THE GAME WAS THE FINAL OF THE Champions League at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the same stadium built for the 1936 Summer Olympics, where Adolf Hitler formally presented himself to the world as a great host, however, a few years later the truth came out and World War II broke out causing a trail of death and pain where the Nazis passed.

As expected, the Barcelona of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta and Cia were winning 3-0 against Bayern Munich, and the stadium was in complete silence just waiting for the players to return from the dressing rooms to continue the massacre.

Barcelona had taken off their foot, as they were in the opponents home, but the difference between the teams was clear, and any team in the world that was in their opponents shoes would not change the score at all.

The two teams were already on the field, but sparse, the coaches still passing some last instructions, when, suddenly, everyone heard a deafening noise and a glare that dazzled everyone, the logic was that it was all part of the show, or some stratagem to help the host team.

The whole world was admiring that machine visibly from another century that looked like a bell and a notorious Nazi symbol drawn on the side of the machine.

The stadium was in complete silence, when the pneumatic noise of a door opening came to everyones ears and two shadows came out of the machine, one of them, the world had never known what really happened, but there the whole mystery that permeated that man ended. who was the most famous loser of the 20th century.

Adolf Hitler…

Hitler delivered the blatantly copied Nazi salute from the Romans to more than two billion live televisions around the world.

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