*The Alpha

Ooh baby

Blood boiling, muscle tight and tense. Walking down the empty school corridor, everything is red. Stupid system! Stupid police! Stupid! Stupid!

Really? A familiar voice behind me, wait I know that voice its … Being meant with his unique eyes wait Emmett?

Sorry to disappoint. Were you expecting someone else? Hands up in surrender, as his eyes hand on my fist midair ready to collide with his beautiful face.

Mmm putting my fist down I scan him up and down, he is around the same hight, his voice is similar. Mmm putting my elbow on my arm around my waist and my chin resting in my balled up hand. Mmm

What are you doing? lowering his hands and a disappearing and reappearing smile on his face. Not answering, I walk off. Good conversions, we should do it again sometime! Cupping his hands around his mouth. Yes we will have a conversion again Mr May. Determination flooded through me.

Out the fire exit door and crouched behind the big waste carts. I peep over keeping my eyes on the sports cars in the school car park. Also on the double doors keeping an eye out for Mr May my top suspect, well my only suspect, and see which car he gets in. If its a sports one I will go and confront him. Soon I hear the bell chime from the building and the double doors oozed out an ocean of students. So far no Emmett and only one student got in a sports car, just a group of junior girls getting in. Digging my hand in the cereal box of honey nut clusters, my hand reached nothing. Tipping it upside down. Its empty. Ooh youll pay Mr May, now all my honey nut clusters have gone. All the cars are gone from the student parking, only three sports cars remain. Hearing the click of the double doors open and close my attention snaps to them. Emmett and his friends. Clenching my hands the cereal boxes cardboard give way. There he is strutting with all his amazing friends. He opens the car door of a 2022 dark navy Chevrolet Camaro. A smile spreads on my face, Ive got you now. Speed walking up to him. Hi Emmett! I wave half way over to him. Did you want to continue our conversation? His eyes widened full of excitement and hope, not for long. A smirk playing on my lips. Nice car youve got there. Now in front of him. Is it good to kidnap people?! Okay maybe not the best move, I haven really fort this far head. what? Stepping back as I round on him. I know what you did! I know you did it! Realisation kicks in. Look, I think its best we go somewhere else for this. He said opening the passenger door. I am not getting in there with you. please. He looked in my eyes, for some reason I hated seeing him hurt and felt like I couldn say no. oh okay then.

Going down the same country road to the woods. So do you live in the woods or do you just really like it there?

I live in the woods.

Like a cabin ?

No he laughed just as we turned onto a gravel path going toward a big house with some smaller houses dotted around it.

Wow! Climbing out the car, he took my hand making a warm tingly sensation run up my arm spreading to the rest of my body, making me shiver with delight. Walking through the house we passed many people, some I recognise from school, or from when I do the weekly food shop. All bowing their heads at Emmett. Their eyes widening when seeing me and Emmetts hand holding mine. Smiling politely at everyone. After walking up to the top floor Emmett opens a door revealing a bedroom, a grand bedroom, a bedroom out of your dreams. Wow… Emmett let go of my hand as he closed the door. It Makes me feel sad for some reason. Both sat on the lush bed, so heres the thing, you are my mate.


My mate, I am a werewolf –

What!? Jumping off the bed can you stop joking and be honest with me please.

I am being honest I am a werewolf and you are my mate.

Mm … well prove it.


Prove to me you are a werewolf and what you are saying is true

Oh okay … I guess

He got up and started to take his clothes off.

Wait! What do you think you are doing?

Taking my clothes off I need to, as to be able to prove to you.

I huff back onto the bed, arms crossed, my scowl does stay on my face for long once his top is off and he is unbuckling his jeans. Oh my …. In his underwear he crouched down and after a while in his place stood a black wolf with his one blue on brown eyes. oh my god! I jump off the bed again, hands over my mouth. Shit, its true! I say as I run my hands through the soft fur making a purring noise come out of the wolf. Okay I believe you now, can you turn back please? Standing in front of me was a very naked Emmett. Heat rose up to my face as I covered my eyes. You can look now I open my eyes, the heat still tingling my cheeks. So whats a mate then?

A mate is someone that the moon goddess personally picks out for us, like a soulmate. Who we mate and mark.

Oh okay.

And this building is the pack house, the top floor for the alpha and luna, and the floor below for the beta and beta female.

Alpha and luna? Beta? Like alpha and beta in science?

Smiling no. The alpha and luna are the leaders of the pack, and the beta is the alphas right hand man.

Oh so like a king and queen?

Yes, I guess in a way.

So whos the alpha and luna of this place?

Pack is what its called, this is the nightingale pack, and is run by Nancy May and Warren May.

Wait May?

Yes my parents, making me the soon to be alpha or the next alpha. and you the next future luna.

What me luna but I am not a werewolf.

That doesn matter, you are my mate, so its final.

So is that why you kidnapped me, because I am your mate?

Yes, sorry about that my wolf took over.

oh how do you know I am your mate?

Well for starters your sent, like sweets or a candy shop. Also when we touch and we feel those tingles. He reaches and cups one of my cheeks in his hand.

Oh wow I don think Ill ever get use to that.

And the main one is my wolf wouldn stop screaming mate all day that day, giving me a right headache.

So what about marking and the mating thing? Again heat creeped up my face. Looking at him his face was also a bit pink.

Well to mark is when you bite your mates area where the neck and shoulder join. By marking you and your mate will have a private mind link and after your luna ceremony you will then get access to the pack mind link. which is talking to people in your mind. And well mating I think thats pretty self explanatory.

Oh okay. Yeah. Do you have my things and my phone? I say looking around.

Oh yeah. He walked off and opened the bedside tables top draw, pulling out my phone , clothes and backpack.


Knock! Knock! A voice came from the door.

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