In the original owners memory, apart from Han Qingsong, her husbands family, and her familys old enemies who fought all year long, there was really no one else that she could recall, let alone a neat and organised man.

Yanghan could see that she didnt seem to remember him, causing his smile to hint a tinge of playfulness, “Arent you Lan Huahua?”

Lan Huahua? Her hair was going to stand erect; who the hell is Lan Huahua?

Oh. She remembered that the original owners name could technically be interpreted as Lin Lan. 

She was from the countryside, after all. The people there would name their daughters after the names of flowers, plants, crops and so on but never really naming them with the wordLan '(1).

(T/N: Lan— orchid and Lan—haze/ mist,  have the same pronunciation but different ways of writing. Here, it is said that MCs Lan came from the origins of the wordhaze/ mist  instead of the orchid)

But seriously, Lan Huahua…is way too cheesy.

Yanghan looked at her and saw her horrified expression before he laughed hysterically, “Dont be afraid, I am not a bad person.”

Doesnt reassure me when actual ill-intent people never openly declare that they have bad intentions.

Lin Lan never forgot about Lan Huahua, though.

Yanghan quickly said, “Lin Lan, Im Panpan,” If he didnt clarify it, he was worried that the person in front of him would start to hit him.

“Panpan… Ah, its you, Yang Pangpang(2)!” Lin Lan suddenly remembered, she remembered!

(T/N: His name is similar to how one would address a plump person in a cute way. Fat in Chinese s read aspang so instead of calling himPanpan, his nickname wasPangpang because he was chubby as a child)

When the original owner was a child, she had a friend whom she knew of as Panpan. However, everyone called himPangpang because he was truly fair and chubby at the time.

Its quite strange now that she thought about it. In the 1950s, everyone lived less than comfortable lives where there was never enough food or never enough warmth. Everyone had skinny frames due to the uncertainties of the limited resources, yet Yang Panpan was able to become fat under those circumstances.

Everybody thought that it was odd, secretly wondering if he actually ate ten eggs a day!

At that time, two people in a family were only allowed to rear one chicken. With the number of people in his family, they were allowed to raise two and a half chickens. However, his grandmother surprisingly reared six chickens and was never caught in the act. All she wanted to do was to make sure that her one and only grandson remained well-fed.

She recalled another memory— this time the original owner was younger. At the age of eight years old, she started working and Yang Panpan went to school. Boys and girls never really mixed or interacted at the time, because once they did, theyd be teased by the other kids.

For young children who simply thought that women would become pregnant if they hugged or kissed each other, it was true that male and females wouldnt play together unless they intended to start a relationship.

But when the original owner got older, she was busy fighting with her third sister. Indeed, she didnt care much about what was going on with the other people around her,  so Yang Panpan was also forgotten and placed in the back of her mind.

Despite hearing Lin Lan call himYang Pangpang again was like a payback for him addressing her by her nickname, Lan Huahua, there was no awkwardness in his actions. He smiled and said, “Yep, thats me. Come on, let me take you for some steamed buns.”

Lin Lan was overjoyed, “Finally, I found someone that I know here. I;m going to have a good, hearty meal…” Realizing that she was a little ecstatic, she smiled embarrassedly, “No offense, but Im kind of starving.”

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