”Why didn you come here with your parents Corinna? ”

Lucia asked, as we were seated at the dinning table. Lucia Sinclair is the women who welcomed us inside and the woman who was there in the hospital when I woke up. Also the luna of the Riveter pack. Also, Coltons mother. Yes, the Colton who Im mates with. The Colton who is sitting across from me and fuming, for some reason.

”Just because. ” I replied to her question, shrugging and taking a bite of my meal, which happened to be rice and steak.

”Okay, ” She said giving me a look.

I gave her a smile and dropped my head to my plate, continuing my meal. Just to avoid a certain somebodys gaze.

”Hey, Corinna? ”

I looked up to see Kayla, who was looking at me with a look I couldn decipher.

”Yes? ” I asked, raising a brow.

”Ive been meaning to ask you something for sometime now. Can I? ” She asked with the same look.

”Sure.. ” I drawled, dropping my spoon in the plate and crossing my arms against my chest and leaning back against the chair, ”Whatever is it that you wanted to know? ”

”Uh.. ” She cleared her throat, ”Do you wear colored lenses? ”

”Seriously? ” I gave Kayla a look, who was smiling at me cheekily. I looked around the table and saw everyones ears perk at her question.

I scoffed inaudibly, everyone probably heard me though, with them being werewolves and having super hearing and stuff, ” No Kayla, I do not wear colored lenses. ”

”Oh, ” she said dropping her eyes to her lap, ” Sorry, I just thought that…since you know…you
e eyes, they
e just so unique and beautiful and a very beautiful shade of blue. I don think Ive ever seen anyone with such beautiful eyes before. ”

I grinned at her slowly, resting my chin on my palm as I looked at her, ”Thats okay, I get that a lot. Thank you for the compliment Kayla. I appreciate it. I didn know you admired me so much though. ”

”No! ” She spluttered out, ”I mean….yes…but no.. ”

”So you don ? ” I asked teasing her further.

”What!? No! Thats not what I said, or meant… ” She said frustrated.

”Shut up. ” She huffed as the adults chuckled at her flustered behavior.

I grinned at her as she looked at me again and then quickly averted her eyes.

”Shes right though Eve, ” I turned to Lucia as she spoke to me, ” Your eyes are really very uniquely beautiful. ”

”Thank you. ” I smiled softly at Lucia as she complimented me.

”Just like your fathers. ” Edmund, the alpha and Lucias husband said.

”Yeah. ” I smiled, ”Just like him. ”

”You are a lot like him. ” He commented again, ”How are your parents anyway? Its been far too long since we last met them. ”

e good. ” I replied with a smile, ”Pretty busy in their businesses I guess. ”

”Too busy they don have time for their own best friends. ” He sighed, shaking his head.

”Well, ” I said pursing my lips, ”How about, the next time I talk to them, Ill be sure to mention you. Ill definitely say how much you all miss them. ”

”Do that, ” he nodded, pointing his spoon at me, ”Also be sure to mention that Im very mad at your father and he better be prepared to bear whatever i throw at him cause he is going to go through hell and back before I forgive him. ”

”Before any of us forgive them. ” Lucia chimed in, ”I mean, who leaves their best friends without even a text goodbye? ”

”I-I know, ” I nodded, ”I don know why they did that but um– Ill be sure to mention everything you just said. ”

”You do that. ” Edmund grumbled.

”What if, ” I started, pushing m finished plate away, ” You guys invited them for dinner this weekend? Youll get a chance to catch up and everything else you want to. ”

”Thats actually a good idea. ” Lucia nodded smiling, ”Right Edmund? ”

”It is. ” He nodded, ”But how will we contact them? ”

”Ill give you their numbers. ” I said again, ”How about that? ”

”Thats very nice of you honey. ” Lucia smiled, ”Thank you. ”

”Don mention it. ” I mumbled looking down at my intertwined fingers.

”Honey are you sure about this? ” Arabelle whispered from my left.

”Yeah. ” I nodded looking at her, ”Its totally time. ”

”If you say so. ” She nodded.

”In fact, ” I spoke up again, turning to Lucia, ”How about I call them now and just tell them to come and you guys can surprise them? ”

”Thats an even better idea. ” Edmund agreed smiling, ”Besides, they won know where we live so its great. ”

”Well, ” I said getting up from my seat, ”Ill go do it now. ”

”Okay, go. ” Lucia nodded.

”Everyone, hush. ” I said before leaving the dinning hall to go talk in silence.

My hands shook as I dialled the number I knew by heart. Keeping the phone to my ear, I waited as the phone rung.

My heart almost stopped as I heard my mothers voice.

”Hello? ”

”Hi mum. ”


Everyone had already finished their meals and moved on to the dessert by the time I got back and took my seat. The adults were conversing with low voices. I felt someones heated gaze on me. I looked up to see bright emerald green eyes staring back at me intensely. I stared back and not once did either of us blink. I broke the contact as I heard someone call my name.

”Yeah? ” I turned to Kayla, who called me, ”What is it? ”

”Are the rumors about you true? ” She asked with a curious fling in her eyes, ”All of them. ”

”Well, ” I said folding my arms across my chest, ”It depends I guess. Which one are we talking about? ”

”My favorite is the one that says you own a pet dragon. ” She sat at the edge of her seat, hands gripping the table, ”Do you have one? A pet dragon, that is? ”

Everyone at the table laughed and her mother sighed. I saw her shaking her head from the corner of my eyes. ”Kayla, Kayla… ”

”What? I wanna know! ” She exclaimed.

”Kayla? ” Lucia called her, her tone a little mad, ”You do know that dragons don exist, right? ”

”But mom, still! ” She whined, ”Just because no one has seen one doesn mean they don exist. We exist. ”

”True that. ” Edmund chuckled, shaking his head in amusement.

”Okay. What about the one where you blew up- ” She was cut off by her brother who growled at her, a warning in his tone, ”Let it go, Kayla. ”

She huffed, ”Fine. Whatever. ”

I pursued my lips and looked at Arabelle who was looking at me with amusement dancing in her eyes.

”What? ” I asked.

”You know what. ” She said chuckling softly, shaking her head.

”None of those rumors are true and you know it. ” I scoffed, ”Don even know who started them. ”

”Yes, yes. ”

”Well, maybe, there is some truth in the one that says I blew up a certain building… ” I sheepishly looked at her, to which she gave me a look and I clamped my mouth shut, my shoulders shaking in silent laughter.

Sighing, I turned to Arabelle again, ” Arabelle, wheres Uma? I haven seen her all weekend. She wasn there even today, ”

”Yeah, dear. ” She replied, ”She said she had some important things to take care of and that shell be back soon. I forgot to tell you, but she told me to tell you that shes sorry for leaving without seeing you. Ill give you her number if you want? ”

”Yeah, sure, ”I replied taking out my phone, ”Text me. ”

My phone pinged just as Arabelle texted me Umas number. I opened the text and saved her number, dropping her a text as well. A reply came instantly.

Hello dearest. -Uma

You left…-Me

Ill be back soon, my dear. I just had some things I needed to do instantly.-Uma

I understand…when will you be back tho?-Me

Soon, my love.-Uma

Ill be waiting..-Me.

And then I shut my phone focusing on what everyone was doing. I turned and gave Arabelle a thankful small smile, which she returned.

I don know why, but I just feel a very deep connection with Uma. Like shes supposed to mean something to me but weve been separated for far too long.

I sighed as I played with the hem of my dress.

I looked up just as someone called for me, ”How long are you staying here for? ” Lucia asked.

”Ill probably finish high school and a few more months after. ”I replied smiling at her.

”Really? ” Kayla asked, leaning forward in her seat.

”Yeah. ” I smiled at her.

”Thats great! ” She exclaimed.

”It is indeed. ” Lucia nodded, smiling at me.

”The dinner was great Lucia, ” Arabelle begun as she got up, ” But well be taking our leave now. ”

Everyone else got up as well and we left the dinning room to go to the living room.

”Please, ” Lucia said turning to grandma, ”Stay for a little longer. ”

”Yeah, Im saying you should stay the night. ” Emma butted in.

”But its a school night. ” I stated.

”Thats alright. You can ride with our kids. ” Edmund said pointing towards Colton and Kayla.

”What about clothes? ” I turned to Arabelle, pleading silently through my eyes.

”You can borrow mine. ” Kayla said enthusiastically.

”You heard the girl. ” Arabelle said, giving me a sly look.

I huffed crossing my arms, ”Okay fine, whatever. ”

”Well that settles it then, ” Arabelle said folding her hands in front of her, ”We
e staying. ”

”Yay! ” Kayla jumped clapping her hands like the the child she was. ”We can have a sleep over! ”

”Why don you show Corinna to your room Kayla. ” Lucia said to her daughter who was jumping in excitement.

”Yeah, lets go. ” She said as she dragged me along with her out of the room and up the stairs to her room.


”What about this? ” Kayla asked, as she took out another pair of pajamas.

”Just give me some track pants and a plain t-shirt. ” I told her as I was seated with my legs crossed on her bed.

”Okay, ” she nodded as she went back to rummaging through her closet for something that fit me.

To put it simply, her clothes wouldn fit me. She was a size smaller. I mean sure, her clothes weren that tight, but its not my fault I have more curves than she does. Shes been trying from the past half an hour to find something for me, but obviously she wasn successful.

My jacket had been thrown on the couch the minute I entered her room and Id put my hair down as well.

”Would these do? ” She asked as she came out of her closet with a pair of black Nike tracks in one hand and a plain grey short sleeved t-shirt in the other. Those looked like theyll fit me.

I sighed as I got up from the bed, ”They will. ”

Taking the clothes from her hand I went towards the attached bathroom to change into them.


I was walking through the dark hallway at midnight.

Well, I was actually not sleepy. And I was really thirsty as well. So I got up to get me a drink from the kitchen. Because obviously, Kayla didn have water in her room.

And then as I was going back from the kitchen, I got lost.

Firstly, because it was dark. Secondly, I didn exactly pay attention when Kayla was taking me to her room earlier. Because I was busy cursing Arabelle in my head for agreeing to stay here. Why would I want to stay? Okay, maybe she does because shes close to these people. But Im not. I didn want to stay. So now, its all her fault that I got lost.

I knew Kaylas room was on the first floor. That much Id noticed. But where, was the question.

I was walking around aimlessly and then I bumped into a rock hard wall.

But obviously, knowing my luck, it turned out it wasn a wall.

I felt arms snake around my waist and pull me into their chest, preventing my fall. I looked up to see emerald green eyes staring back into my bright blue ones. God, his eyes were literally glowing.

e coming with me. ” He said in his deep and husky voice as he pulled me along with him.


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