Hello my name is ”Alexander Nongshaba Williams ” yes I have a pretty weird

middle name its supposedly a family name passed down or what ever but,lets get to the story.Today started like any other day, except it was my birthday. I woke up

brushed my teeth, ate and then went off to work. Youve probably noticed Im just the normal young adult,20years of age if you must know. Yes I walk to work because I don have a car yet,but little did I know todays walk would change my life. As I was

Walking I bumped into this old man who looked to be homeless. Excuse me sir,

I said but he didn respond. He just kinda looked at me in a strange way then

all of a sudden he grabbed me by the arm and started squeezing it. Hey, let go

thats a tight grip u got. Then suddenly the old man let go of my arm and proceeded to walk away while mumbled a few words I couldn quite understand. It kinda sounded like he said something about a ”son of a goddess ” i wasn sure though. I finally got to work and time passed but I just couldn stop thinking about this old man I bumped into earlier and what he said to me. ”Son of a goddess ” I was so confused, and he also managed to bruise my arm. For a old guy hes pretty strong. Now its closing time and I have to walk back home, the worst part of my day yet the calmest. Why? Because its night time,as if Im not already creeped out from this morning. It was a clear night, nothing in the sky but the stars an the moon. I always thought to myself what it would be like to touch the stars. ”I wish just once I could stand out an have meaning ” thinking aloud as I was walking. Ughh! My arm, what the hell? Did that old man do more than bruise it. I raised my sleeve and there i saw a symbol. ”Holy shit, ughhh it BURNS! ” This pain, it was like

something I had never felt before. I collapsed in pain holding my arm

”AAGHHH!! It started spreading across my chest. It felt like my ribs where

being crushed around my heart. ”My vision, its getting blurry,whats going

on? ” Then A faint voice was heard saying my name ”AI…Alex..ALEX! ”. Huh?!.I woke

up but there wasn anything or anyone around just….Nothingness. I stood up

to look around, it seemed to be a ledge and someone sitting on it.so I walked

over and there….i saw him, THE OLD MAN THAT I RAN INTO THIS MORNING!?

He looked up at me and smiled saying ”your journey starts now son ”.

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