Its been four hours since the plane took off. Kira fell asleep ten minutes after the lift-off, she mustve been more tired than she let on. Her head lies pressed against my shoulder as she sleeps, a soft smile resting on her face. Ive managed to keep this position for four hours and Ill do it for longer if I have to but this isn exactly what I had in mind when I picked our seats.

A braid sweeps over her face as it falls out of the messy bun on her head. As I move to put the braid back in place my hand grazes her smooth, warm cheek. I watch as her eyes flutter open just as I move the braid behind her. She lets out a soft groan before sitting up, stretching her arms out in front of her.

”Glad to see you had a good nap, ” I remark. ”Oh, Im so sorry Mr. Dewan, I didn mean to get in your space, ” Kira whispers, a morning hoarseness to her voice. Her pink lipstick highlights her plump lips and it takes everything in me to not kiss them.

How can she look so beautiful after waking up like that? I wouldn mind if you invaded my space some more.

e good, its okay, ” I respond my tone coming out indifferently. ”Have you ever been to Los Angeles before, Kira? ” I ask. ”No, Ive stayed in New York pretty much all my life, ” she answers tucking the loose braid into her bun. ”Well have to change that then, ” I respond crossing my arms. ”Is that so? ” She responds. For a solid second I think shes flirting back but then I realize that shes just matching my tone again.

I thought that shed catch on by now but it seems like she hasn quite yet. Id debated telling her but I didn want to pressure her. Although she seems super wary of my position at times, its the times when she forgets and lets her guard down that I can see into her heart most clearly. If even a small piece of her heart can be closed off for just me Id be happy.

Kira looks around the plane at the sleeping passengers. Its nearly nine oclock now but all of the employees from FixedTech are sleeping. ”Ian, do you know how much longer the plane ride is going to be? ” Kira asks, her voice coming out seductively as she stares up at me in anticipation. I don think she even realizes the grip her voice has on my heart. The way my name rolls of her tongue makes me flush every time, this instance is no different. Any more and my heart wouldn be able to take it.

I clear my throat as I look at my watch. ” about an hour forty minutes, ” I say directing my conversation to my watch. ”What kind of things should I expect for the meeting tomorrow? ” Kira asks suddenly. ”Ill be doing most of the talking while we
e in the meeting. If you have any input during the discussion in regards to your work with the previous financial statements then feel free to bring them up, ” I say. ”Just like that? ” She asks clearly shocked by the statement. ”Just like that, I trust you Kira, ” I say placing a hand on her head.

For the first time I think I mightve gotten through to her. The feeling lasts all of two seconds. Her face is a mixture of confusion but is quickly turned to assurance as if shed completely disregarded a thought, no doubt settling for the more practical option.

”Thank you for trusting my work ethic enough to include me in the meeting, ” She says beaming from ear to ear. ”Thank you for being a hard working employee, ” I respond. ”Me? Ive only worked for tw- thank you. I mean thank you, ” She says smiling sheepishly. ”You deserve the opportunity, I can wait to watch your progress, Miss Torlei, ” I say endearingly.

”Excuse me, would you like your meal now? ” A flight attendant dressed in a blue and red dress asks from the aisle. ”Yes, Ill take that meal now, please, ” I respond. ”Me too, ” Kira responds. Several minutes later the flight attendant returns with two trays. ”Here you go, enjoy, ” she says before leaving. On each tray is a croissant with sausage, an omelette, pancakes, and a small bowl of broccoli served with orange juice.

Kira clasps her hands together to pray and the stance reminds me of my own lack of prayer. I hasn prayed in over a month. Maybe its time to get back on that. Following her stance I close my eyes and begin a short prayer.

Father in Heaven, its been a minute since youve heard from me. Ive been going through a lot as you already know but thats no excuse. Lord, Ive met a woman who lights up my heart every second Im in her presence. If she can stay with me for the rest of my life I can be content. Thank you for sending her, I won screw this up this time. Amen.

When I open my eyes, Kira is already digging into her food. ”This omelette is really good, ” Kira exclaims taking another bite. I pop some of the plane food in my mouth, its nothing out of the ordinary. Probably because Ive grown used to the food. ”Im glad you like it, ” I say before taking a bite out of the sausage.

”Do you want to play a game? ” I ask after one of the flight attendants has collected our empty trays. ”A game? ” Kira asks clearly confused by the sudden proposal. ”Two truths, one lie. If I win then I get to ask you a question and you have to answer honestly. If you win you can do the same, ” I explain. Kira sits dazed obviously considering whether or not to play the game. ”You don have to play if you don want to, Kira, ” I assure her.

”Im a little tired after eating so much. I think Im just going to go to sleep for now, if thats okay, Mr. Dewan, ” Kira says leaning towards the window. Her reflection gleams in the window and I can see that the smile that shed had just moments ago is replaced with a frown. Her eyes furrow as she contemplates something. Its obvious that shes no longer tired as she shuffles in her seat for several minutes.

”Can I ask you why you applied to FixedTech, Kira? ” I ask looking up at the ceiling above me. The chatter of people on the plane becomes but a spectacle as Kira begins to speak. ”I came here for the same reason as everyone else, to make a name for myself in the financing industry and move up in FixedTech, ” She responds readily. I can help but feel annoyed at the scripted response but, I don blame her for keeping secrets.

”How were you able to build FixedTech from nothing, Mr. Dewan? It seems unlikely especially for someone who came from nothing, ” Kira asks directing the attention back on me.

There she goes again distancing herself from me. I take one step forward and she takes ten steps back.

An audible sigh escapes as I prepare to tell the story of FixedTechs founding, a story Ive mastered and told more times than I can count. ”Sometimes those that come from nothing are the ones capable of doing the most. If they
e anything like me, they want to have an impact. Thats why we
e on this trip. Its all part of the plan, ” I begin.

”I came to the U.S when I was eighteen, it was my first time on my own but I was determined to make something of myself and bring results back to my family. After a year Id made no progress so I settled for a barista job inside a small camera company. From there I made my way up asking questions and taking every opportunity to advance. When I reached the top, I declined the offer to be Vice President and used my knowledge to start from scratch with my own company, ” I finish in awe at her tentativeness to my words.

”Why would you decline such a big offer, you couldn have possibly known that FixedTech would grow this much in just over two years, ” Kira says her head tilting to the side like a golden retriever. ”You
e right, I didn know. I took the chance because I had plans for myself. The only way to pursue those plans would be to start again. ”

”Im sure your family is proud now. It couldn have been an easy thing to do on your own, ” Kira mumbles under her breath drowsily. ” Im gonna let you rest, I could use some rest before we land too, ” I say crossing my arms over my chest as I close my eyes.

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