Krystaling Fortress, Vadina , The largest castle in the whole Mystia lands had opened its doors to the entire Mystians from every land on this special evening, The Festival of Rising Lights.

It was filled with different race of Mystians. The castle had been decorated with rare flowers by the naturites. The flowers wound round pillars following the same pattern.

There were special guests that the King , King Egan Tanwyn the first ,had invited which included the King and Queen of fairyland, The Elf queen, The Chief of the troll village and other rulers of the remaining kingdoms.

Good cheer abounded, mixing with the occasional strains of festive music , coming from the most queer orchestra of blue pixies and silver fairies conducted by a female dwarf with curly golden hair.

Far at the other end of the ball room, a brownie wearing a chefs hat was yelling at some other brownies and pixies carrying trays and trays of food.

”Too sweet ” He yelled to the one carrying chocolate mould after he had dipped his finger into the dish. The brownie carrying the dish ,scampered away as he was yelled at.

Another came forward with a bowl of soup that had so much bubbles in it and was very thick.

”Ha! what in the name of the moon goddess?! Too salty ” He yelled again this time stomping his feet on the ground. His long pointy ears were red from anger.

Just as he was lamenting and scolding the other brownies and pixies , a fair lady whose hair was as dark as the night approached him. Her gown matched her beautiful fair skin. The gown was a glorious purple gown with real diamonds adorning her necklines. The gowns material shimmered under the light as she walked towards the angry brownie. On her head was a very beautiful golden crown.

”Finnegan, you seem quite upset ” her voice sounded very soft and smooth like velvet.

”Ah your grace, I didn hear you ” Finnegan the brownie gave a gentle bow to the queen of Vadina.

”You should take it easy on them Finnegan ”

”Yes your grace ” The brownie bowed again and moved to the kitchen area only to go and yell at the others in there.

”Ha! Finnegan! ” The queen laughed and made her way to her husband.

The Kings announcer was announcing the presence of some special guests now. The crowd had increased but there was still enough space for more.

”Presenting, King Osmanthus and Queen Áine of Idyll , Fairyland ”

Two shiny green lights bounced into the hall. Immediately they touched the ground, they grew into bigger sizes and their outfits was now visible. The fairyqueen had a beautiful emerald green floral gown that had rubies sewn on the hem of the dress. Her crown was made from beautiful flowers that had marbles in their centers. The king on the other hand, wore a matching green attire with a wreathe crown. They were ushered to where the king and queen of Vadina sat.

The announcer announced the presence of the others as they were arriving and now the ball room was packed.

”Now, well begin the festival with the song of light, to be sung by our very own Svella Anemone ” The announcer said and then there was a short round of applause , silence fell on the crowd.

The orchestra started playing softly on their instrument as the stage floor opened slowly revealing a lady of black hair wearing a gown that looked like it was completely made from roses. She began to sing the song of light. Her voice was very powerful and soothing to the ears.

”Shes the best singer in the whole land ” Aura whispered to her husband.

”She sure is ” he replied as he drew his wife closer to himself. His brother Easton and his wife held their two daughters while Auras sister Liana held Auras little baby.

The song lasted for a few minutes and then the main ceremony was just about to begin.

”Now to begin the festival, I present Aura Daeva for the tree lighting ritual ”

Auras face reddened as she heard her name. She had been lighting the tree every year just as her ancestor who had the same abilities as her did. The crowd grew silent and parted for her as she walked down to the huge tree. The orchestra played a very soft tune as she walked down. Some pixies threw rose petals for her as she walked on. This moment had always been overwhelming for her but she walked on anyway.

Getting to the tree, she looked at the silent crowd, took a deep breath and touched the tree. She focused all her energy. Her black and white striped hair began to dance with the wind as her energy began to surface. Her hands began to glow white and the white light spread to the tree till it got to the very top.

”I declare the festival open ” The King of

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