”Hurry up, darling! You
e gonna be late for your first day. ”

”Coming, coming. ” I shouted back to Arabelle as I finished up my outfit for the day. I had black ripped skinny jeans on, a short sleeved red t-shirt, ankle boots and my leather jacket. I left my brown mid-waist hair to flow down my back. Pulling my backpack over my shoulder, I left my room and climbed down the stairs.

Arabelle was standing there with her hands on her hips and a murderous glare that would send the devil to his knees. But not me. ” Hey Arabelle. ” I grinned kissing her cheek and then side stepped her to go to the kitchen.

”Its 7:45! Only 15 minutes for your first class to begin. You don want to be late on you first day. ” She called from behind me.

”Relax Arabelle. ” I said plucking an apple from the fruit basket placed on the counter. ”You said so yourself right, Joseph will drop me in the car. I will reach there on time. No need to fret. Besides, you know Im never late. Everyone else is simply early. ”

Joseph is Arabelles butler and driver. She also has a maid named Gloria, who is literally the sweetest person ever.

She scoffed, ”Just hurry up and get outside. Joseph is waiting by the car. ”

”Sure thing. ” I kissed her cheek and left. As Arabelle said, Joseph was waiting outside by the car. As soon as he saw me, he opened the door to the back and shut it behind me as I got in. Walking around the car he got in the drivers side and sped off the driveway.

I rested my head on the window and sighed. Senior year just started like, two weeks ago, so I wouldn have missed much. Even though I didn exactly get much time to prepare since I was in the hospital, Im sure I can catch up. Im glad Arabelle had already arranged all my stuff, so I didn have to worry about that. Even though I got little time to plan for school, I did all I could. But I also had to plan for everything else Im here for and everything I left behind. Even though I can be myself around the people here, I will still have to be very cautious and careful. So from here on, Im the nice girl who is here to complete high school. The girl who doesn talk much. The girl who blends in. Of course, Ive never done any of that except the school part because, I just can blend in. I was born to stand out. I know that. Everyone back home knows that. I just hope no one here figures that.

I sighed as I saw the school building come in view. Black Forest high. How original.

e here Miss. ” Joseph stated as the car came to a halt.

”Thank you Joseph. Oh please don . Ill open my door myself. ” I stopped him as he was about to get out and come open my door.

”Are you sure Miss Rose? ”

”Definitely. ” I said getting out.

”Have a good day Miss Rose. ” He nodded.

”You as well. ” I shut the car door and turned towards the big building awaiting me.


”How may I help you? ” The lady at the front desk in the office asked in a bored tone without looking up from the computer.

”Im new here. ” I said politely.

She looked up and her eyes widened in recognition, ”Oh! you must be Corinna Griffith. We don usually get new students around here. ”

I plastered a sweet gentle smile, ”Yes I am. I totally understand. Its a small town. Everyone must know everyone. ”

”Yes darling. ” She replied still in a daze. ”Oh! Let me get you your schedule. ” She typed away and printed out my schedule. She stood up to give me my schedule. ”Here you go darling. Have a good day. ” She still had that creepy smile on her face. Creep.

”Thank you. ” I replied taking the schedule from her hands.

”You are really beautiful darling. ” She commented still with that creepy smile.

Double creep.

”Uhh.. Thanks? Im going to go now. Bye. ”I said rushing out of the office.

A few students gave me a weird look as they passed by. Guess people here are really not used to new students.

I sighed as I briefly skimmed over the schedule. First period: Calculus, Room 105 with Mr. Augustus.

”Hey! You
e the new girl right? ” A blonde short haired girl stood in front of me grinning.

”Hiii. ” I waved, raising my eyebrow questioningly, ” Yes, Im Corinna. And you are? ”

”My names Sue. ” She said linking her arm with mine and dragging me with her.

”Uh- ” I looked at her weirdly.

”Oh sorry, ” she said, yet not releasing me. ” I know Im coming off as a creep, but I can help it. We don usually get new students around here. And don worry, I know you have calculus first hour. So do I. Ill Take you there. High school is a terrible place. And I don want you to be a loner. ”

”Thanks I guess? ” I replied, still looking at her weirdly.

”Yup! Ive decided Im going to be your friend for the rest of the school year. ” She said. ”Okay. We
e here. ”

I like this girl and her spirit. Might as well keep her around.

”Mr. Augustus? ” she called to our teacher, ”This is Corinna. ”

”Oh, the new student. Right. Please take a seat. ” He seemed least bothered. So far hes the only one who hasn been a creep to me.

”Come lets go sit over there. ” She pointed to two vacant seats in the left row.

I took my seat just as the bell rung. Right on time.


I know I said Ill try, but old habits die hard. Like, seriously.

After the first three periods, I got bored, like really bored. So I decided to go for a walk. And here I am , wandering in the middle of the woods. Not lost, just walking around aimlessly. It wasn hard getting out of school. Since nobody knows me, I got out pretty easily.

After a while of wandering around aimlessly, I came across them. Two very hot and drop dead gorgeous guys. They were pretty admirable. Now, they should consider themselves lucky because I don usually admire people, I just glare at them or ignore them. But these two, they had an endless beauty. One of the two stood out more. He had dark hair, and these piercing green eyes. He was large and muscular. And I hadn seen them around school either. They looked around my age. And they hadn noticed me yet either.

And then emerald eyes shifted into a large and dark wolf. The largest Id ever seen.

Now, I wasn exactly shocked, a little surprised, yes, but not shocked. Because we live in a world infested with supernatural beings. I was hoping I wouldn have to encounter any out worldly beings here.

They hadn sensed me yet, so I still had a chance to escape. When I took a small step back a twig snapped under my heel. Their heads snapped in my direction. Great. Now Im known.

The wolf lowly growled at me as if to warn me. ”I was just passing by. ” I said raising my hands in surrender as I took another small step back. ”I mean no harm. ”

”Itd be best if you stopped moving. ” Said the other guy. ”Like I said, I wa- ” I fell as I tripped over a rock twisting my ankle in the process.

”Oh shoot! ”

Both of them stalked towards me as I fell. One growling, the other glaring.

Great. Another thing to add to my list of problems.

A Bloody twisted ankle.

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