The huge black gate opened automatically as a black range rover sport car drove in, the car pulled over in front of a huge Castle, the building must have been ten foot tall, the door at the left open for her, she carefully stepped out of the car and looked around her.

The place was massive , filled with lot of green grasses, at an extreme end were different cars parked , guards were stationed at different angles of the Castle, she could also see maids moving back and forth minding their own business.

” you have arrived ” a voice came from up.

Klein looked up towards the Castle and saw a man standing at one balcony while looking down at her with hate, the guards bowed at him with respect.

he looks handsome.

that was her first thought,

but then looking at him she was greatly convinced that hes the arrogant Prince Jayson William.

” greetings your grace ” she said bowing a little to him .

” you still have the opportunity to escape else you will die by my own hands ” he told her,

Klein felt like slapping him across the face right now, the way he said it made it seems like she was forcing herself on him when it was his father the king that particular dragged her to this place with a threat.

” tell your father the king that I don wish to marry his proud son ” Klein answered back, the guards glanced at each other.

is this girl okay?

how dare speak to the crown prince like that ?

Jayson on his own was stunned , no body has ever challenged him. except for his father and mother.

thus who the hell is this local girl to do so.

” you…. ”

” please am very tired my prince I will like to rest, as you know the journey was long ” Klein said , she lifted her dress and began to walk ahead towards the main Castle, the stunned guards didn know what to do other then to follow her.

Jaysons eyes almost pop out of its socket as he watched the girl make her way into the main Castle, no one has ever spoken to him in such manner, not even his girlfriend Becky Hathaway.

unknown to everyone, Klein has already made up her mind to be on her worst behaviour, she plans on being as unladylike as possible that way when the king notice her behaviour, he will send her back to her people, after all the crown prince need to marry someone who will rule the kingdom with him, and not someone like her, every parent want their son to marry a good woman well jokes on the king if he thinks shes going to be good for them.

she ignored the maids who bowed to her, the way she was walking in that hallway made it impossible for anyone to approach her.

she stopped when she saw Jayson coming towards her, surprisingly he walked passed her,


she was expecting him to challenge her, to say something hateful to her so that she could give it back to him, she has been rehearsing how to be the worst wife material for the crown prince.

but strangely he didn say a word to her.

well thats not good for business, if he continue to ignore then she wouldn have the opportunity to exploit her plans.

but for now, shes going to let it slide, he won probably ignore her forever.

while on the other hand, Jayson had a thought of ignoring her forever, if matters get out of hands, he will only be home during the night.

Klein was led into the throne room where the king was sitting down with the seven Lords.

everyone glanced at Klein, she had this urge of not wanting to bow to the king, but then she finally bow, not understanding why she did it.

” greetings your Highness ” she said with a bow, she didn greet the Lords, well she didn come here to show them her good girl side.

” Kleinman Philip, welcome to Haven kingdom ” the king said.

Klein faked a smile at him.

” its an honour your grace ” she said, but in her head she imagined stabbing the king and the Lords to death, for destroying her happiness.

” shes a very beautiful lady your Highness ” Lord Stanley said,

okay the first Lord on her hate list has become Lord Stanley of Stanford.

” indeed she is, that is why I chose her for the crown prince ” the king said smiling nonstop, Klein wanted to slap that smile off his face.

” Halder take her to her Chamber ” the king instructed, the Halder who was one of the guards came and escorted her out of the throne room.

” first rule to survive in Haven kingdom, don let your guard down ” the Halder told her.

they arrived at her chamber a big room on the third floor, he opened the door and ushered her in.

Klein walked in with her shoulders up, while Halder shut the door behind her.

well the room looks standard,

she fell on the soft, comfortable bed, with her face facing the ceiling, she spread her legs wide open and relaxed.

this marriage arrangement is going to be their worst mistake, she will make sure of that.

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