A fool for his sister.

Matilda Joanne Wilson Corleone gritted her teeth at the sight of Genevieve, why does she away show up and steal the spotlight away from her? She hated the fact that people always gave Genevieve their attention while at the same time they would disregard her like she didn exist.

Genevieve Corleone is the best student in Springfield high school, although she is regarded as a nerd many people admired her, everywhere she went if her intelligence wasn enough to gain a persons attention then it would be her stunning beauty. Although she isn considered one of the popular hot girls, she still is in a way popular to the point where the popular girls become insecure when it came to her.

Matilda, on the other hand, was never a Corleone, to begin with, she was just a girl who rivaled Genevieve from the shadows, She always felt like she had to compete with Genevieve even when didn . She felt like Genevieve had everything that was supposed to be hers.

Genevieve is from one of the richest families in the city but she is not, Genevieve is a bright student with straight As but she is not, Genevieve is beautiful and rumored to be given the name goddess of Springfield high school stealing hearts with her golden locks and hazel-green eye but she had to apply makeup for people to notice and compliment her and the most annoying part of it, is the fact that Genevieve is a Corleone, the name alone commands respect, She was so vexed about it, If only she had the name Corleone then people would see she is far better than Genevieve, Matilda thought.

When Matilda found out her mother divorced her dad and planned to marry into the Corleone house, she thought her prayers had finally been answered, the spotlight could finally be hers, and her fate was sealed but Genevieves existence continued to be a constant reminder that she could never be a true Corleone, she was only a Corleone on paper.

Before she felt she had to compete in a safe space from everyones eye but now people would compare them, and they would pick Genevieve over her, what did Genevieve have that made people think she is better than her? Genevieve always stole everything just like she is doing now.

*Genevieve isn your perfect girl and I will prove it, just you wait Genevieve, watch as I get those skeletons out of your closet.* Matilda resolved with her.

She watched with hateful eyes as everyone moved her attention to Genevieve as Genevieve descended the stairs.

” ” ” ”

Genevieve tried to conceal her presence from the crowd, she couldn care less about the party, at this point all she wanted was to see her brother again.

She glanced at her cousin Freya, who stood beside her, although she still felt uneasy, seeing Freya somehow put her slightly at ease. But what were these feelings? why was she so nervous? Was it because she hadn seen her brother for so long?

” Hey, are you okay? ” Freya asked when she noticed how tense Genevieve seemed.

”Yeah, Im fine ” Genevieve relayed, reassuring Freya that she was okay.

*was I that tensed that Freya could easily notice? what am I doing? you need to pull myself together Genevieve, your brother is finally coming home* Genevieve disputed within herself.

Just at that moment, the Herald announced the arrival of her father and stepmother.

All eyes moved to the stair as they watched the two figures standing in an elevated position by the flight of steps watching the people before them.

She could always feel his presence whenever he enters the room, it was menacing and it enhanced her discomfort.

” Welcome my brothers and sisters from far and wide, this celebration has brought us together as one, let us drink, feast, and be merry ” Vincenzo paused in his words and then took a glass of wine to make a toast ”We make a toast to the destruction of our enemies and of course to the return of my son, a toast to peace and uni… ”

Before he could finish the sentence the grand door to the room opened as someone barged into the room.

An intruder is a man dressed in a soldiers uniform appearing to be in his mid-twenties. he possessed sharp and piercing facial features which were very appealing. He had two other soldiers to his left and right but they seemed to be of lower ranking, with one glance at the man it was clear he wasn a man of normal status.

He continued on his strides while walking elegantly with every step he took into the room, as if oblivious to his intrusion.

As he strode through the crowd their eye met but only for a brief moment. she could also feel the frightening aura from him but for some reason, she didn find it menacing as that of her fathers.

” What insolence. ”

”Who could he be? he doesn seem of normal status. ”

” What is going on shouldn we be expecting the young lord and not this intruder. ”

”Perhaps he has something to say but such mannerisms, tsk. ”

” Regardless he is quite handsome. ”

”I doubt the lord would condone such behavior. ”

” But where is the young master, this is a celebration in honor of his return. ”

People started to whisper with every step the intruder took. The intruder stopped in his tracks and gazed forward at the head of the Corleone Emirates who stood elevated by the steps.

Vincenzo raised his hand and the noise in the room ceased.

”General Atlas ” Vincenzo voiced calmly.

They gazed into each other eyes for a while as if challenging each other.

” Forgive my intrusion ” The intruder Atlas expressed as he continued. ”I have information to pass on. ”

” And what might that be? ” Vincenzo asked with an expressionless face and modulation.

”About the young lord. ”

”What about him? ”

”He is dead ” The intruder relayed without a shivering eye as he stared at Vincenzo.

Immediately those words left his mouth, silence consumed the room, and no one dared to utter a word. The pressure in the room intensified to the point it became oppressive.

Genevieve couldn believe the words that left the intruders mouth, sweat trickled down her face. No! she refused to believe him.

She wanted desperately for the intruders words to be false, perhaps he was joking she thought but she knew one couldn make such jokes, especially with the occasion plus he didn seem like such a person.

Her brother was strong, brave, and could never be defeated, there is no way the man standing before her could be telling the truth. her body continued to shake in silence.

She noted how the intruder continued to hold her fathers gaze in a challenging manner that felt almost like they were talking telepathically.

” Where is his body ” Vincenzo asked, his voice void of emotion.

Genevieve was incensed at how her father could speak of her brother in such a light like it wasn his son they were speaking of. It was virtually like he couldn care less if his son is dead or alive.

But that was not the matter at hand, This intruder could not just barge into the room and tell her the person she had been waiting so long to meet is dead, no! she won accept it until she saw his body lying lifeless.

Genevieve didn wait for the intruder to utter another word, she sprinted out of the room, her brother is not dead, he promised her, he promised her that he was coming back, back into her arms, and he would never break his promise, she won forgive him if he did.

There were many things her brother hide from her but he guaranteed that it would all be clear, she knew her brother is part of the military, that much she is aware of, and he is one of the best they had.

He left for a top-secret mission that he couldn disclose its details but one thing was for sure which is the fact that her father knew something about it.

When Genevieve got to the entrance there was a thunderstrike, she rushed down the stairs and noted the great number of soldiers standing at attention and a luxuriously decorated casket made of gold neatly placed on a catafalque, she couldn express awareness of their existence.

”No, No, please no, it can be true ” Genevieve whispered unaware of the tears strolling down her face.

Genevieve approached the casket slowly but solicitously while praying silently that the person in the casket is not her brother.

Her brother is her light and hope, how was she supposed to continue living without him, she never knew, and she only realized it now, her brother is the only thing keeping her strong after the death of their mother, he is the reason she could endure all that she had experienced, the possibility of seeing him again gave her endurance, in the end, it wasn her solitude that kept her sane it was him, her twin brother.

The soldiers made way for her as she approached the casket slowly, they could already guess who she was, they noted how she looked so much like the young general but only with a more delicate and angelic visual.

Genevieve opened the casket to a peaceful sight.

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