The Alphas Human Mate

1. The Ultimatum

”Oh yeah, ” I groaned as Lativa grinded her crotch over my lap. I closed my eyes and let my hands wander all over her naked body.

I felt the whisky running through my blood, and the buzz brought a huge grin on my face.

”You like that, huh? ” Lativa mumbled in my ear before she let her tongue slide over my cheek.

”Oh, you
e so naughty baby! ” I mumbled back and gripped her hands behind her back. She chuckled with excitement, not knowing what I would do to her next. Her long, black hair was gathered in a ponytail, and her almond eyes was fixed upon me.

”Why am I not surprised, brother! ” Zack shouted over the loud music that was playing in the room.. ”Get the ** out, bro! ” I replied amusingly. ”Can you see that Im busy over here? ” Lativa laughed when I slapped her ass. ”Oh, I wouldn mind if your brother wants to join us? ” She suggested shamelessly with a seductive smile towards my younger brother.

Zack rolled his eyes and leaned his shoulder against the wall. ”Thats a very generous offer, honey, but I think I need to sit this one out, and so does you, Zeke: father wants to see us in his office, now! ”

”Gaaah, blue balled by my own brother and father. ” I groaned and Lativa stepped aside.

”I guess we have to finish this another time then? ” She gave me a wink and began looking for her clothes. ”Or you can wait in here, do a little forplay on your own? ” I whispered in her ear as I grabbed my robe behind her.

”Are you seriously going into a meeting dressed like Huge Hefner? ” Zack shook his head in disapproval.

”Whats wrong with that? ” I replied and looked down at my red robe, a replica of what Hugh always use to were.

e unbelievable, bro, and you smell like shit! Dads gonna flip! ” Zack continues as we left my room to go downstairs.

”Like I give a shit about what he thinks! ” I sighed, and followed Zack through the hall.

”Maybe you should give a little thought into what dad thinks, Zeke. Because if you want to take over the pack… ” ”I need to find my mate and put this lifestyle behind me, ” I abruptly finished his sentence, knowing my brother all to well.

e so immature; I can belive you
e two years older than me, ” ”Shut up, Zack. I can take you on anytime: even when Im a little drunk! ” I warned him, the second before I tripped and tumbled down the staircase.

”Fucking great, ” I groaned, and Zacks laugh didn make it better. ”Look at yourself. You
e an embarrassment to all of us. ”

”Shut it, and help me up. ” I demanded with an outstretched arm, ”Fine! ” Zack grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

”Ahh, Zeke, my lovely son. How wonderful of you to join us this evening! ” Father stated ironically when we entered his office.

”Now, now, Yuri, play nice, ” My mother added from the sofa before dads desk.

”Its that alcohol I smell? ” Dad continues as he whiffed his nose in the air. ”Its just a little whisky dad, no harm in that! ” I added and tried to play it off cool, ”I guess its a little harm when you roll down the stairs? ” Zack added annoyingly, that little rat, ”Oh, well that explains the commotion your mom and I overheard

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