”What the hell?! Its you the old man I ran into this morning ”. Yes,it is I

(chuckling)guess you are a smart one but not smart enough to know Im not an

old man.Im maybe 1,2 hundred years older but in your world Im in my early

30s Ill have you know, The old man responds. What the hell happened to me?! What the ** are you talking about?! Where am I right now? ”Calm down Al i will tell you every- ”NO!! Don tell me to calm down you calm down, ”but I am calm ” said the old

man. (Frustrated pasting back an forth) This….its not real it can be real and

what are those bright things down there?theres so many. ”Ahh yes, those are

the worlds inside the universe ” said the old man. ( i pause)are you serious i asked . ”Yea ” he responded.Wait a minute, If those are the worlds Inside the universe then where are we exactly? ”I thought you wouldve at least guessed or got a certain feeling from this place..Hey,Do…..you feel anything here? ” Asked the old man. What do you mean? I asked,The old man stepped to the ledge and said ”this is your home, this is outside the universe ” (awkward silence)….Ha..HAHA.Haaaaa!!Whew you almost had me there for a minute.(Talking to myself), Alright Alex time to wake up (slap) wake up (slap) I know this is a dream. ”Oh but it isn al ” said the old man. Al?Why do you keep calling me Al? My father an mother are the only ones who call me that an they are people who are at home right now,The same place I should be. ”So its true

you don remember or have any knowledge of what you are capable of ” said the old man. I don remember what? ”Your parents on earth are not your real

parents ”. What do you mean I asked, the old man said ” I am a guardian of

your true mother Atiya the creator of what you see before you The Universe

and that mark there on your arm is the proof that you are her living birthed

child ”. After hearing all this from the old man I didn know what to think, I

thought I had gone **ing mad. I turned around from looking at these crazy

worlds to ask the old man, if that is all true then where is my mother? He then

walked up to me and said ”right here ” pointing at the mark from my arm to

my chest where the bruise had spread. what do you mean? (Gasp) the old man

pushed me over the ledge waving with a smile and said to me ”until next time

kid ” (Big Gasp) I awoke in a hospital room, empty and I thought was it all a

dream? Was what that old man told me real? Ughh!(trying to sit-up)My arm and chest?! The bruise is still there.

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