Taken By My Dragon Mates

Destiny Was Calling

Do you know that around three hundred eighty-five thousand babies are born each day, worldwide? Amazing, right?

That means, since the world population is estimated at over seven and a half billion, one should, in theory, share a birthday with over twenty million people.

Sadly, most people out of twenty million people don know what to do with their birthday, except Calvary Amos, the current sleeping beauty. Her fair hand slipped out of the thick sheet covering her and pulled it down to her waist, a smile tilting her lips to the side,

Its her birthday!

Calvary smiled and then jumped out of the bed with lightning speed. She grabbed the calendar on her desk and stared at it as if she was holding diamonds in her hands.

It was her birthday, her actual birthday!

Calvary was one of the lucky or unlucky ones – depending on how you view it – born on a leap year aka February twenty – nine. Yes, she celebrates her birthdays on February twenty-eighth since her actual birthday occurs only every four years and this was D-day.

However, unlike other birthdays, there was something special about today because she was having sex! Yes, she was a virgin, and today, she would finally pop that cherry. Nothing would come in between her and project, ”pop that cherry ”.

Calvary had a little problem and that was an aversion to sex or what the doctor diagnosed her as Sexual Aversion Disorder (SAD). It is a phobic aversion to and avoidance of sexual contact with a sexual partner, which causes personal distress.

Yep, her life is so hard.

While her mates were screwing or in the process of screwing with their partners, Calvary was thinking of how to attempt to screw one. Thanks to that, all of her relationships had failed woefully because she couldn get past the level of kissing, nor was she getting any younger.

According to her sex therapist and relationship counselor, the contributing factors to her disorder were: Sexual abuse, which she had never experienced; R*pe, Nah, not at all; Parental sexual attitudes, her parents would make a huge contribution to the church if she were to have sex; anxieties about her sexual performance, just pop that cherry, please; unresolved sexual identity issues; she was definitely into men; fear of pregnancy, not at all, her parents would support her all the way.

At a point, Calvary began to think her problem was psychological, but she was okay up there, as confirmed by a psychologist. Calvary loved the idea of sex, but she just couldn do it. It was three years ago already, the last time she tried to force sex upon herself with her boyfriend.

Poor dude didn know of her condition and just thought she was strange considering she always wanted sex with the both of them yet wouldn go through it in the end until that fateful night.

Calvary was so frustrated with her condition she had straddled her boyfriend and wanted to impale herself on his you know what Im talking about.

”Im not afraid of sex. Its a wonderful feeling. All you have to do is to put it in and out. ” She chanted with her eyes closed,

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