”You can get far with that ankle. Might as well surrender and tell the truth. ” The guy stated.

” Way to state the obvious. And I already told you, I don know who you are. I was just walking through the woods. ” I exclaimed, still sprawled on the ground with the two men towering above me. Sorry, One man and one wolf towering over me.

The man crouched down to my level, ”Last chance, speak or pay the consequences. ”

”How many times must I tell you, I was just taking a stroll through the woods. ” I said through gritted teeth.

I flinched as the wolf growled lowly beside my ear. He came closer to me, staring deeply into my eyes. When our eyes met, I felt something. Then he raised his paw and touched my arm, the moment he touched me, I felt tingles up my arm. I gasped inaudibly and he removed his paw instantly. He turned to the man as if silently speaking to him. Probably mind linking him.

He nodded at the wolf, ”You are coming with us. ”

I scoffed, ”Why should I?!. ”

”Because, I said so, human. ” He sneered as he grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and jerked me to a standing position.

”Let me go. ”

”Not happening. ” He said dryly as he grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me along with him. I was obviously limping by his side. The wolf followed us as we walked in the direction opposite to where I came from.

Great. It hasn even been three days since I got here, and Ive been captured. By werewolves. Probably alpha and beta, judging by their dominating stance.

Just great.


We arrived at a big house, Im guessing a pack house.

The wolf disappeared from behind us a few seconds ago, probably to shift back to his human form.

The man dragged me inside the house. As soon as we entered,he took me to a room in the right corner, probably the living room considering it had sofas and couches and a TV hung above the fireplace.

”Sit over there while I get someone to look at your leg. ” He muttered pointing towards the couch.

I nodded and limped my way over to the couch and plopped down with a heavy sigh. God, this couch is so comfortable.

”Hello. ” Came a voice, ”Im here to check on you. Im the pack doctor. Elijah sent me. ”

That was quick. ” Uh,yeah. I think my ankle is twisted or worse, broken ”

He came over and crouched down to take a look at my foot. I had already removed my shoes, with much difficulty.

”Definitely twisted. ” He commented. ”Have you ever had a twisted ankle before? ” He questioned at the not so surprised look on my face.

”Maybe, ” I mumbled sheepishly. He chuckled lightly, shaking his head and giving me a knowing look, ”Alright then, you know the drill. You need to rest, Ill suggest a week or two. It could be worse, but its not. And ice the hell out of it. ”

”You got it doc, ” I nodded, taking a pillow from my side and clutching it to my chest.

”Does it hurt alot? ” He asked in a concerned voice.

I nodded, ”Nothing I can handle. ”

”Ill be taking my leave then, ” he said, patting my knee as he got up on his feet, ”If you need anything, just give me a call. ”

”Okay, ” I whispered through a yawn and lay across the couch.

I barely registered his bye as my eyes closed on their own and neither did I notice the two figures entering as darkness consumed me.


I felt someone shaking me awake.

”Go away. ” I mumbled groggily.

”Hey, come on, You have to wake up. Youve been asleep for two days. ”

At that I snapped my eyes open and sat up. ”Two days? ”

”yup. ” The guy answered. I noticed he was sitting on the coffee table. I remember his name, it was Elijah, I think?

”Elijah? right? ” I asked.

”How do you know my name? ” He asked narrowing his eyes.

”It was the doctor. He said an Elijah sent him. I assumed it was you since you said youll be sending someone. ” I replied.

”okay. ” He nodded. ” Its time for you to go home. Ill arrange for someone to drop you off if youll just tell me your address. ”

e gonna let me go? ” I asked.

”Yes. I did a background check on you and you don seem suspicious. You moved here, what? five days ago? including the two days youve been out. You live with Arabelle Nightingale. And your name is Corinna rose Griffith. Daughter of the famous billionaire. Also a friend of our fathers. ” He stated.

”You can call me Corinna. ” I muttered. ”And my parents are friends with yours? ”

”Yeah, ” he nodded, ”The alpha and my father, the beta. ”

”Huh, I never knew. ” I muttered. ”I don know my exact address, and since you know who I live with, could you help me out? ”

He nodded, ”Ok Ill send for someone to drop you off- ”

”No, you can call Joseph. Hes Arabelles driver. Hell come pick me up ” I said.

”Okay, Ill call him. ” He nodded getting up and leaving.


”Miss Rose, you had us worried sick. ” Joseph said as he lead me towards the car. ” You got out of the hospital only three days ago. Thank god you didn get injured much in the accident. ”

I sighed and muttered, ”I know. I know. ”

”Miss Nightingale was so worried she was going to call your mother. ” He said, opening the back door of the car.

”But she didn right? ” I stopped to look at him worried, ”Mum was already so worried after the accident. ”

”No she didn . ” He sighed as I got in and closed the door behind me.

”Thank god. ” I muttered.

”Elijah told you everything I presume? ” I asked Joseph as he started the car getting in.

”He did, miss ” He said Speeding off of the driveway of the pack house. ” You should be more careful next time. Not always will people come and help you when you trip and fall in the middle of the road. ”

Huh, I guess thats the story they told him.

”I will Joseph. ” I nodded. ”Hey, can I ask you something? ”

”Sure ” He nodded.

”Who was that other guy with Elijah? He had the same build. But he had dark hair and green eyes. ”

He nodded his head in recognition, ” That, miss, is the current Alphas son. His name is Colton. Elijah is the Betas son. ”

I nodded, ”Oh, Okay. ”

Sighing, I rested my head against the window. Then I scrunched my face in disgust as a thought struck me. Ive been in the same clothes for two days.

Ew. Gross.

Something caught my eye as we passed the park on the left. ” Wait, wait Joseph. Back up. I think I see someone there. ”

I got out of the car as it came to a stop. Still with a little limp, I walked towards the figure in the grass. I gasped as I saw a person, a woman injured just on the verge of consciousness.

”Joseph we have to take her with us. She needs help. Help me pick her up ” I called for him as I crouched beside the woman.

”Hey, its okay, Im going to help you. Whats your name? ” I asked her gently picking her up and laying her head on my shoulder.

”Uma…. ” She muttered before she closed her eyes and darkness consumed her.

Right before her eyes closed, when she looked at me, I saw recognition, relief, adoration and love in her eyes. For what, though?

”Uma.. ” I muttered, ” Interesting. ”


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