Genevieve opened the casket to a peaceful sight, she could never be horrified by the face of her brother.

He lay motionless in the casket, looking as pale as a ghost, the tears streamed harder down her face but she didn say a word, she could only place one hand on her chest with the other over her mouth, she felt so much pain to the point where she didn know how to react.

She gazed lovingly at his relaxed countenance, he still looked the same but only more mature, she couldn see his beautiful hazel eye because they were closed but that still couldn hide his charm, and a sob escaped her lip.

She smiled a happy but sorrowful smile, she could see how people respected him to the point of honoring him with such a great number of soldiers. She is glad her brother had grown into such a fine and respected man, their mother would be proud because she knows she is.

Genevieve fell to her knees with the casket in front of her, her two hands resting by her sides with her face lowered down as she gazed at the ground with misty eyes.

The realization of everything dawned on her, she had lost her brother forever.

At that moment the sky started to shower, and continued to pour harder with every passing second, tears flowed down her cheek like an endless waterfall, Suddenly but slowly she started to feel herself lose consciousness the last thing she heard is a voice.

”Genevieve! Genevieve! Someone, please get an umbrella. ”

When Genevieve opened her eye again, she realized she is in her bed, a bed she never remembered laying on.

Then it all hit her like a flood of memories, her brother is dead, and the tears streamed down her face again, she knew she had missed him for so long but the thought of seeing him again gave her hope but now that hope had been shattered, it was something she could never imagine, but who could blame her, she could never see it coming.

Genevieve placed her hand on her aching heart, which hurt like it was being poked by a thousand needles, she squeezed her dress gently but firmly while struggling to restrain the pain that was tearing her apart.

Her head was throbbing but the pain in her heart was greater.

She was all alone, she felt that the most hurtful part was never getting to say goodbye. but then again, she could never bring herself to do so.

She glanced at the wall clock in her bedroom, and on realizing it is just 08:00 pm, she decided to visit her brother. She wanted to feel his presence though she could never bring herself to say goodbye.

She could hear the maids and servants in the villa, she knew the villa would still be busy at the time as it usually is and would be more active with the recent news.

She got out of her bed and chose to change her clothes into a jean and a hoody, this was because she didn want to draw attention to herself by walking around wearing a nightdress.

Genevieve knew where her brothers body is, they probably kept him in the grand hall located in the villa. It is the only place she thought they could have kept him probably in preparation for the arrival of the priest.

After changing her dress she walked out of her room, she chose not to follow the main entrance because the goal was not to draw attention to herself. she just wanted to have some time with her brother even though she knew it was just his lifeless body.

She followed the passageway which she discovered with her mother when playing hide and seek. These passageways were not known by many.

The villa is a very old one, old enough to be considered to be of ancient heritage, passed on from one head to the next. At times it would be renovated but the whole structure is never changed. This is because in a way it is connected to the genealogical background and beliefs held sacred by the Corleones, and that is why not everything is known about the Villa to date.

Genevieve thought she had safely escaped from everyones awareness but somehow someone saw her flight from the shadows.

As Genevieve walked towards the grand hall in the west wing of the villa she couldn help but reminisce on the last moments she spent with her brother before he left for the military.

Eight years ago: Corleone Manor.

(Genevieves Eighth birthday).

The room was lively with instrumental music playing in the background, some swayed away to the music, some were sipping their drink while others engaged each other in a light conversation.

”I hear the young lord would be part of the military soon, I must say that is quite the dignified choice ” A man declared after which he took a sip of his drink.

” Indeed, I must agree with sir Alexander, I have also heard of the young lords recent exploits, and now to show such intelligence and responsibility at such a young age, I must agree, it is certainly admirable. ”

”I sincerely appreciate your advocacy, Sir Alexander, Sir Elliott, my decision was only made after much consideration, and of course, my father did contribute to the ruling as well as my current achievements. ”

” I expect nothing less from The head, you show such good morals and insight, at this rate, we would be assured if the young master does take after his father and becomes the next head of the Corleone Emirates ” Sir Elliott expressed.

”Your father isn an ordinary man, he is prestigious and has brought great honor to the Corleone name, you would have to step up your game to get to his level and meet our expectations ” Alexander aired with an affirmative voice which also depicted a whiff of contempt.

” Presenting the young lady of the Corleone house, Miss Genevieve Nadia Corleone. ”

All eyes moved to Genevieve as they watched her descend the stairs, With everything step she took she kept her head held high, walking elegantly till she got to the base of the stairs.

Her eye scanned the room as if looking for someone until it finally landed on the young lord and when their eye met she flashed him a smile after which she walked towards him.

”Good evening, Sir Alexander, Sir Elliot ” Genevieve greeted while broadening the smile on her face ” I would like to speak with my brother if that would be okay with you.

”But of course, my lady ” They both replied in accord.

Genevieve held her brothers hand and pulled him gently.

The instant they left the hall, Rome paused in his tracks, placing his hands in his trouser pocket.

”Do you plan on telling me why we are leaving the party? ” Rome asked Genevieve calmly while still standing in place.

Genevieve halted in her tracks as well when she noticed her brother had stopped walking.

”I just want to spend some time with my brother before he leaves for the military is that a bad thing, besides I know you hate those sorts of parties ” Genevieve expressed without looking backward.

Rome remained silent as he let Genevieve lead the way as she held his hand again. He couldn argue with her, he did detest such parties and gathering

They walked together in silence for a while until they reached the garden fixed in the villa.

”I know this is not Oasis but lets pretend that it is, ” Genevieve said as she glanced toward him. ” Just the way we usually did when we were eight ”.

Genevieve stopped pulling him by the hand when that reached the center of the garden.

”Sit, ” She said meekly while motioning to a chair opposite the fountain.

Rome gazed at her seated figure quietly as if trying to discern the motives behind her actions. This was one of the times he couldn read her.

”Come on brother, you don intend to continue standing, do you? ”Genevieve inquired jovially.

Rome narrowed his eye while gazing at her skeptically, whenever his sister is like this, he knew she is planning something, but what could it be, she already knows he detests surprises.

”Are you going to deny your sister of her wishes on her birthday? ” Genevieve asked while acting like her feeling had been hurt.

Rome looked away from her, he couldn think straight with her staring at him like that, everyone in the villa knew he is a fool for his sister, she is his weak spot and could make him do whatever she wants, especially when she would gaze at him with her doe eye.

”Whatever…. you are bad at acting ”Rome relayed with an indifferent modulation.

She seemed to be forgetting something, Rome thought, It is his birthday too, and although he said he hated surprises he secretly looked up to what she would be giving him for his birthday, gifts from her were his most valuable possessions.

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