*The Alpha

Ooh baby

y nipples tingled as he let them go with a new mission in charge. His hand beat him to his destination in-between my legs. I already knew that my knickers were wet and stuck to me. Oooh! I gasped as my knickers were ripped away exposing me but not for long as his mouth and tongue attacked me. Sending me into a heavenly bliss. AH! As he pushed a finger into me mmm then another one. Mouth and fingers pleasuring me I wiggle my hips, tilting my head back and arching my back. Ooh Emmett! I scream as pleasure tickles throughout my entire body.

Emmett smiled triumphantly before crawling up engulfing me in a hug. I try to move my legs but they end up feeling like jelly. Goodnight I whisper to him, kissing him on the cheek.

Opening my eyes the next morning to see a naked back in my view. Eyes widening shit! Lifting the covers over my head. I am naked, like a newborn baby. Jumping out of the warm bed I try my best to clothe myself, but only finding my hoodie. Well there were my leggings and knickers on the floor but they are a bit breezy now. Oh sugar opened the drawers, but nothing, only a change of fresh sheets in the wardrobe. Damn it ! I shout slamming the wardrobe door. To then find pressure on my hips, touching them felt like hands. What are you doing ? Oh god his moving voice is lovely, making me weak at the knees and a bit wet. Ugh get it together Phoebe! Umm, just looking for something to wear. I get out of his grip as I spot my phone on the chest of drawers. 7:56am, no text or calls from Edric, only one notification saying that my phone storage is full. we need to be at school in like 9 – 10 minutes.

He came over to me and kissed me letting me go then said okay Ill go get you some clothes. Before he left the room. Collecting my things I head out the room to go down to the kitchen to get some food. Finally in the kitchen my eyes immediately got drawn to the waffle maker. Well I know what I am going to be having.

Mixing the waffle mixture I felt arms wrap around my waist. um what are you doing? I thought it would be Emmett. Turning around to find a face I recognise as one of the boys laughing behind Harley in P.E. class. well hello you. His voice in a low purr. Get your hands off! Did he listen? no. His hands just travelled further up now cupping my boobs. And his rough lips kissing down my neck giving me shivers down my spine, but not he nice ones that Emmett gave me but ones that make me want to punch his face but also get as far away from him as possible. Soon I was pressed up against the work counter with his pelvis tightly held against my bum, making my hoodie ride up. Oh whats this? Oh baby girl, why aren you wearing any underwear? Not that I am complaining. He said biting my ear as one hand goes under my hoodie squeezing my nipple, not sending pleasure like Emmett but pain, his other hand going south. Ah… I gasped as he brushed against me. Ooh baby girl I am going to have fun with you. He had both his hands busy fondling me. Biting my lip and squeezing my eyes close I try my best to push him away. Oh okay baby girl, why don you just be a good little girl? Him no longer pressed up against me, now with his hands in the air. Phoebe! I hear Emmetts voice call down the corridor. The smell of ginger cake getting closer. Oh there you are, Ive put some clothes in the room for you.

Oh thanks . I say turning back around to resume the waffle making. oh Joe I didn know you were here. Emmett says in a surprised tone. yeah just leaving

Once Joe left Emmett came around putting his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my head. Making my eyes water.

After my waffles, I head back to the bedroom and change into the clothes. Which I can and I believe everyone can see that there are mens clothes, Emmetts and the warm aroma of ginger cake comforts me. Putting on the black t-shirt and grey sweat bottoms, which I had to roll up at the waist and legs, we head down outside to his car and down the country lane to school. Every time while driving whenever he had the chance he would hold my hand and bring it to his soft lips to kiss. Making me feel all warm and fuzzy, nearly forgetting what happened with Joe.

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