating over the village. In just two years Mikoto ended up creating (THE CORE) an undercover highly skilled group of warriors to carry out missions and protect the villages border. With the addition of a school he intended to be for the children, where they can grow , learn fighting skills and better adapt to their abilities. After making these other nations around the world started to adopt Mikotos methods and build villages to make a better way of living. Kasai began to build a trust around Mikoto believing he was ok to lead on his own. So he stepped down from being an advisor and allowed Mikoto to make all the decisions and changes. This allowed Kasai to pay more attention to his training and personal life.

With there being only 7 crystals and each of the countries possessing one all seemed to be going well. That is until Mikoto decided that he wanted to obtain all crystals for himself in an act of greed. Kasai totally oblivious to what Mikoto was doing, it was very easy for him to collect two crystals from villages heavily guarded. The use of The Core was very efficient as they obtained the crystals without any trouble and returned them back to Mikoto. Kasai and his childhood best friend Natsumi were always seen walking and just having a great time. When Mikoto collected 3/7 of the crystals he decided to implant them inside his body in hopes of obtaining unrivaled power. While the crystals were implanted Mikotos power increased 50X over its original base and his presence was felt. Kasai felt it, and immediately knew it was trouble. He grabbed Natsumi and told her to stay safe in the Nakamura ward. Before she ran off she put her hand on his face and told him don be reckless. Kasai closed his eyes to better pinpoint where Mikoto was. Mikoto was absorbing the power from the crystals and his energy just kept rising. When Kasai was right in front of Mikoto, Mikoto started laughing saying:

”You really believe just you alone is enough to stop me? ”

Kasai ” Any threat to my home, is my threat to deal with alone ”.

Mikoto ” Hahahahahah hahahaha , there you go acting like your the gods righteous man, you
e not! You could be killed and Im going to show you! ”

Kasai doesn even say anything he just gets in his stance ready to fight. Mikoto takes one step and he starts to feel tremendous pain. Then he grabs his head and starts hearing a voice. Kasai asks him whats wrong, but he could barely respond. Then all of sudden Mikotos body starts phasing and Kasai tries to grab him but before he does Mikoto disappears and the crystals fall. Kasai is confused as to what just happened. He picks up all the crystals and takes them to the Nakamura ward. He tries to explain to everyone what happened, but then everyone just looks at him until his brother Sasori looks him in the eyes and says, ” We tried to tell you, we warned you he couldn be trusted. But you
e you, you will always trust everyone and believe that every person is a good person until proven otherwise. We respect you as a person for your leadership, strength and guidance, but when it comes to judgment and ideology thats where you differ from the rest of the clan in what is believed to be right. ” Kasai just stares at his brother. Then finally says, ” all I want is a perfect world to live in. It makes me angry and sick to know that I will never get what I want. This world has known nothing but sin. What is so wrong about wanting to make this world a better place before I die, a better place for my children so they won have to fight the battle I so strongly tried to end. We could end this, we could create peace. ”

Sasori ” you speak of children? ”

Kasai ” yes; Natsumi is pregnant. ”

Sasori ” thats why you feel so strong about this, your acts aren for selfish reasons, you look to the future. ”

Kasai ” I look to protect my family, this clan, and this village as a whole. For me to do that I must create peace within this world, I don want to die and leave everything to my children, I want to fix it all now so they could live their lives together, grow together, and love one another. ”

Sasori ” I understand. Im sorry for my ignorance, I now know the importance of your plan and I am in full support of you wishes, as you are my younger brother. ”

Kasai ” thank you Sasori! ”

Sasori ” after all I have a family of my own! ”

When he says this he smiles and waves for someone to come over. When he does a woman and her child come over as he puts his arm around them ready to introduce.

Sasori ” youve been so busy brother so I haven had time to tell you. Especially with everything weve been through in the past 2 years. But this is my wife Katami and our child Jin. ”

Kasai ” I… I had no idea. ”

Sasori ” I know I wanted to tell you sooner its just with everything going on with the village I just never got around to it. ”

Kasai ” Im glad for you elder brother. ”

Kasai bends down to rub Jins head as he smiles and thinks to himself how excited, but scared he is for his son to be born. Just before Kasai leaves , Sasori asks when his son is to be born. Kasai tells him they
e expecting him to be born on September 12th which is 6 months away. When Sasori hears this, he gets surprised because that is the same birthday as his son Jin. Kasai looks at Jin then smiles as he says Jin and his son will be the future of the Nakamura clan and he hopes that they get to live their lives and that their future would entitle peace.

When Kasai takes Natsumi home he puts her in bed as shes sick. Kasai is worried as he puts a damp warm cloth on her head and tends to her needs. While hes taking care of his wife hes being watched and monitored for everything he does. Kasai notices the presence but its too late. When he goes to check; whoever was watching him had been long gone.

*In a hideout*

A man reports back telling people of the birth of Kasais son that will take place in 6 months. This doesn stir any attention because they know of Kasai and how powerful he is so they don want anything to do with him. One man smiles and loves the idea of fighting Kasai. So he tells everyone that hell do it himself he will fight Kasai and take the child all alone.

6 months go by and Natsumi is giving birth to their child. Kasai is with her holding her hand trying to calm her down. Doctors surround the bed because Natsumi is in the most agonizing pain. Kasai squeezes her hand looks her into the eyes , smiles and tells her its going to be alright. In that moment as she pushes, a healthy child is born. They let Natsumi hold the baby first and as shes cuddling with him it makes Kasai cry. Just before there
e about to give Kasai his child, all the doctors faint and the baby falls. Kasai is fast enough to catch him but when he looks up he notices all the doctors are down and Natsumi is unconscious.

Kasai ” Natsumi….. Natsumi whats wrong?!

When he starts trying to wake her up his vision starts to go blurry and he can find his child. He turns around to see a man holding his baby. He slowly walks towards him telling him to give him his child back.

Yawn ” wow you really are something special. You must be one strong man in order to fight off my spell for this long. ”

Kasai ” why? Give me back my child!

Yawn smiles and tells Kasai hell be looking forward to their fight. Then he vanishes leaving Kasai on his knees. Kasai could barely stand, but he starts to crawl and he goes to where Natsumi is. He tries to get up but he can . He gets mad and starts to punch the ground as he yells. He starts crying and keeps punching the ground. Until Natsumi wakes up and puts her hand on his face. Shes crying as well and says ” please….. get our son back Kasai please….. ” Kasai is able to put his hand on top of Natsumis as he gathers the strength to pick himself up. Kasai grabs her hand with both of his eyes closed and tells her he will bring their son back. Natsumi smiles.

Kasai goes to the Nakamura ward and tells his clan to go protect Natsumi. Then he tells Sasori to come along with him to go get back his son. Kasai goes to get his cloak which has his clans crest as he tries to figure out where to go. While Yawn is holding Kasais son he starts to cry and when he does the lightning aura from his body shocks Yawn causing him to drop him. Kasai closes his eyes to try and pinpoint his location and while his son is crying he senses his aura and grabs Sasori as they teleport and appear in front of Yawn. Kasai looks behind him and sees his son he tries to go grab him, but Yawn makes him disappear right in front of Kasais eyes.

Kasai get angry turns around and rushes towards Yawn making Yawn snap his fingers and it makes Kasai stop in the air and he can move his body.

Yawn ” you
e fast Ill give you that, but Im gonna show you that you can be defeated. ”

Kasai still angry starts to move, and Yawn gets shocked because hes not supposed to be able to move anything. It doesn take long for Kasai to break out of the spell and when he does he kicks Yawn causing him to fly back creating great distance. Yawn gets up smiling as he takes of his shirt, cracks his neck and gets in his fighting stance. Kasai tells Sasori to take his son and go back to the village. Sasori picks up the child and tries to run, but hes stopped. He starts backing up because a half demon is in front of him. Totsuki makes his first appearance as the man who is half demon , half human. Sasori is completely frozen and can move because hes in fear. All he can feel is the aura from Totsuki , and he starts shaking.

Totsuki ” it seems you have realized the ultimate power , what I am is unrivaled by anyone. ”

Even Kasai is shocked at the overwhelming power of Totsuki. Totsuki walks right over to Sasori and takes the baby, when he does Sasori just falls to his knees.

Kasai ” Sasori get up , its not over we have to fight, we have to get my son back. Please I need you! ”

Sasori ” Im sorry I can , my body won move , his power is far greater than mine I don want to fight him, Im sorry brother. ”


Yawn ” you
e fighting me , don ignore me Im not one to be trifled with!

He captures Kasai in the spell again making him completely immobile. Then Totsuki picks up Sasori , smiles then throws him against a tree calling him a worthless excuse for a Nakamura.

Totsuki ” is this it? Is this the great power of the Nakamuras? All that fear of this mighty clan just for it to be a joke. When Im done taking the power from this boy I will kill every last Nakamura starting with your precious Natsumi. ”

When he says this it triggers something in Kasai that makes him angry with lightning aura surrounding his body and his eyes turn blue , glowing as he breaks out of Yawns spell with ease.

Kasai takes one step then vanishes. Totsuki gets surprised then sees Kasai holding his child.

Totsuki ”How? How did you take him back from me? ”

Kasai goes to Sasori picks him up , hands him his child and tells him to get out of here. Sasori grabs the child and starts to leave.

Totsuki gets mad and charges towards Sasori , but hes stopped by Kasai who grabbed his hand headbutts him then kicks him away.

Kasai ” Go! Now! ”

Sasori shakes his head then starts to run away. Totsuki gets up and is angry, while Yawn is just watching In fear. Totsuki yells at Yawn to come and help.

Kasai ” whats wrong ? I thought you said us Nakamuras are weak and worthless, why do you look frightened? ”

Totsuki ”Im not afraid , I am the ultimate being of this world , everyone is below me and I will not lose to you! ”

Totsuki charges towards Kasai throwing an array of attacks and combos , but they all miss , Kasai is too fast.

Kasai ” Im going to give you a chance to leave, this power I have , I can control it and if you push me I might end up killing you. ”

Yawn backs up slowly in fear, but Totsuki grabs him and throws him towards Kasai. Kasai vanishes and ends up behind Totsuki uses his lightning drill piercing through Totsukis body making him cough up blood then falling to his knees. Kasai looks at him and Totsuki is presumed dead. Then he walks over to Yawn looks at him and tells him to leave.

Yawn starts to run away , but Kasai says wait , ” if you ever think about hurting my family , my clan , or even my village you will be killed. ”

Yawn leaves. Kasai loses the Aura and just stares at Totsukis body before he teleports away. Meanwhile Sasori is still running, but for a split second Sasoris body gets covered in darkness as it directly goes into his wounds and he doesn notice. Kasai teleports in front of him , smiles and teleports them all back to the village. When they get back Kasai hugs Sasori thanking him. Sasori pushes Kasai off saying , ” no problem , but you don have to hug me. ”

Kasai ” sometimes I never know whats gonna happen, for all I know this could be my last time seeing you. So I just felt the need to show affection. ”

Sasori ” Hmmmm ”

As he walks away , making Kasai drop his head. He looks at his child , smiles , looks into the sky and then it clears up and becomes a sunny day again. He goes to see Natsumi whos crying tears of joy that the child is safe , as she grabs him , hugs him and just keeps crying.

Natsumi ” I think its about time we name him don you think? ”

Kasai ” yeah , but what? ”

Natsumi ” how about Ziku. ” She says smiling and blushing.

Kasai ” you.. you want to name him after my brother? ” He says tearing up.

Natsumi ” yes, I know how much you loved him and how much you miss him so I thought about giving him that name ever since I first knew I was pregnant. ”

Kasai ; crying , ” its perfect. Thank you. ”

As they both just smile at each other then lean in to hug each other.

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